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PSI Pay Joins A Wedding Party

What’s one of your best outcomes of your trips to a cafe? For Jamie Hill it was a eureka moment he didn’t even know he needed until Jason Bradbury waved at his point of sale (POS) device for his morning espresso. Four months later his fiancee would slip a one of a kind KERV unto his ‘until death do us part’ finger. KERV is able to accomplish this marvel through its partnership with PSI Pay.

KERV Wearables (KERV) offers innovative financial and home office technology platforms that promote fashion and global range. KERV began showcasing its contactless payment ring as early as 2014 and solidified its relevant MasterCard collaboration as early as 2017. With its system connections in conjunction with PSI Pay the user does not need a personal identification number (PIN) or secret access code or card while at the POS. Simply wave your ring closely near to the RFID enabled POS device of your retailer and your payment will transfer. The current transaction upper limit is £30. It comes in particularly handy when you’re using London’s public bus and Tube systems.

PSI Pay distinguishes itself as differentiated banking for small and home business success and is based out of the United Kingdom (UK). Offering services since 2007 it’s recognized as a groundbreaking pioneer in global payment and end to end data transactions. The Company is also licensed to produce prepaid and debit cards. It’s a member of MasterCard with principle level status since 2009 and the current capabilities to serve Mastercard payment links in every state of the European Union since the year 2014. To date PSI Pay is licensed to transact payment processing throughout 173 countries and 44 currencies.

To gain perspective on the growing importance of customized and dependable financial technology (FinTech) note these stats. In 2008 world investment in FinTech topped $929.9 million and in 2015 it topped in at over $21 billion! That’s an astronomical increase within significantly less than ten years. One would have to conclude that there’s a market for it.

And Jamie Hill’s take on PSI Pay? He sports that first fashion practical wedding ring set outside in ocean black and inside in ocean teal and currency connected ever since Jasmine slipped it on him in serious avowal. Most impressive? Their wedding registry option to easily load gift deposits of money unto their KERV Wearables Contactless Payment Wedding Ring instead of leaving them cash in envelopes.

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