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The Prosperous Music Career of Cassio Audi

Having grown up and being raised in the town of San Paulo in Brazil, Cassio had a great passion for music. At his teenage years, he decided to pursue his interest in music by joining other four talented boys who also had an interest in music and forming the Viper band. Cassio was instrumental in songwriting, and even he was the drummer for the group. The group was very hardworking in the heavy metal music and managed to attract and maintain huge crowds despite the lack of modern technology to enhance their performance during those times. Read more reviews at Applesauce Blog about Cassio Audi.

The group including Cassio Audi obtained inspiration from the 80s British heavy metal bands like the iron maiden. After working for a period in their singing career, they decided to go commercial due to the pressure and demand from their fans. During the year 1987, the group launched their first album into the Brazilian market. Their first venture yielded prosperous results as the album hit the top of the charts and remained popular in the market in the mid-90s.


Cassio’s music made an impact in the music industry in Brazil and generally in Latin America. Some of the albums that hit and made an impact on the market include soldiers of sunrise. Their unique music provided a rare skill in the then music industry. The music paved the industry and became the monopoly in their city. The band had loyal supporters across Brazil who loved and enjoyed the music. The intense passion for music exhibited itself in the lyric that Cassio wrote. After several years of working on music with the viper band, he left the group in 1989 to pursue other interests. Despite his departure from the band, his music is still legendary up to date as he made history. Watch this video on Youtube.

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