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Rodrigo Terpins the Rally Driver with a Difference

Rodrigo and his father Jack are alike in more than one way. Apart from both being shrewd business personalities, they are also sporty people. During his youth Jack Terpins was a basketball player unlike his son Rodrigo Terpins who is a rally driver of great repute and renown. Rodrigo’s father played basketball for Hebraica in the 70s. Rodrigo’s brother also shares the same traits: being a sports player and an established entrepreneur.

Rodrigo, like his father, has passion and commitment to the rally sport that occupies his time. His dad was a sports director and a vice president for ‘Macabi World Union’. He also enjoyed other leadership positions. Apart from establishing themselves in their individual sports, they are respected among entrepreneurs of their stature.

The Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo finished third in the Sertoes rally while with his Bulls team mates. In overall rankings he was an impressive eighth. This rally edition was much briefer and shorter in comparison to the rallies organized in the past. According to Comunique, the rally went through only two states: Goias and Minas Gerais. The rally was a 2,600 kilometers race with seven stages going through two states. This was the biggest off-road car race in Brazil. Marked by new and unfamiliar challenges, not many drivers were able to get to the top five categories.


Asked by about the rally, Rodrigo was excited to point out his satisfaction with the results and the outcome of the race. He said that he was well pleased with his partner in the rally, Fabricio Bianchini. The car they had was equally good: very competitive. Rodrigo was driving car number 326 which was navigated by Bianchini, a debutant in the category of cars. In motorcycles, Bianchini has however had eleven races. At the end of it all the race, according to Rodrigo had hard specials. The specials required many types of equipment, but Rodrigo says the team was up to the challenge.

Rodrigo pointed out that for him, Sertoes was quite an enjoyable race and he liked the script. Since the rally was short, Rodrigo points out that it was therefore possible for them to balance the participation with other life matters like family and profession.

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