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Shea Butter Really Makes a Difference

Shea butter is known for its skin repairing properties. Enriched with vitamins E and C, Shea butter enhances the skins ability to regenerate and repair it self. Scars will diminish and disappear, while stubborn stretch marks fade until they are barely noticeable. The result is smooth, even-toned skin that has a natural glow. While there are numerous She butter products available in the market, they are not all created the same.

Most beauty products that contain Shea butter contains other additive such as petroleum, coca butte and lavender. While those ingredients are known for skin healing properties, they all serve a different purpose, and some work better than others. Shea butter tends to be the most effective product for achieving flawless and radiant skin in the shortest amount of time, and Shea butter works best when used in high concentrations. That is why EuGenia Shea is preferred over other Shea butter products.

Most beauty products only contain about 20% of Shea butter. These diluted concoctions are less effective and required prolonged use in order to see the results. Eugenias’ Shea butter is made of raw and unrefined Shea Butter that is derived from Shea nuts. The final product contains no additives. What you get is 100% pure Ghanaian Shea butter skin moisturizer that will repair your skin so that it reverts back to its’ original texture and tone.

Eugenias’ Shea butter is derived from Shea nuts, which are then used to create the rich secret recipes of the Ghanaian women who have used this traditional formulation for centuries. These women used Shea butter to heal dry skin, relive ache and fatigue from their bodies, treat newborn babies skin before their first bath, and even prepare brides for their wedding so that they are presented to their husbands-to-be with soft and radiant skin. Today, these woman still uphold the cultural and physical rituals, and furthermore, strive to share their beauty and health secrets with the world. EuGenia Shea butter is now available globally, allowing women of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds to enjoy the enriching healing properties of EuGenia Shea Butter.

Always A Good Hair Day With WEN by Chaz

Since the reveal of WEN Hair, a line of exceptional cleansing products created by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hairstylist, it has been getting many raving reviews. The article was originally published on Bustle, which can be found here.
For anyone who loves the newest and latest products relating to hair care, Wen hair is a must try, and could possible be the best beauty choice someone decides to make. Anyone with fine or thin hair may be especially nervous when seeing how rich the texture of the product actually is, but there is no need to worry because it does not weigh down the hair. It will leave the hair plump and create thick locks for a full and luxurious look. Those with extra oily hair may need to style daily to get desired results.

Product users with thin hair will not need to worry about the moisturizing components of the conditioner. The cleansing conditioner will remove all product building as well as seal in all the hair’s natural moisture. This is all because Chaz Dean and the team who created WEN worked hard to ensure people could achieve salon results in the comfort of their own homes. The product holds the highest ratings on Amazon for quality and are sure the increase the strength and shine of everyone’s hair. What’s even better is how gentle the product is, allowing it to be used daily and produce results that last the whole day.

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During the creation of WEN Hair products, special care was taken to ensure the heads natural oils would not be stripped, but instead leave the hair feeling smooth and thick. WEN Hair is sephora available and free of all sulfates. This almond mint cleansing conditioner can take the place of any traditional shampoo or conditioner as well as detanglers and leave in conditioners. Visit for more info.


Lose Weight and Keep it Off With NutriMost

We all know that America has an obesity problem. Some people jump from one yo-yo diet to the next, never getting the desired results. A new program called NutriMost has been helping people lose a lot of weight in a shorter time period. People often lose five pounds of fat a week on the NutriMost program.
There are many reasons to want to lose weight revealed a Wood TV conducted study. Most people would love to just fit into their skinny jeans again. While that can be a motivator for some, losing weight has many health benefits too. Gaining too much weight can put you at risk for diabetes and high blood pressure.

New members are measured for their visceral fat. That is fat that is stored in the abdomen. This fat is not only unsightly, but it is pressing against your organs and can affect the way they work.

NutriMost uses technology to customize a recipe ( for each patient. The program recognizes that everyone gains and loses weight differently. This is where other programs tend to fail. It is not uncommon for a patient using NutriMost to lose 20 or more pounds in their first 40 days. That includes chiropractor Dr. Mitch Gordon, who lost 38 pounds on the program.

In 2014 Dr Gordon launched NutriMost Connecticut. Patients who come to Dr. Gordon’s NutriMost clinic are not only successful in losing weight, but also keep it off. The team teaches them how to keep their weight within two pounds of a specific number that is realistic for that patient.

