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Susan McGalla Advises Women In The Working World

PR Newswire has published this article that describes advice Susan McGalla is giving to working women everywhere. This advice is going to help women earn more money, make their families happier and tend to their families while advancing their own careers. The careers that women want to have do not need to be stopped when they want to have the career they desire.

The glass ceiling is going to get in the way of women in the world, but they need to ignore that glass ceiling when they are at work. There are many ways for women to get around the glass ceiling, and they can simply break through it to get where they want to go. Most men do not act like women do not matter, but any men who still think this way can be avoided in the workplace.

When women are out in the working world, they need to make sure that they are presenting themselves with confidence. The confidence that women carry to work is going to make them look better, and it is going to help them advance their career. Confidence is perhaps the only thing that will help women get ahead when they really want to.

When women are tending to their families at home, they can still go back to school whenever they want. Women can go to school online, and they can get their class work done even when they are at home with their kids. Most women will be able to get a degree fast, and they can get back to work as fast as they can.

Every woman who wants to get a better career, advance herself and change her life can follow these steps to make sure she is ready to enter the working world.

Publisher pulls his books off the Shelves

With the help of his father, Kevin, six-year-old Alex Malarkey wrote a book that hit the best-seller list five years ago. The book, The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, told the story of Alex visiting heaven and interacting with angels after being seriously injured in a car crash. Tyndale House, the publisher of the book, promoted the book as, “a supernatural encounter that will give you new insights on Heaven, angels, and hearing the voice of God.”

Now, five years later, Alex Malarkey says the book is a work of fiction. He now claims he never experienced the events described in the book. Tyndale House decided to take the book and any ancillary products off the market. The book will no longer be in print.

The reason for Malarkey amazing recantation is surprising to some. In interview through Sfgate with Dave and Brit Morin he says the Bible made him do it. Malarkey wrote an open letter to LifeWay and other Christian Bookstores, and it was recently published on the Pulpit and Pen website. He wrote, “I did not die. I did not go to Heaven. When I made the claims that I did, I had never read the Bible.

Malarkey also said the Bible is the only source of truth. He might be shocked to know there’s a little truth in all fiction.

BRL Trust Continues to Perform in Brazil

Founded 10 years ago, BRL Trust has continued to navigate a complex environment successfully, growing into one of the largest fiduciary trust partners in South America.

Trust and Trust: In a robust, yet still maturing market like Brazil, foreign investors that want to achieve returns without experiencing some of the headaches that can come with direct investment tend to look for firms that can manage assets and provide the type of confidence that comes with having a solid track record. In this respect, BRL has managed to perform not only to the expectations of Brazilian clients, but to international clientele that represent some of the largest firms in the world. Analysts credit their reputation for effective management as well as their ability to attract and retain talent for their rapid rise.

Economies of Scale: Over the past 5 years, the assets under management by BRL Trust have grown from 2 billion Brazilian Real to 15.32 Brazilian Real, underlining the founders’ notion that a strong mixture of transparency, ethics, and performance will benefit their clients the most. Of course, with size comes the ability to create more sophisticated services that cater to the needs of the international market as BRL Trust has demonstrated.

Corinthians and BRL: There are very few discussions that can light up a room in Brazil as much as talking about the successful hosting of the 2014 World Cup. In order to secure the bid, the Brazilian government needed to commit to building several new soccer stadiums, something that was difficult to achieve without private partners. BRL Trust worked with the world-renowned Corinthians soccer team to organize the construction of an arena on land that Corinthians had been holding since the 1980s. Construction was completed on time for the World Cup and BRL Trust ended up managing the asset trust that was setup between Corinthians, outside parties, and themselves.

North American Spine: Experts in AccuraScope in Dallas

If you have been having back pain, neck pain, or any ailment such as this it can seem like a lifetime struggle. When you are missing out on your favorite activities and time with friends and family because the pain can become overwhelming; something must be done.

