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Top 5 EOS Lip Balms for Spring

EOS lip balms are tons of fun thanks to their colorful spherical packaging and yummy flavors. The domed balm goes on clear to make it super easy to apply. The best part is that EOS lip balms are made of 95 percent organic, 100 percent natural ingredients so you never have to put weird chemical ingredients on your body. Instead, your lips get a kiss of moisture from shea butter, jojoba oil, and nourishing vitamin E. Read on for the 5 delicious flavors of EOS lip balm you should try for summer!

  1. Summer Fruit Smooth Sphere

Celebrate the tastiest parts of the season with this balm. Its combination of peach, blueberry, and strawberry flavors will make you think you just visited a farmer’s market.  Hop over to

  1. Sweet Mint Smooth Sphere

Keep your lips soft and your breath fresh for your summer crush with this balm. Its refreshing, subtly sweet flavor is perfect for warm weather and can even mask that pizza you had for lunch.

  1. Blackberry Nectar Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere

With the succulent flavor of fresh summer blackberries, it’s hard not to lick off this balm so you can apply more! So have a peek now on  Enriched with nourishing natural oils and vitamins, it gives you instantly soft and smooth lips.

  1. Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Sphere

The cute pink packaging on this balm is a girly addition to any bag or dressing table. Plus its sweet flavor gives you the taste of your favorite summer dessert but without all the calories.

  1. Vanilla Bean Smooth Stick

You’ll love the sweet, yummy flavor of this balm. Its twist-up stick packaging makes it easy to fit into everything from your tiniest shorts pockets to a beach bag.

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