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Rock the Day with the Latest Athleisure Trend

Athleisure is the latest catchphrase in fashion. Retailers and designers have been obsessed with clothes trend that fit a broad category as being appropriate for leisure or athletic pursuits, or both. Looking at the various companies that have announced that they will be getting into the business, with clothes falling in the description of gym-to-office or après sport, it is no doubt that athleisure is turning out bigger. This can also be evidenced by the overwhelming number of ladies that deem it appropriate to dress in yoga pants or leggings practically anywhere.

The luxury versions of the leisure clothing have been in fashion for decades. In addition, most of these clothes are almost similar to sweats and Ts that have been in the market, only that they now come with excellent tailoring and better marketing. However, athleisure represent bigger and a long lasting change in fashion to a point that it is even appearing on designer runways.

Reasons for its popularity are many, but most obvious cause is from individuals that are embracing healthy lifestyles, while on the other hand demanding more functional wardrobes. Requirement for daily comfort also plays a role, particularly for a person trying to work out into an already busy schedule. Definitely no one would wish to put on an extra outfit to work.


Fabletics, which is subsidiary of JustFab, is a subscription retailer that is based online and specializes in selling of women’s accessories and sportwear. Members are offered personalized outfits that are chosen for them based on their unique fashion preference and lifestyle. Fabletics sells athletic apparel that are trendy and affordable. They also offer discounts in order to get you into the business.

Just recently, Kate Hudson, who is co-founder of Fabletics, gave a hint on the launch of athleisure dresses. This athleisure trend is set to make the lazy girl dreams become a reality. Speaking to Marie Claire, Hudson highlighted that the new line of the performance wear swimsuits will be hitting the market any time this month. So, get that bikini top to complement your sport bra as you rock the beach.

George Soros Takes a Stand and Establishes a Plan to Help Asylum Seekers

George Soros, a philanthropist and supporter of international democratic ideals on, published an opinion piece through Market Watch announcing a comprehensive plan for the European Union and asylum seekers that consists of six components. These components are geared towards the European Union and the current crisis being faced by asylum seekers, including Syrian refugees on

Mr. George Soros supports democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries through his philanthropic organization called the Open Society Foundations. The mission of this foundation is to build tolerant democracies in governments are accountable and open to the participating of all people. Mr. George Soros uses his success in the financial market to take a stand with confidence on controversial issues in support of the people who are unable. This helped Mr. Soros establish his six components to help the EU accept more asylum seeking refugees.

In the first component, George Soros explains that the EU must accept at least one million asylum seekers annually for the foreseeable future, with a shared financial burden throughout the EU. It is emphasized that adequate financing is a critical factor since each asylum seeker will need at least two years of help covering housing, health-care, and education costs. This will help asylum seekers more appealing to member states and allow the asylum seekers to go where they want to go and where they are wanted.

The second component on explains the necessity of providing adequate funding to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey to support the current four million refugees in those countries. Although the annual cost are at least 5,000 euros per refugee, or 20 euros billion, aid in Turkey amounts currently to 1 billion euros. In this component according to George Soros, the EU would have to make an annual commitment to frontline countries of at least eight to ten billion euros.

Third, a EU Asylum and Migration Agency and a EU Border Guard must be established because the currently established 28 asylum systems do not work. This will streamline procedures for asylum seekers.

Fourth, asylum-seeking migrants must have safe channels of migration to reduce dangerous travel. This step requires negotiation between the frontline countries that must work with the UN Refugee Agency.

Fifth, this must all be coordinated financially and operationally by the EU to establish global standards for the treatment of asylum-seekers and migrants.

Lastly, the EU will need to mobilize the private sectors such as NGO’s, church groups, and businesses to act as sponsors for this global plan.

These are the six components that will establish an asylum policy that will end panic and human suffering for migrants from war torn countries.

Laidlaw & Company Picking Up Steam from Investors

When you think about the world of finance and all of the potential ways you can get rich and generate wealth, there is no truer and more historic way than to partner with investment banks. While there are certainly some investment banks that people have heard of before, the one name that continues to not only be popular but has also started picking up steam according to in recent time is Laidlaw & Company. While Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank, there are so many investors who not only swear by them, they literally trust them with their financial lives.

The whole idea of finance is to tuck as much possible money away with the hopes that your money will continue to generate additional money, and then in the long run that wealth will be enough to take care of you and have you be happy and content. The key to doing this is making sure you not only follow the current financial principles that are in place, but it is also important to understand just how chaotic some of the decisions can be each and every day on the current markets as well.

