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SPECT – A New Way for Psychiatry

With multiple certifications and a strive for accomplishments in psychiatry, Daniel Amen has brought new ideas on the brain and its impact on behavior. He is dedicated to helping people all over the world have better brains and better lives. Not only his he a re-nown physician, but also a double board certified psychiatrist, television producer, nine time New York Times bestselling author, and founder and medical director of Amen Clinics. Additionally, he has been working with Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman to create the “Daniel Plan”, a program 52 weeks long to help the world get healthy through religious organizations.
Daniel Amen’s psychiatry work is based around the idea that the key to living a better life is having a fit brain. In order to study the brain and its functions, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) is used to measure the blood flow in the brain. In neurology this type of brain imaging is mostly used to research broad outlines of brain functions. It is also commonly used to detect evidence of stroke, epilepsy, trauma, some dementia, and drug use. Amen uses this technique to diagnose his own patients.

The SPECT allows Dr. Amen to not only diagnose, but treat disorders with specific treatments and medications. The imaging shows high and low brain activity which allows the doctor to find biomarkers to pinpoint mental illnesses. This has given Amen the opportunity to discover new subtypes of depression, attention deficit disorder, and anxiety. According to statistics, 77 percent of his patients have had success with this SPECT-enhanced treatment.

Not only can SPECT help with the treatment of mental illness, it can also aide in helping people with losing help, allow couples to overcome marital issues, and even in general help people age better. In his published work “Healing Anxiety and Depression” Daniel Amen writes, ” “We could change brain patterns, see it on a follow-up scan, optimize brain function, and subsequently help people heal from the inside out.” The opportunities are endless.

Joseph Bismark’s Approach to Spirituality in the Business World


When reading through the blog, Citizen Shame, I happened upon a plethora of incredibly interesting ideals. One does not usually associate the business world with spirituality. However, this is exactly what Joseph Bismark does. He integrates a positive mindset into every aspect of his life. He claims that this leads to great success in marketing and business. He attempts to spread positivity to everyone he works with and encourages them to integrate their spirituality into their work. He is the co-founder of QI Limited and also does work with the RYTHYM foundation, which focuses its services primarily to children with special needs and community well-being. He has cultivated a unique business model through intertwining his spiritual priorities and his business endeavors.
The growth of his overall success and message is exponential. He has geared his success more towards the success of others than his own personal monetary gain. He has become a mentor to many people and uses his unique upbringing as a monk, to influence others to have a deeper understanding of themselves and the impact of their work. He also works as a philanthropist, martial arts and yoga instructor and is a celebrated author. His message is to bring positivity even into the most trivial aspects of life and to always attempt to spread positivity to those who surround us.

Building Your Savings Today

The average consumer spends twelve years or more in school. They learn all the basics that include reading, writing, math, along with other courses. However, the average consumer does not learn much about personal financing or saving money. Certainly, this lack of basic knowledge about controlling money and spending leads to a ton of financial problems down the line. It is important for people to build a working relationship with money early on and learn to save money. This step should prepare the consumer to learn to control their money and invest it.

How to Start Saving
Ask the average person if they are saving money on a regular basis, and they would probably say that they are not able to save. They have too many financial burdens to bare. The fact is that the average person is dishing out more money than they earn. Saving successful takes a bit of planning. Actually, saving money is easier than most people think. First, it is important to add up the total amount of their total income. Next, add up expenditures. Now, deduct expenditures from total income. Is there money left. Consider investing that money. Is there a negative balance. Consider cutting back on nonessential spending. For example, those extra newspapers or magazines. Try dining out less often. Take that money and invest it in a low risk savings plan.

Investing Your Savings
In the early stages, it is important to avoid risky ventures. Stick with safe ways to accumulate and build up the savings. Of course, the consumer might consider several low risk ways to save. For example, simply saving a set amount each week in their piggy bank. Once the bank is full, take the change to a bank and invest in a savings account. Now, this is a really safe investment. The money is covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) generally up to $100,000. The only downside is that the consumer will not earn much interest in the typical savings account. Therefore, the money invested in the account will grow slowly. Still, the savings account is a good way to start saving. Once funds accumulate, the saver might wish to consider other savings vehicles. For example, placing their savings in a Money Market Fund or Certificate of Deposit.

