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Last Known Patient Pushes Liberia Towards Being Ebola Free

The Ebola epidemic that struck vast areas of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea has seen the effectiveness of the Liberian response lead to the last patient being discharged from a specially built treatment center, the New York Times reports. The country will not be declared Ebola free until April 4 2015, when no new Ebola cases will have been diagnosed for 42 days or twice the incubation period of the disease. The release of the last known patient was a time for both celebration and caution, according to the Liberian Government as the country cannot afford to drop its guard.

Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG said the response in Sierra Leone and Guinea has not been as effective and these countries bordering Liberia have seen a sharp increase in new cases over the last month from 99 to 132.

Kim Gordon Does Book Tour

Rolling Stone Magazine has an article on their website about an appearance former Sonic Youth bass player Kim Gordon made recently in Brooklyn to promote her new memoir Girl in a Band. In her talk in Brooklyn, the iconic musician talked about, among other things, musicians Neil Young and Kurt Cobain.

Gordon said that when Sonic Youth toured with Neil Young in 1991, Neil Young’s audience hated her band. She said that she’d often hear boos and cursing directed towards her and Sonic Youth from hippy type individuals. She mentioned how conservative and close-minded older counterculture types could be at that time, which is interesting and probably true, or at least Jason Halpern thinks so.

Gordon also said that Neil Young loved to go out and see strippers after the show, which she was surprised by since his songs are on the sensitive side. She said there was nothing wrong with Young’s behavior in this regard, just that it was surprising.

Personally, I thought that Gordon’s comments, especially about Neil Young and Kurt Cobain, were interesting. I don’t think Sonic Youth was as important to music as many critics believe, but Kim Gordon has been around a lot of major figures in 1980’s and 1990’s alternative circles so her viewpoints on them are worth hearing.

There’s a picture of Gordon at the talk to go along with the article and she looks relaxed and attractive.

Learn Academics With Wikipedia Editing

One of the best things about the internet is the chance to interact with others. The net makes it very easy to find friends from around the globe. People can also use the net to share their specific enthusiasm for a certain subject. Someone who may be deeply interested in Tudor era history can often find hundreds of groups online dedicated to this specific subject. Another person may find contemporary world music fascinating. They, too, can find many groups dedicated to exploring this subject. One of the places online where people gather to share information is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is one of the best known sites on the web. Users can find detailed information here on nearly any subject they want. One of the great things about Wikipedia is that most of the articles on the site can be edited by anyone with a computer and internet access. Many articles allow people to share what they know with a given topic directly with others. This can be very exciting for someone who is immersed in the world of antique cars or Japanese anime. Anyone who spots an error of some kind in an article can easily get into the page and correct it.

Corrections are often done quite quickly. A story may appear about a certain celebrity and ten minutes later this information has been placed in their Wikipedia profile. Editing is often done quite quickly. People can also spend time discussing their proposed changes with others. In some cases, users are pleased to discover that they have a nugget of knowledge that no one else does. In other cases, they may have the wrong impression about a given subject. Contacting others directly can help them correct this misconception and increase their understanding of a specific field of interest.

Sites like Get Your Wiki can provide consulting if you’re looking to do it all yourself. Because of Wikipedia’s complex guidelines, you’re usually going to run into issues if you try to make a Wikipedia article on your own.

Editing Wikipedia articles can also help the person editing them. Perhaps the most important aspect is allowing the user to learn about the world of academic writing. Many students will be required to demonstrate that they can write a simple term paper in order to graduate from high school. Editing Wikipedia pages must be done very carefully in accordance with the stated guidelines of the page. This means that all corrections must be done in that style. Mastering this form of contribution allows someone to gain mastery of basic academic writing in a relatively easy way that will not impact their grades.

Bruce Levenson Balances Success in Business, Sports and Philanthropy

Bruce Levenson is a successful business man who has worn many hats in his career and does them all with a sense of pride and honor. Mr. Levenson was married after college to his wife Karen, and she also was a major contributor in his career as a businessman and in assisting him with philanthropic ventures. Karen Levenson has participated in the running of several projects herself as well as assisting Bruce in several. Together they make a tremendous couple promoting the welfare of the community.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended Washington University in St. Louis, and then he obtained his law degree from American University. It was at American University where he launched his journalism career at the Washington Star. Bruce was eager get started in life and build a secure foundation for his career.

Levenson stepped out into the business world in 1977 when he and Ed Peskowitz founded the United Communications Group. They began by launching several newsletters and the data technology corporation, Oil Price Information Service or OPIS. UCG is a privately owned business company that has expertise in technology, mortgage banking, energy, data, news, healthcare analysis, telecommunications and others. A new acquisition for UCG is GasBuddy, which is an app that is presently used being used by 47 million drivers to find low gas prices.

In 2004, Levenson and Peskowitz reached out into the sports world and formed Atlanta Spirit, LLC for the sole purpose of purchasing the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. The group succeeded, and Levenson became managing partner. The nationally known basketball team has headquarters at the Phillips Arena. In 2014, he sold his share.

Mr. Levenson has always contributed for those less fortunate, and he has participated with several philanthropic organizations including Hoop Dreams Foundation, the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. A project that was close to his heart was building the Holocaust Museum as his mother-in-law was a survivor of the Holocaust. He was a founding contributor.

Mr. Levenson has accomplished much in all areas of his life. UCG has accomplished a great deal and is still growing, and his philanthropic contributions greatly benefit society. Bruce Levenson has not finished adding value and honor to individual’s lives in the United States.

