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The Heart of Intellectual Property And The Law: Kamil Idris.

Professor Kamil Idris is a man who knows a thing or two about law and how it works on the Internet. He has become of the premier experts when it comes to the topic of Intellectual Property (IP) and how it can be transmitted around the world. Kamil Idris was born in Sudan and worked his way through college to become a lawyer in Switzerland. He graduated from the Universtiy of Geneva and holds a Ph. D. in international law. He has been instrumental in making the law fair and even-handed when it comes to intellectual property. He was the former Director General of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization and recently sat down with for an interview here is what Kamil Idris had to say.

The first thing that Kamil Idris address was how important intellectual property is to a company when it is trying to develop a worldwide base. Idris says that there needs to be a fair and balanced system that needs to protect the rights of intellectual property owners around the globe. In this day and age knowledge is power and information can be sent out in just a few seconds on the Internet.


Kamil Idris also addressed some of the pitfalls when it comes to IP. Some of these pitfalls are piracy which is copying material in whole or part without the owner’s permission, counterfeiting, and increased backlogs. While no one person can stop all of the threats these things must be addressed in order to have a level playing field.

Kamil Idris talked about one of the new agreements on the books when it comes to IP. He talked about the TRIPS agreement (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) allows for the enforcement of laws regarding patents around the world. It is a big first step in this complicated arena.

In this ever-changing world, Intellectual Property and the legal applications of it are always changing. That is why there are experts like Kamil Idris to help keep the law balanced for every business on the global playing field. Kamil Idris wants to keep it that way. His most recent book focuses less on his expert legal views on economic development of countries like Sudan and instead touches on his own relationship with Sudan as a child who experienced trauma and was later arrested for standing up for civil rights.


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