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Southridge Capital and Thoughtful Practices

Stephen M. Hicks is an executive who has employment with Southridge Capital Management LLC. It’s a hedge fund that not long ago got its hands on the Double Alpha Group of New York, New York. The Double Alpha Group is a famed trading hedge fund at the moment. Hicks believes that securing this fund provided Southridge with a chance to give people options in more products. This Chief Executive Officer and Chairman does a lot for the firm day in and day out. It’s a financial holding business that concentrates on advisory and direct investment matters. It collaborates with firms that are part of the middle and small market divisions. Southridge is constantly on the lookout for investments that are part of up-and-coming expansion paths. It concentrates on global and local scenes alike. It has been involved in supplying extensive capital to businesses that are located all around the globe. These businesses have been in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and Asia. They’ve naturally been in the United States as well. Southridge has supplied entities with approaching $2 billion total. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Southridge Capital has an exemplary founding principal in Hicks. He came up with the concept of the firm during his time at a hedge fund located in the Big Apple. The fund had a principal who went back to Australia for some time. This prompted Hicks to consider establishing a hedge fund all by himself. He got permission from the principal to initiate things. Hicks evaluates portfolios first thing in the morning. He writes out things that he needs to achieve daily. These are things that he can handle independently. These are duties for all of his team members, too. He has a lot enthusiasm for crazes that are everywhere now. Cryptocurrency is one thing that draws him in all of the time. Check out for more.



This professional is an intelligent and prudent man who likes to employ his resources in a wise and methodical manner. He not long ago shared a meal with a geopolitical aficionado. This individual talked all about cryptocurrency and how it may affect human beings the planet over.



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