Laidlaw isn’t just a brokerage that will take a cut for helping you to meet the end users. They are the investment bank in the transaction. In other words, while other organizations out there may not truly care about your success and your financial future, an investment bank such as SEC registered Laidlaw & Company truly only gets paid and can really only see a significant payday if you are going to get wealthy as well. The key is that you need to partner with people who actualy have your best interests in mind or else you could think it’s a partnership and could actually just be a client. When it comes to finding the right partner, look to Laidlaw for the best results.


Crystal Hunt: Queens of Drama’s Bad Girl

Remember that chick in high school who promised not to tell one of your secrets and then blabbed it all over the place the next day? Welcome to the world of Crystal Hunt. She’s the actress on Queens of Drama quickly emerging as the ‘bad’ girl. Besides being a gossip, she’s also a backstabber not caring who she hurts in the process. Cast member Donna Mills learned this the hard way. Early on, she betrayed her trust causing a rift between the two. Then, of course, there’s her criminal past. Because she’s not an A-list star, many viewers of the show didn’t know of an arrest for felony assault with a deadly weapon. To date, throughout nine episodes, she remained non-violent, but there’s always a chance she’ll snap. So, what made her turn so sour? Maybe it was an early start in Hollywood.

Her Facebook profile says Crystal Hunt was born on February 5, 1985, in Clearwater, Florida. Her childhood was atypical. After participating in pageants as a toddler, she did commercials, and explored photography. A popular one was with the group NSYNC. This work led her into soap operas. She played roles on both Guiding Light and One Life to Live. Each part was about a troubled teen who couldn’t stay out of trouble. With ease, she brought emotional pain to the small screen resulting in recognition even among peers. Therefore, by age 30, Hunt had put at least twenty years into a career without an extensive break. shows her list of credits is pretty staggering.

Being a part of the Hollywood grind for so many years hhasn’t  affected Crystal Hunt. She continues on in an industry known to chew up and spit out childhood stars. Her ‘bad’ girl on Queens of Drama is a direct reflection of this arduous lifestyle. To see her professional side, check out her recent star turn in Magic Mike XXL where Crystal plays the role of Lauren.

Yeonmi Park’s Story becomes Available as A Memoir

After escaping the oppression and unhappiness of the North Korean regime most defectors slide away from the limelight to live a quiet life; however, 22 year old student Yeonmi Park has taken a different path by keeping up the pressure on North Korean officials following her dangerous trip to freedom in South Korea. The release on Amazon of Yeonmi Park’s memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” is the latest step in keeping her own story alive to raise awareness for those who are still looking to find freedom and escape from closed societies.

The memoir focuses on the traumatic escape to freedom of Park and her family after they underwent a dramatic fall from the upper echelons of North Korean society. The book itself deals with what life was like for Yeonmi Park and her family within North Korea as part of the government elite and following their fall to the lowest level of society within North Korea; Park also explains the dangerous escape that placed the female members of the family in the hands of human traffickers during their quest for freedom.

After escaping North Korea Yeonmi Park has become a vocal critic of the North Korean regime and a force for changing the way the plight of refugees is viewed around the world. Despite her young age Park has been identified by NK News as a danger to their power over people inside and outside the country; the rise of Yeonmi Park has also coincided with with her own profile rising with appearances around the world to keep the issue of North Korea in the news across the globe.

Not only does Park look to bring her message of peace and understanding to the world, but she also hopes to make sure the problem of human trafficking remains in the news. The abuse suffered during their journey from North Korea across China and into South Korea at the hands of criminal gangs has led to this issue becoming one of the most important for Park and her supporters to face.


Madison Street Capital Experts In Mergers And Acquisition (M&A)

The transaction value of a company is not an easy deal for many transaction dealers especially if the value is a great determinant of goal achievement in the company. The road to a great valuation of a company requires experienced investment bankers so as to get the highest transaction value during the merging and acquisition process. Madison Street Capital is the globally trusted investment banker always available to ease the transaction procedure and obtain a great deal. Both buyer and seller are assured of maximum satisfaction with the deals.

