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Alicia Winkle is unique in here therapist work. She has the passion for making providing treatment to all that need it. Alice always wanted to help people in overcoming daily problems which acted as a block in their lives. That is why she dropped from nursing school and joined therapy. With here Community Counseling master’s degree from the University of North Alabama, she developed an interest with Talkspace when her former boss referred here there.

With Talkspace she could be able to give therapy to all her patients while at home. She figured out how she could help those who had serious illnesses. Though Talkspace, the depressed patients could get help and those who were anxious to wake up from bed could get help too. Alicia Winkle likes Talkspace app because she gets all the feedback from her patients on the spot. If something good happens, she is notified. The same happens if the client can overcome an individual problem.

Her achievements are backed up using this wonders app. For instance, she uses Talkspace platform to help people who struggle in life. This app has an evidence-based practice which can be applied, and that is what Alice does. She has achieved in helping individuals who feared face to face talks with a therapist.

What is Talkspace? This is an app that matches a patient with a therapist. Through Talkspace the patient and his/her therapist chat with each other in real-time. The best thing with Talkspace, you will meet with licensed therapists who are well trained. The app is synchronized in such a way that you will chat as if you are talking face to face. For those who fear, this is the best way to get help. With Talkspace, you can decide to hide your real name. Also, you can share all type of media you want so that you achieve a common goal.

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