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Securus Technologies Brings in Consultants and Updates Its Wireless Containment System to Reduce Illegal Cell Phone Connections in Prison Facilities

Robert Johnson would never have guessed he would be dealing with a life and death situation overnight while at work. Nearly eight years ago, he intercepted contraband trying to find its way into a prison facility where he was working as a corrections officer. The owners of the contraband were not pleased with his actions and ordered a hit on his person. One week later at around 5:30 in the morning, he heard his house door kicked in and immediately realized his life was in danger. To minimize the number of casualties in the attack, he directed the intruder towards the house corridor, away from his sleeping wife. As fate would have it, he was shot six times in the stomach and chest. His doctors did not expect him to pull through the ordeal but he miraculously survived. Following recovery, he has since then made it his life mission to ensure inmates do not have access to cell phones.


Similar Cases


Having heard of other cases where hits on people and their families were also ordered by convicts within the prison system, he is working harder to ensure prison communication systems are monitored. In a recent case, a six-month old boy’s life was terminated in his mother’s arms after his uncle angered inmates in one of the country’s prison facilities. As can be expected, the order for the killing was made using an illegal cell phone in the prison facility. Together with Securus Technologies where he works as a paid consultant, Johnson is working on ensuring that such incidents to not occur in future.


Wiireless Containment System


Securus Technologies owns a Wireless Containment System geared at ensuring inmates do not get access to illegal cell phone connections from prison facilities. The system works as a phone network that detects all calls made to and from prison facilities. Once a call is detected, the system decides what to do with it. If the call is from an authorized number or if it is trying to reach 911, it is allowed to connect. However, if the call is from an unauthorized number, the call is dropped and not allowed to connect. This in effect contributes to increased public safety since the number of dangerous schemes cooked by inmates for people on the outside are reduced.


Updates to the System


In August 2017, an article in PRNewswire reported that Securus Technologies was undertaking updates and developments on its Wireless Containment System. These undertakings were put in place to ensure the system is a better solution for ensuring illegal phone calls to and from prison facilities are stopped. The updated system works by ensuring illegal networks are prevented from intercepting prison networks, reducing the number of illegal calls made to or from prison the outside world by prisoners. The system has been important in upholding public safety and helping prison facilities control contraband within their walls.


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