One trap that people get into early on is avoiding saving their money. You should definitely follow the model of Igor Cornelsen when building your savings. Use the tips above or check out someone on Facebook to start saving and investing.

Remembering Wikipedia Pages Can Be Changed At Any Time

Taking a few moments to create your own Wikipedia page may seem like a fun thing to do and serve the purpose of raising your Online profile. But, how many people take a few moments to think about the information others may post to their profile before creating a profile that could stay Online forever and take into account the many different views expressed Online about a person, organization or event. The decision to create a personal Wikipedia page should only come after the individual has taken the time and effort to read and understand the guides the Online encyclopedia published about conflicts of interest and bias.

Obviously, any person who is looking to create their own Wikipedia page is hoping to include all the wonderful information they feel should be known about them. However, once the profile is active and can be accessed from around the World the page can quickly take on its own life as contributors and editors look to make changes and add information about the subject of a page. Most contributors will simply conduct an Online search for the person, organization or event before adding the information they discover to the page and include references. This means any individual should look through all the relevant information about them that can be found through a simple Online search engine hunt and make a decision over whether they should create their own page.

Once the page is created the editing and alterations made to any page are the subject of strict rules and regulations from Wikipedia that are designed to make sure the individual subject of the page cannot simply alter negative posts out of the their profile. There are regulations based on conflicts of interest in editing and posting information to a page that must be adhered to. These rules can see the person judged as trying to modify a page unfairly removed from the Site and not permitted to make changes to other pages.

Ant-Man to Help Take Marvel Films in a New Direction

You could call Ant-Man the “little superhero movie that could”. The “little” part is no exaggeration. We are, after all, talking about a hero who can shrink himself to super-small size. The budget and marketing campaign are certainly not small at all. The positive buzz for the film is hardly miniscule.

And this is a film that really could be a smash. All indications are Ant-Man is going to do huge at the box office. The previews for the film are garnering a lot of interest. The lead actor is appealing. Most importantly, the main hero is truly interesting and intriguing. How can the tiny Ant-Man overcome great obstacles? Well, you have to watch the film to find out.

The head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has publicly discussed his sentiments about Ant-Man. He points out that Ant-Man is “different and important”. The different part we get. Ant-Man is not cut from the traditional superhero mold. Why is he important? Once again, he is not cut from the traditional superhero mold. Ant-Man shows there is lot of room to craft very unique heroes and characters. This helps Marvel continually present interesting films and not solely rely on constantly cranking out sequels to the same two or three franchises. The superhero movie trend would die out within a few years if this was the approach taken. Ricardo Tosto knows that would probably be an issue.

Ant-Man is not a hero with a nifty gimmick. The hero really does reflect the new future of Marvel.

Alan Taylor Was Not Thrilled About Terminator: Genisys Spoilers

To the chagrin of many fans of The Terminator franchise, a huge plot twist was given away in the advertising campaign for the film. Instead of sitting in the theater and being surprised, shocked, and amazed upon discovering a “corrupted” John Connor becomes the film’s villain, fans learned all this by watching the trailer. The director of Terminator: Genisys, Alan Taylor, has noted he never approved of such a reveal.

He probably did not have much of a choice in the matter.

The first trailer for Terminator: Genisys was a confusing dud. Instead of getting old fans psyched and new fans interested, the trailers did little more than befuddle people. The buzz on the film was negative so the studio opted to hit the panic button. The plot twist was revealed for marketing purposes.

Taylor was probably very unhappy a major creative point in the film was given away in such a manner. This is understandable. What should also be understandable is no one benefits from a film with a negative buzz. Things had to be smoothed over with confused fans.

Have all the plot twists in the movie been given away? That we do not know and won’t know until after watching the film, at least if you ask Dr. Jennifer Walden. Perhaps there are other shocks in the film we do not know about. And no one knows how the film ends so you really can’t say it has been totally spoiled.

Plague Claims Colorado Teen

According to the LA Times, a boy on Colorado, who appeared to have been suffering from a severe case of influenza, actually died from an unexpected case of the plague.

