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What Alex Hern is Planning for Tsunami

Alex Hern, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tsunami VR Inc., and has served in various positions within the field of technology, as well as military commercial technologies. As a member of the Board of Directors for Silicon Valley Internet Capital, he was also the acting Vice President. Mr. Hern is known for working in various capacities, well-respected and regarded for his dedication to the path for success. Learn more about Alex at

Tsunami Ventures is known for its software development, as well as create solutions for those who are seeking to utilize virtual reality. Located in Greater Los Angeles, Tsunami aids in the development and delivering of some of the most innovative applications today. These applications are known for being interactive as well as for being some of the best and most useful applications in the world. The main purpose of Tsunami VR is to:

  • Explaining analytical data
  • Crack the case on operational effiiciency
  • Service some of the most complex programs around

The leading companies make use of the products put out by using them to raise the bar on their training, as well as their quality control. As a leader in hardware and software, any company would be wise to choose Tsunami VR as their go to solution for all things technology related. One of the primary things this company takes pride in is their ability to improve security, digital media, software as a service, mobility, and various other forms of communicating through technology. In the near future, virtual reality will be at the forefront of everything, making Tsunami VR a great choice for any company. Follow Alex Hern on

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