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Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky’s Digital Revolution

When it comes to health records, many automatically assume that keeping up with them is a task in itself. Whether you are going on a simple visit to a local physician for a checkup, or the unfortunate trip to the emergency room, most know there is a bit of a hassle involved in keeping up with the paper trail. Eric Lefkofsky experienced this, but on a very personal and life threatening level when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowing how difficult it would be to get the best treatment while dealing with an ailing wife, Eric realized that something was amiss when it came to data gathering.

After his wife Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer, Eric would take his skill and technical know-how and apply it in forming the start up Tempus. The company strived to streamline and utilize artificial intelligence where data mining and mass information involving healthcare was an issue. There were many instances where Eric realized that the current system just was not up to par and not on a level to match current technologies available today. Free text fields are difficult to analyze and Tempus developed software to solve these problems. Currently those same text fields are transferred into structured data and that is used to improve cancer care and treatment.

Considering the cost involved and education necessary to delve into the world of medical records, Eric Lefkofsky was perfect for the job. His background in the tech sector as well as his many advancements in tech companies, he has been able to drive down the price of genome mapping. A very important aspect of cancer treatment, the benefits are definitely appreciated by the community at large. A philanthropist at heart, Eric and his wife Liz have many charitable organizations that they donate to regularly while simultaneously advancing the health care movement.


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