AccuraScope just may be the procedure that you have been looking for. AccuraScope is currently being preformed by the trusted doctors at North American Spine in Dallas with over eight thousand satisfied patients thus far. AccuraScope seems to be a popular procdure at this clinic as it is completed as an outpatient procedure and has a quick recovery. North American Spine has extensive experience with this procedure and many in the Dallas area simply just would not trust their back to anyone else. AccuraScope can be preformed on the back or neck as long as the paient is a good candidate for the procedure. North American Spine sees patients come to it’s Dallas location from near and far seeking out this talented team of health care professionals.

Another reason why many patients recommend North American Spine in Dallas is the ease of appointment scheduling and the quick turn around time. If you are in pain it is really difficult to just wait to find out your options. North American Spine offers the option to get your healing started right away. They have a user friendly and innovative website offering webinars, so that you may see in depth information about the procedures that they offer. You can also begin the appointment scheduling process online which may put your mind at ease. If you arent quite ready to schedule an appointment but simply want to learn more about your condition and the options that you may have there is an entire section of the site dedicated to this. It helps to read over the information and see that there are truly options available so that you do not have to live in pain.

Still not sure if North American Spine and the AccuraScope is right for you? You can reach out the the health care team at any time by contacting them through the website or giving them a call and they are always ready to answer any questions and make new patients feel much more comfortable. The center also has an array of prior patient recomendations and referrals. It helps to know that so many others were putting their lives on hold until they went to the North American Spine clinic in Dallas, and that totally turned things around for them. Having the personal experience of others who are making the most of the lives again can really give you the courage that you need to do something about your pain.

A Glimpse Into the Mind of Bestselling Author Dr. Daniel G. Amen

Dr. Daniel G. Amen is a author of several books. He is a brain disorder specialist that has become the authority on the brain and how it works with other areas of the body. He has written books about the relationship of the brain and the role it places in sex, weight loss, spirituality and depression. People are intrigued about his take on how the brain serves as the nucleus to feeling better and living a better life.

In addition to this plethora of published works, Amen is also in charge of directing the Amen Clinics. In this role Amen has a hands-on approach to the issues that he has written about in his books. This plays a very direct role in his success. Amen has done extensive studies on things like brain injuries for the NFL. He is has also devised diagnostic tools that are still used in the Amen clinics today. This gives him a great deal of credibility in the matters concerning the brain. That is why his books continue to sell. Amen has documented proof that can be easily referenced. 

Dr. Daniel Amen has carved out a niche in writing about the brain because he has managed to create books that have addressed very inspiring topics. There are books like “The Magnificent Mind at Any Age” and “Healing Anxiety and Depression.” These books give lots of people hope about treatment disorders that they may have. It also gives optimism to other people that are worried about the possibilities of declining health as they get other. 

Dr. Amen has contributed to websites like the Huffington Post. He has created articles about brain healthy foods and things that people can do to boost their mental clarity. He gives thorough advice about those foods that are going to boost brain power and reduce the possibilities of brain disorders. He has helped lots of people unleash the power of their brains through simple routines. His extensive study and work hours in the field of brain disorders has given him the ability to give many of his readers a renewed life. 

He has also produced videos like “Healing ADD in 30 Days” that give people step-by-step instructions for moving beyond attention deficit disorder at home. This type of groundbreaking work has allowed Dr. Daniel G. Amen to be called up by professionals from many different walks of life. His authority is greatly valued.

The Spark is Gone

According to US Magazine online author Nicholas Sparks and his wife of 25 years Cathy are splitting. Say it ain’t so. Nicholas Sparks has brought fans like John Textor all sorts of tragic romantic novels including The Notebook, Dear John, The Last Song, and A Walk to Remember. All of which have been made into wonderful, sappy romantic movies. 

The couple share 5 children together and have been together since 1989. Nicholas even credits his wife for the inspiration for most of his female characters. What a shame they couldn’t stick it out. However, it makes me wonder now that if there wasn’t a tragedy in his novels that split the couples apart if they would truly stay together? Nicholas and Cathy have released a statement saying that they are splitting however they are remaining friends for the sake of raising their children together. 

What a tragic ending for their love story.

First Zuckerberg Book Pick Jumps 44K Places

Celebrity endorsements can carry a hefty price tag for companies, but in the end the increased sales is usually worth the extra payout. However, when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he was going to read new book every other week in the coming year, many authors probably did not pay too much attention. It is a safe bet to say that all of that has changed as of right now.