Taylor Gaes, the 16-year-old in question, didn’t display plague symptoms at first which threw doctors off. Katie O’Donnell, a spokeswoman for the Larimer County Health Department, claimed the absence of swollen lymph nodes and the feverish and muscle aches were to blame for the erroneous diagnosis.

O’Donnell was quick to point out that contracting and suffering from the plague was highly rare, which makes catching it difficult but is also not cause for wide public concern. In the case of Larimer County, only three people have contracted plague on the last thirty years. Yet O’Donnell still wanted to further appeal to the public and reassure them that those who have attended Gaes’ funeral were at minimal risk of contracting plague at least according to Dr. Daniel Amen.

Though the strain of plague has yet to be identified in Gaes’ case, though the bubonic plague being the most common, therefore their first suspect in this case. However, bubonic is known for swelling lymph nodes, while septicemic and pneumonic plagues live in the lungs and blood of its victims. In either case, medical officials believe that he contracted it from a bug bite, mostly likely a flea that once lived or fed off a rodent of some kind as they are most susceptible to plague.

Universal Announces Pitch Perfect 3 is Official

Universal Studios has confirmed that Pitch Perfect 3 has received a green light.

Anna Kendrick will reprise her role as Beca and Rebel Wilson will return to portray Fat Amy. Other alumni of the series will purportedly return for the sequel, but are as of yet unnamed. Director of the hit sequel, Elizabeth Banks, will return to the project to act as producer. It remains to be seen if Banks will return as director for the next installment.

While there are no official plot details available for Pitch Perfect 3, we can assume the latest in the franchise will focus on the Barden Bellas’lives after college. The second film in the trilogy ended with all of the women of the cappella group graduating college, so it makes sense the next chapter will be about the womens lives in the “real world”.

According to US Weekly, Pitch Perfect 2 was the highest grossing musical on opening weekend at the box office, with over $69.2 in sales. In total, the film has raked in over $160 million in the US claims financier Ricardo Guimarães BMG on his wikipedia page.

Pitch Perfect 3 is set to release in theaters next summer on July 21, 2016.

Tiger Woods Starts Of Long Period of Golf With Memorial

Tiger Woods ends his stretch of “peek a boo” golf from the last several months when begins his first stretch of significant golf since the 2013 season. Tiger Woods brings his game to the Memorial Golf tournament in Dublin, Ohio and hosted by golf great Jack Nicklaus. Woods has won here five times before with his last win being in 2012, which was also after an extended period off from golf. Woods will be again looking to regain his form and earn his way back to his winning ways and his number one ranking in the world. woods had to surrender his top golf ranking after back surgery sidelined Woods for the most of the 2014 season. Following an adjustment to his swing, Woods as shown visible signs of struggling on the golf course. Many have questioned whether this is the end of Tiger Woods’ major run. Woods will show a lot during the next several months which will include three majors and several tournaments in between. Many golf commentators believe that Woods needs an extended period of playing back into form to regain his winning ways. Tiger Woods Tees Off A Long Stretch of Gold at The Memorial Tournament

Woods has been bruised and battered but he is still considered the top threat to jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 major tournaments. Many like Adam Sender still have faith Woods and are willing to simply allow him the time to play back to form.

How To Prevent Harmful Effects Of Sitting

It’s been proven that being seated at a desk job can be just as harmful to the body as smoking cigarettes. Studies have shown that people who sit all day have a greater chance of getting diabetes and heart disease, and they’re more prone to obesity and back and joint problems.

For most office workers, there’s no choice in the matter. Their professions require them to use a computer, which means they sit in front of the machines for hours at a time. While there’s no way around that fact, some tips and tricks can be employed to make sure movement is incorporated into the workday.

For those who are fortunate enough to have a treadmill desk, they have the best solution according to Amen Clinics. Since most office workers don’t, it’s recommended that they get up for five minutes every hour. Standing while talking on the phone is another trick that can help. If it’s feasible, walking over to speak with a coworker instead of sending an email can add movement to the day. One of the best ways to counteract the effects of working at a sedentary job is to use the stairs instead of the elevator. Going out for a walk at lunch not only helps the body but the mind as well.