Addison Duling

What You Should Know Before Reading Your Favorite E-book at Bedtime

As more-and-more readers find themselves indulging in their favorite books in digital formats, readers may wish to reconsider reading any e-book just before bedtime. So listen up Jonathan Veitch because you’ll want to know why. Reading an e-book just before you get ready to retire for the day could completely disrupt your sleep, causing you to have an unwanted night of tossing-and-turning. Interestingly, reading a non-digital book will not directly affect your ability to sleep, but an e-book will and here’s why.

According to one study, the light emitted from the electronic book, or from any electronic device for that matter, disrupts sleep by suppressing the body’s natural bedtime melatonin levels. Melatonin is what causes us to become sleepy when we’re ready for bed. It’s the body’s natural sleep regulator. When melatonin is interrupted, so is sleep. This reduction in melatonin levels leads to a decrease in sleepiness and REM sleep.

To avoid trouble sleeping at night due to reading your favorite e-book, simply try reading a non-digital version of your favorite book instead. If you just can’t resist reading e-books before bed, limit your usage to a few hours before bedtime and avoid reading just before bed. If you still can’t resist reading just before bed, the verdict is in – prepare for a night of restlessness and a morning of sleepiness. Simple avoidance before bedtime will resolve an e-book related sleep problem. Once you’ve eliminated e-books from your bedtime routine, give your body time to re-regulate its melatonin levels by getting back into a sleep routine minus digital devices.

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