Addison Duling

Upwork: Productivity Enhancement Tips

Upwork has recently posted on their blog several tips that will help you to use your to-do list better. It is well known that an organized to-do list is one of the most powerful tools you can use to enhance your personal productivity in the world. It is all too common that individuals create to-do lists and then disregard or mismanage their time and are unable to complete the tasks on their list.

Upwork states that you can start by creating an organized to-do list. Instead of beginning to write your to-do list in the morning whenever you wake up you should make a list in advance. Right your task list down before bed the night before. Whenever you wake up, you can then begin to work on your to-do list immediately. It is important that during the process of creating your list that you create a brain dump and list every possible task that you can think of. In this way, you can help to eliminate potential distracting thoughts by already having them down on paper. Once you have gotten all of your tasks on paper, you can then go through them and organize them.

Organize your tasks first by priority level. Decide which tasks are the most important to complete and rank them accordingly. In this way, you will know which tasks you need to accomplish first. After you have organized them by the level of priority, you can then go through and set time requirements for each task. This can be when you will start the task and how long it you will take on the task before you move on to the next one. This will help you to manage your time better.

After you have organized them in these ways, you can then go through and rank them by the level of energy that they were required to complete. This can help you to delegate the tasks to better match your personal energy levels throughout the day. It is more intelligent to work knowing your self, and how you work best, then it is to force yourself to power through tasks at times that are less than optimal.


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