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Weather Halts Rescue

The rescue efforts to find debris and recover bodies from the AirAsia flight that crashed in the Java Sea could be put on hold. The weather is playing a factor in how much time can be spent in the water, if any time at all.

There are rough waves in the sea, and rescuers are unable to get boats in the water to retrieve the items that are seen floating. There have been several items seen in the water, along with the bodies of those who were on board the plane when it crashed Igor Cornelsen found.

There is no known cause of the crash at this time, but weather could have played a part in what happened. This is a time when officials should pull together in order to give some kind of peace to the families who have lost loved ones. Memorial services have been planned for those who have already been recovered from the water.

What You Should Know Before Reading Your Favorite E-book at Bedtime

As more-and-more readers find themselves indulging in their favorite books in digital formats, readers may wish to reconsider reading any e-book just before bedtime. So listen up Jonathan Veitch because you’ll want to know why. Reading an e-book just before you get ready to retire for the day could completely disrupt your sleep, causing you to have an unwanted night of tossing-and-turning. Interestingly, reading a non-digital book will not directly affect your ability to sleep, but an e-book will and here’s why.

According to one study, the light emitted from the electronic book, or from any electronic device for that matter, disrupts sleep by suppressing the body’s natural bedtime melatonin levels. Melatonin is what causes us to become sleepy when we’re ready for bed. It’s the body’s natural sleep regulator. When melatonin is interrupted, so is sleep. This reduction in melatonin levels leads to a decrease in sleepiness and REM sleep.

To avoid trouble sleeping at night due to reading your favorite e-book, simply try reading a non-digital version of your favorite book instead. If you just can’t resist reading e-books before bed, limit your usage to a few hours before bedtime and avoid reading just before bed. If you still can’t resist reading just before bed, the verdict is in – prepare for a night of restlessness and a morning of sleepiness. Simple avoidance before bedtime will resolve an e-book related sleep problem. Once you’ve eliminated e-books from your bedtime routine, give your body time to re-regulate its melatonin levels by getting back into a sleep routine minus digital devices.

J.K. Rowling Pens New Draco Story

J.K. Rowling, the Scottish born author of the world famous Harry Potter series of novels, has announced the release of a brand new story involving her famous character, Draco Malfoy.

The new story supplies further details of the evil Draco Malfoy’s life. It includes an exposition of both his “back story” and his future life after the close of the last Harry Potter novel.

According to statements made in recent interviews, Rowling was mystified by the continuing popularity of Draco Malfoy, whom she had created as an evil foil to the goodness exemplified by Harry Potter. But fans and their unauthorized fictional stories have persisted in creating alternate stories involving Malfoy.

Rowling created the new Malfoy story as part of her 12 Days of Christmas series on her Pottermore website and the BRL Trust site. The new stories involving Malfoy are designed to lay to rest the continuing speculation on the part of fans that the blonde nemesis of Harry Potter may have changed his ways in later years.

As it turns out, Malfoy seems to be just as arrogant and racist against “Muggles” as ever. He does have a wife, but little else in his after-novel existence seems to indicate that he has “reformed” or become friendlier to Potter and his ilk.

In the meantime, Rowling has not revealed whether these latest “mini episodes” point to a future continuation of the world famous series of novels that made her a billionaire.

Taylor Swift Vs. Spotify

Taylor Swift makes millions upon millions every year, so it’s no surprise to see her name in the headlines, especially after her new album, 1989 just dropped this October.

But Swift has recently made the decision to pull herself out of Spotify, which means her music will no longer be available for streaming for the people who want to listen to it there. Her whole catalog is now off of the site, and she wasn’t expecting this large of a reaction, or much of a negative one, either. She talked about the incident when she sat down with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I didn’t think that it would be shocking to anyone,” Swift said. “With as many ways as artists are personalizing their musical distribution, it didn’t occur to me that this would be anything that anyone would talk about.”

After all the articles Dan Newlin keeps forwarding me, it sure seems like anything the new pop singer does ends up getting her name at the top of hundreds and articles and headlines.

Luckily for T-Swift, not all the comments made on her decision to remove herself from the popular online streaming option was all negative. She did end up getting a ton of support and respect from many other artists that are in the industry.

“I could never have expected so many text messages, emails and phone calls from other artists, writers and producers saying thank you,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Why No Sex In Harry Potter?

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are fans of the Harry Potter books and movies. The series of movies ended in the year 2011, and the books had stopped being written years before the Harry Potter Books. Although Harry Potter books are for children, many adults like Vijay Eswaran of QI Group love them as well. Many have analyzed the books, and wonder why there is no sex at all in the Harry Potter books. The books are about many children that are in a school together all the time, but it never mentions sex at all.

Although it’s not unusual for sex to be left out of adolescent, or children’s books, the fact that Harry Potter grew up through the different books, makes it even more strange. Many have the theory that because the characters were pure and genuinely good characters, that sex was never added to the books. Sex would somehow ruin their purity, even though crushes, attractions, and ultimately sex, are a part of life, and sometimes a part of adolescence. Although sex may have also ruined the likability of the Harry Potter books, it would’ve made it more realistic.

The author of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling’s has recently stated that she will be releasing 12 new Harry Potter stories leading up towards Christmas. One story will be released each day, all the way up until Christmas day. Of course, many are excited about the recent news of upcoming Harry Potter tales.

