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USHEALTH Advisors’ Contributions to the Health Insurance Industry

USHEALTH Advisors is an arm of the USHEALTH Group that specializes in marketing a portfolio of strong health plans. The health plans are usually underwritten and insured by the parent company, USHEALTH Group. The arm mainly targets small-scale business proprietors, individual Americans, self-employed entrepreneurs, and employees and their decedents. USHEALTH Advisors and its parent company have been in operation for more than 35 years, and they have specialized in catering to the various health needs. They provide products that are tailored to meet individual needs of their insurance buyers in this period where health costs are on the rise.

Company’s Brief on Performance

The company is based in Fort Worth Texas. They provide insurance solutions to innovative life, accidents, disabilities, specified disease, and sickness. Over the company’s lifetime, it has served more than 15 million customers with plans that are individually tailored for more than 50 collective years. The company has created a name for itself through establishing a long-term relationship with its clients and hence winning the loyalty of the customers.

The Role of USHEALTH Advisors

The health insurance industry has become very sophisticated; hence many customers cannot be able to figure their way out to the best insurance plan. The USHEALTH Advisors acts guides to the customers to ensure that they choose the right health insurance plan. The group is made up of licensed and trusted agents. These agents have to meet a detailed product training and certification standard to be allowed to serve in the in the USHEALTH Group.

USHEALTH Group is committed to recruiting the best advisors. This has made the USHEALTH Advisors recognized all over the world for their outstanding service in customer care innovation and business growth. Therefore, the consultants’ services are sought by thousands of clients day in day out.

Compensation Plans

The compensation of the USHEALTH Advisors is quite attractive; they are given a percentage of issued business first-year commission on a weekly basis. They are also given monthly commissions, vested renewals, and regular bonuses. The group also ensures a smooth flow of information between the sales agents and the leadership, which has contributed extensively to the achievement of the team.

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