Addison Duling

New Details Could Spark More Unrest in Ferguson, Missouri

For more than 70 days, protesters have converged upon Ferguson, Missouri to seek justice for the police-shooting death of teenager Michael Brown.

Most of the ongoing unrest happens during the night time hours, although the protesters do hold a number of events during the day as well. In fact, Missouri State Senator, Jamilah Nasheed, was detained on Monday for allegedly standing in the middle of the street and blocking traffic near the Ferguson Police Department.

The continued unrest is mainly due to an indictment that has yet to be handed down to Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer accused of shooting Michael Brown.

As the investigation continues without a clear end in sight, new details were given to the The New York Times that show Michael Brown’s blood stains were on Officer Wilson’s uniform and his squad car. CNN collaborated these details with undisclosed law enforcement sources close to the case.

The magnitude of these new details depict how they could support Officer Wilson’s testimony that there was a struggle with Mr. Brown before he resorted to using deadly force.

Susan McGalla┬átold CNN that the new revelations were possibly leaked at this point in order to create a broader strategy. “It could be really for, in part, a beneficial purpose, to start leading those community leaders and those leading the protests to believe that there won’t be an indictment,” said Ron Hosko, former assistant director of the FBI Criminal Division.


Rene Zellweger Isn’t The Problem With Hollywood

You may have seen Rene Zellweger getting hammered lately on social media, and in the celebrity rags, because of her very obvious plastic surgery. In a way I don’t blame them, because she’s done a full Kenny Rogers, and her face is barely recognizable at this point.

However, we have to look at the root cause, and the people that we should be blaming, is ourselves. Women are so pressured in Hollywood to look a certain way, that she was criticized when she first came on the scene. Then she was criticized for aging, and now finally she’s being criticized for trying to not look her age.

It’s getting ridiculous at this point. Like we don’t think celebrities have a right to age, or be normal people.

I swear if I have to read one more Google alert on my FreedomPop phone, criticizing her for succumbing to the amazing pressure that an A list actress is put under, I’m going to freak right out.

Longest Words That Have Appeared in American Literature

We’ve all had that moment when reading, when you encounter a word or a phrase that you’ve never heard before.

But my buddy Christian Broda found a great list online of some of the biggest words to be used in American literature.

The largest of which a true head scratcher:


You can find the rest of the hilarious words here. Glad I haven’t run into any of these as of yet.