Addison Duling

Talkspace is a Leading Mobile App in the Therapy Application Trend

The mental health crises began back in the 90s but had become an epidemic around 2010. Many American people suffer from mental health deficiencies. However, very few of them received the help they needed to manage their lives or to improve. Many people will not receive mental health services because of the stigma associated with treatment. Also, strange as this might seem; a lot of people did not know they had a legitimate mental health disorder.

In 2017, the mental health epidemic had not declined. We are currently living an era that has been defined by mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and perpetual despair. Therapists and psychologists are needed more than ever. Mental health patients now have greater access to more services that can help them with their problems. Talkspace is a part of this process. This mobile application provides users with a great way to deal with their mental health issues without breaking their wallet.

Talkspace has been around since 2012 and it is one of the leading mobile applications for therapy. Therapy apps are not new and they provide a great way for mental health patients to deal with their issues. Even if a person suspects that they are suffering from a mental health problem they can still use this service. All they have to do is download the app, sign up for service, select a plan, receive an evaluation and get connected with a therapist. The plans cost between $32 and $99 per week. These prices are extremely low when compared to regular fees associated with this type of mental health care.

Talkspace ensures that patients can receive the help they to deal with mental health related problems. The therapists are trained professionals that work hard to ensure that patients are getting the best treatment possible. People who use this service really enjoy all that it has to offer and they are glad to make it a part of their treatment plan to improve their mental state.

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