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The Expertise and Success of Rick Smith at of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith was appointed to serve as the CEO of Securus Technologies in 2008. The company provides technical services such as email, voice and video calls to the inmates. The technology makes it possible for the inmates to come in touch with their friends and relative. Rick Smith has enabled the company to outperform its competitors in the market. Securus Technologies is currently the most influential firm in providing services in state prison systems.

Rick Smith has a wealth of experience and skills in leadership which he obtained before being appointed as the CEO of Securus Technologies. GHe served in various positions which include finance and IT at Frontier Corporation. He also worked for nine years as the CEO of Eschelon Telecommunication, Inc. The productivity of Eschelon Telecommunication, Inc. grew greatly in the nine years in which Rick Smith was serving. His leadership contribution at Securus Technologies has led to the development of a call center which increases the performance of the employees. Rick Smith has mentored and trained many technicians in the world. His leadership also enabled the firm to invest $600 million in patents and technologies. The investment is attributed to the growth and development of the firm between 2013 and 2016.The success of Rick Smith has been made possible by the educational background that he obtained. He studied applied science and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He also holds MBA from the University of Rochester.

Securus Technologies under the leadership of Rick Smith has signed definitive agreement purchase to buy JPay Company. JPay Company is well-known for the provision of digitalized payments in prisons. The company provides mobiles for entertainment and education to the inmates. The firm also provides services which enable the inmates to communicate with their loved ones. The completion of the transaction between the JPay Company and Securus Technologies will elevate the Securus Technologies to one of the fastest provider of high tech services in prisons. Securus Technologies admired the services of JPay since they would enable the company to offer efficient services to the company. The acquisition of JPay will enable the Securus Technologies to expand its services in state prisons.

Rick Smith sees the acquisition as one way of improving the operations of the company. The company will be able to offer all the services that are beneficial to the inmates.The definitive stock agreement signed with the executives of JPay paved the way for Securus Technologies to grow in the market by acquiring the company. JPay provides services to over 300 communities in the USA. Rick Smith will oversee the operations of the company as it provides extensive technological services to the inmates. He is in the forefront to ensure that the inmates make a good transition to good citizens through the services provided the company.

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