Once Zuckerberg announced the first book in his quest was going to be “The End of Power” by Moises Naim saw his 2013 work jump from 44,369th position on the Amazon sales chart to number 10, according to Buzz Feed. All those extra sales did not even cost a dime, and the massive marketing muscles of Facebook and Zuckerberg got to be flexed for the very first major time in world of books. The windfall is something of a major win for Naim.

The Zuckerberg book project will likely continue to draw a lot of attention, at least on That is where Igor Cornelsen actually first heard about it. The book club he is promoting on Facebook will also serve to put a lot of emphasis on the content of what he is reading, but the clout the CEO has on the literary world is intriguing. Zuckerberg could join a list of book recommendation celebrities that authors fantasize about, because with results like that who needs a major media campaign. This is one New Year’s resolution that a lot of people will be watching.

A Significant Archaeological Discovery in Israel

A team of researchers from Mississippi State University recently made a potentially significant new discovery during an archaeological dig at a site called Khirbet Summeily in southern Israel. Their findings appear in an academic article entitled “Iron Age Bullae from Officialdom’s Periphery: Khirbet Summeily in Broader Context” in the December, 2014 edition of the Journal of Near Eastern Archaeology.

Archaeologists from MSU discovered remnants of six clay bullae, official seals used to enclose documents centuries ago. They dated the material to the tenth century BC, during the Iron Age. Reportedly, this discovery marks the first discovery of clay bullae dating from this historical period in Khirbet Summeily. The area was originally believed to be an agricultural region, but evidence uncovered during the excavation has caused scientists to conclude that pastoral activities, such as herding sheep and goats, likely occurred more frequently in the region. The presence of the six official seals could indicate that the local people in ancient times lived under some form of organized political administration which exchanged official communications with government leaders located elsewhere.

The researchers reportedly indicated that the excavation at Khirbet Summeily may lend some support to Old Testament accounts of organized administrative governments in Israel during the era of King David and King Solomon. That is exactly what Igor Cornelsen was hoping to hear.

Audiobooks Letting Your Mind Wander

The international sport practiced by everyone like Susan McGalla nowadays, albeit far from one of the official ones, is called ‘managing to do all the things you planned for the day’, and reading a book besides that.

There is no chance to succeed unless you multitask, and then people start integrating the audiobooks into their daily lives.

Isn’t it great to kill two birds with one stone? You walk on the street, shop for groceries, and get smarter due to a nice voice reading for you. But how efficient is listening to a book?

As research shows, not very. The tested group of 235 people were asked to try different stages of reading. The first one was reading aloud, the second one reading silently, and the third one: listening.

As the results showed, the most wandering minds are those of the book listeners. You probably have experience this yourself. You start by listening carefully and then notice that you are not sure what the book is even about.

The experiment showed that the more one’s own body muscles are participating in the process, the more one gets out of a book. Therefore, if you are still not able to see another way out but multitasking, motivate yourself to be a good listener. And keep the eyes open wherever you listen to your book, so that the attention does not work the other way around in your case.

Slain NYPD Officer’s Funeral Exposes Rift Among NYPD

Sunday, New Yorkers held a funeral for Wenjian Liu, the officer was one of two NYPD officers killed by a mentally ill ex-prisoner recently, and NYPD police officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill De Blasio once again. This time, however, the gesture, intended to be a signal of no confidence in the city’s Mayor, was only performed by scattered groups of officers.

UK’s The Guardian reports police officers close to the funeral did not turn their backs to the mayor. Groups of officers lining streets leading up to the funeral turned their backs.

The mayor has come under fire from police after simply acknowledging the country’s black community lives in fear of being profiled, beaten, falsely arrested, or even murdered by police officers. De Blasio shared a private anecdote out of his own life in Time, and spoke about advice he gave his son, who is a person of color. That was something Bruce Levenson found very interesting.

The act of turning their backs to the mayor cost the police department an unknown amount of goodwill already. Sunday it became clear there is not a consensus unified across ranks, but it did become obvious most NYPD officers are not willing to politicize the deaths of two of their officers by attacking the mayor, or protests against police violence. Things are getting interesting in New York.