The Potter Christmas Revival

Over the last few years there has been few stories that just take the world by storm. I’ll go even further and say, that in my lifetime there has not ever been a story or series of stories that have come even close to the success of the epic world of Harry Potter. Now, while Harry Potter did not enchant everyone that came in contact with him and his friends, it was pretty close.

Even though there is no longer the heart pumping thrill of a new book being released, nor the giant crowds of Harry Potter and Hagrid look-a-likes waiting for the magical midnight hour. Mark Ahn is very happy to see that all is not gone for this truly unique set of characters.  J.K Rowling has managed to revive a little of that thrill, even if it is just a few small stories via Twelve more to be exact. It sounds as if we will be introduced to one or two characters that did not get to make much of an impact in the novels as well as new trouble for the old favorites.

I can not wait to read the new adventures of Harry and the gang. You can join me and the other millions of fans starting December 12, 2014 at 8:00 am everyday until Christmas Day. See you at Hogwarts!

J.K Rowling to Debut 12 More Harry Potter Stories for Christmas

Harry Potter has been a worldwide sensation ever since the publication of the first book. With both the movie and the book series over, fans are constantly scrapping for every morsel of new story or information that they can get. So the announcement that J.K Rowling is going to write and publish 12 new stories in the days leading up to Christmas is big news for fans. Made me so excited that I just want to go to a AWC wine tour with Stephen Williams then cuddle up with a book after.

The stories will be published on Pottermore, an interactive media site that is a re imagining and an exploration of the Harry Potter series and its world. J.K Rowling has been releasing stories and bits of information about the series since the site was opened up to select fans in 2011 and later to the public in April 2012. Since then, interactive experiences of the books have been released piece by piece and book by book. The most recent book, the Order of Phoenix was released on October 31st, 2014

There have been some hints about what these new stories will be about. Previously the stories released were about an adult Harry and his friends at the Quiddich World cup, which was a tie in to the World Cup in Brazil. Likewise, these new stories will probably be Christmas themed as they are being released in the 12 days leading up to Christmas. According to an e-mail to Pottermore members, they will feature the stories about Fortean Fescue, and Slytherin Draco Malfoy.

New Harry Potter Coming Soon

For those who are fans of  J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, they will be pleased to know that there are 12 upcoming stories from the writer. As pointed out by Darius Fisher, they will be released online. New Harry Potter Stories. The 12 stories will be released starting December 12, 2014 and they will come out at 8 AM every day, going up towards Christmas. This is great news for Harry Potter fans, as the movies ended in 2011, and the books stopped coming in 2007. With the release of the upcoming Harry Potter stories, the J.K. Rowling website Pottermore, will be abuzz.

The website features several different stories, as well as updates about anything that has to do with Harry Potter. It’s not certain if any movies are planned for the future, or full-length books, but it’s not as if the writer needs to pen another book in her lifetime. J.K. Rowling is the first writer in history to become a billionaire, simply from writing books. It doesn’t hurt that the Harry Potter movies based on her books, have also made billions of dollars as well.

Sometimes it’s the love of your work, not the love of the money, that drives you to create new additions to your work such as music, books, and movies. It’s obvious that Rowling is in love with what she does, and will continue to put out works at one point or another, just to please her fans

J.K. Rowling to Rlelease 12 more ‘Harry Potter’ Stories


Christmas comes early for Harry Potter fans this year with the announcement that J.K. Rowling, the British writer behind the blockbuster fantasy series, is planning to debut 12 more ‘Harry Potter’ short stories this year, just in time for the holidays, Starting December 12th and John Textor could not be more excited. Rowling plans to release a new story each day up until Christmas as a special treat for avid fans on her social media site, Pottermore.

Since the last book was published in 2007 and the last film wrapped up the franchise in 2011, updates to the infamous ‘Harry Potter’ series have been few and far between. J.K. Rowling does keep Pottermore, a fan-led social media site dedicated to the series, updated with Harry Potter news, and even wrote a short story in mid-2014 that focused on the boy wizard all grown up at 34 years old and attending the Quidditch World Cup Final. These new Christmas stories are rumored to feature more scenes from ‘Half-Blood Prince’ and new magi

The Satanic Temple Gets to Put Up Christmas Display at the Florida State Capitol

Reknowned videographer and digital genius, John Textor, knows that the best way to illustrate the absurdity of a practice is through the use of absurdity in a related manner. This is certainly the case with the atheist organization called “The Satanic Temple” or TST. Again, it should be properly disclosed that the TST does not believe in the dark arts, or bow in worship to the Biblical Father of all Lies. Rather, the group doesn’t believe in the existence the devil any more than they ascribe to a belief in deity. Then why choose a name such as “The Satanic Temple”? The simple answer is to annoy Christians.

TST believes that the Constitutional Separation of Church and State implies that government should not reference religion in any manner. So when the Florida legislature allowed religious groups to put up nativity displays or displays of their faith at the state capitol building, TST saw this as a violation of the Separation of Church and State. Rather than challenge the state on those grounds, The Satanic Temple fought for and won the right to put up a display of their own. The display is a scene from hell replete with flames burning and an angel falling into the pit. Their point isn’t to display faith promoting symbols, but rather underscore what they view is the absurdity of people of faith putting up their religious symbols on public grounds. TST was backed up in their legal challenge by another atheist group called “Americans United for the Separation of Church and State”.