Madison experts on understand all triggers of a compensation and they ensure that the strategies they apply enable active participations of clients in future endeavors and success in a firm. Madison Street Capital have wide of experience in both cash and stock validations and use them to the advantage of the small size investors and mid-size investment firms. Their mechanisms also expand to providing advice about tax to remove tax as a blocking liability during the procedure of M&A. The merging procedure is easy with Madison Street Capital especially in determining the best buyer and seller through deep analysis of credentials.

Madison Street Capital are popular globally especially in their valuation strategies and strong financial opinions on The mid-sized investment banking firm knows how to make firms reach their long-term and short-term objectives without limiting their capacity to ventures that can develop more benefits for them. Madison Street professionals are people with strong financial opinions and mechanisms. They give recommendations that they are sure will work after analyzing the state of the client well enough. They know all mechanisms behind valuation of assets, stock and cash and can detect whether certain transactions will bring positive income for the business. For many mid-sized firms and already established firms, Madison Street Capital is a trusted financial adviser not dependent on any type of company.

The company operates globally as it has holdings in Africa, Asia and North America and advises on a variety of companies including hedge funds and industries. Madison Street Capital under the directive of Karl D Cunha also participates in philanthropy by funding United Way, which operates in helping people in disaster-stricken areas with relief efforts. The investment banking company encourages the affected communities to develop businesses that will boost their livelihood and make them recover quickly from disasters. It has years of experience in financial services and a great history of success in the investment banking industry all over the world. The firm makes merging and acquisition a smooth exercise for all esteemed clients.

Immigrant Voters Win PAC Gets 15 Million Dollars From Liberal Democrats

Billionaire investor, political commentator and social activist George Soros has committed $ 5 Million to Democratic efforts to rally immigrant voters. The total bank roll committed is $ 15 million reported in a New York Times article is targeted to immigrant voter, especially the Latino community, which is wise in that Latino voters are minority majorities in many states including Florida, Texas, California and New Mexico, to name a few. Hoping to increase the numbers of voters in response to Donald Trump’s negative and un-Democratic comments concerning immigrants, that George Soros, an immigrant from Hungary, called harmful to our democracy and national interests. Cristobal Alex, the president of the Latino Victory Project, one of the many national pro-immigration and Hispanic-oriented groups that work with the super PAC, referred to Donald Trump’s reference to immigrants as rapist and thieves, said this new efforts as really taking off the gloves. The new super PAC will be more political and partisan and hopes to persuade immigrant swing voters to accomplish 400,000 new Democratic Voters in November.

Donald Trump’s Republican voters, many working class white voters, have been turning out in droves while millions of Democrats have abstained from voting in the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. A decision by the Supreme court on executive actions proposed by President Obama on immigration will not be given until June. Since he has yet to deliver on his promise of an overhaul of the immigration system and more than two million people have been deported, the Libre Initiative funded by conservatives and the Koch brothers’ political network expects to spend more than $ 10 million to woo and turn Hispanic voters. They already have dozens of organizers in nine states. George Soros, who has already spent $ 13 million in contributions to Democratic political organization and super PACs, has also added another $ 5 million to a legal campaign to contest restrictive voting laws in Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin and other states.

The $15 million bank roll will will help to turn out Democratic Latino and immigrant voters who have not in the past had enough money to fully participate. The contributions will add their voice and vote to issues, including labor, abortion rights and the environment, in many key states. The funds will be used by the Center for Community Change Action to develop a national field program and provide money and technical assistance to already active Latino and immigrant community groups. It will also be used to measure the outcome. Organizers will be knocking on doors, calling and sending mail to Latino, Asians and other immigrants, hoping to reach 728,000 voters in Colorado, Nevada and Florida. President Obama’s executive actions to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation will be ruled on by the Supreme Court in June and the response may have an effect on voter decisions. Although President Obama won all three states in 2008 and 2012, Republicans gained Senate and governor seats.

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Hoping to exact an electoral toll, Deepak Bhargava, the Center for Community Change Action’s executive director, said that America’s Voice who is actively lobbying for immigration reform in Washington,will be conducting bilingual polling. The Service Employees International Union and other backers of Mi Familia Education Fund, who promotes naturalization and voter registration among Latino has helped to drive up the number of Latina voters but are hindered by not being able to openly participate in partisan voter turnout. Since the new bank roll is funded directly by individual donors, the money can be used for expressly advocating for Democratic candidates. George Soros, who is known for his generous support of the Democratic Party, including $ 20 million in 2004, is also a social entrepreneur of human capital and says that he is obliged to be so by his billions.