Keith Mann Makes A Unique Donation To The NYPD

The founder of the York Company Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann, made a unique contribution to the New York Police Department. Instead of feeding in to all the negativity and violence that is surrounding the police force, Keith and his wife Keely donated lunch to the 54th Street precinct. Keith’s act of appreciation gives the police force a boost in moral support. He knows how little they are appreciated. The attacks on the police department hit close home for Keith because his wife has an uncle that is a detective in the New York Police Department that is located in Staten Island. The New York Police Department suffered attacks what should have been peaceful protests. Police officers need to be thanked for their service and not attacked for keeping the citizens safe. Knowing that one good deed typically goes unnoticed, Keith and his wife donated lunch to the 54th Street precinct twice, once in January and the second time in February.

The rise in violence among the citizens is becoming more of a concern for Mann. He believes it is the citizen’s responsibility to help the police in their efforts to maintain peace instead of standing in their way causing more harm. Officers will respond according to their training in violent situations which could, in turn, cause harm to innocent bystanders. Rallies have been attended to show support to the police voice. Citizens are encouraged to attend these peace rallies and give a voice to protect and acknowledge all what the police force does for their community.

Lubricant Company Gets A Lawsuit


“Fifty Shades of Grey” is an incredibly popular book, and it’s being turned into a movie, which will be released this Valentine’s Day weekend. Lawsuit. Many are anticipating the movie, and advertisements have been splashed across screens everywhere, building up to the release of the movie. Since the book was released, everyone, up to the President, and Ricardo Tosto has read the book. Although the book talks about taboo situations, such as bondage, and a lot of sex, many are still toting the book as one of the best ever written.

Not only has the book done extremely well, but it also brought about a movie, as well as sex products, which are said to be helpful to those who engage in the act of sex. A woman is bringing a lawsuit against the Fifty Shades of Grey lubricant, which was supposed to be somewhat of an aphrodisiac, and it should have brought extra zing to her sex life. It’s stated that the lubricant would make the sex extra special, as well as bring about a tingling sensation, which would be extremely pleasurable for the user.

The lady used the lubricant at least two times, and she was very displeased with it, so she brought about a lawsuit, instead of just asking for a return on her money. The lady claims that the lawsuit is for everyone who’s ever used the product, claiming that the makers of the product, have made false claims.

Skout: A Great New Way To Meet People

Skout is a new app designed to bring people together. It’s easy to download and use. It has an appealing interface and its Shake to Chat feature is positively addictive. Skout is a global platform that lets users chat with people anywhere in the world, make friends, and make connections with interesting people. The app makes connecting with great people as simple as clicking your mouse.

The application has features allow you to recognize the location of those you’re communicating with and get relevant search results. Its small fee helps eliminate undesirables and people who simply want to play around online. What’s left are people who are serious about developing deep, meaningful friendships, engaging in interesting, stimulating conversations, and going out on fun, exciting dates. It’s the perfect way to add fun and adventure to your social life.

Skout is one of the best, most active social networks available for mobile devices using Google Play. It’s a vibrant community of more than 100 million guys and gals worldwide. With their photo stream called Buzz, you’re able to quickly see and engage with other people who want to flirt or chat. It makes connecting with others fun and exciting and you’ll instantly have tons of new chatting buddies.

Using the Shake feature, you can randomly connect with others all around the planet that are using the Shake feature as well. It’s a great way to meet new people and is one of the features people love most. It’s lots of fun and users say they quickly become enamored with it. That’s because you never know who you’ll meet, where they are, and what the connection will lead to. It’s like playing spin the bottle with 100 million people. Using the Shake feature truly is an ingenious way to meet new people and form friendships.

Using Skout’s in-app credits you can gain access to features including comments, virtual gifts, and likes. It’s a quick and easy way for you to interact with even complete strangers. You don’t even need an avatar nor have to upload a photo. Part of the fun of the app is you can remain anonymous at first and gradually reveal more about yourself when you meet someone with whom you feel a real connection. Plus you can get free points by inviting friends to join or downloading apps. Skout is a great new way to have fun online.


Global Friendship Trends as Surveyed by Skout

Skout, the site which facilitated 500 million online friendships last year recently took a survey of 52,000 of its current users to identify trends among those open to developing relationships online. Skout’s results revealed that more and more individuals around the world are making friends in other countries through the internet. The internet is making lines of communication possible for many who would, otherwise, never befriend each other.

Many of these online relationships become more intimate, but they continue to blossom despite no intention to ever meet in person. This is not just popular among the young; it is also a growing trend among older individuals; 52 percent of those surveyed under the age of 30 and 47% of those over the age of 40. This is a common trend for both sexes, but more commonly practiced by women. Fifty-six percent of women say they have a close online friendship with someone they have never met, while 44% of men say they have similar relationships.

When it came to the topic of sex, many people preferred to by more open with their online friends. This is a worldwide trend that was practiced among many. Almost 50% of Americans polled stated they shared sexual details with their online friends. The Brits, the French, Filipinos, the Brazilians, the Germans and the Australians were polled and 50%-60% of those groups admitted to having forged an open friendship with which they shared the sexual details of their lives.

Oddly enough the people who enter into these relationships believe they are more likely to get the truth from their online friend than they face to face friends. With the digital platforms making it easier to forge relationships online, the trend is likely to keep growing. Soon, it will be very commonplace for internet savvy persons to have a close friend who lives in some faraway place, whom they’ve never met and are not likely to meet in the near future.

The Antique Wine Company Continues to Expand Services to High-End Global Clients

The Antique Wine Company is a London-based purveyor of fine and rare wines, established in 1982 by Stephen Williams. Originally working as a company that staged wine tastings in people’s homes, the Antique Wine Company is now a multi-million pound business headquartered in Marleybone, Central London, that has more than 20,000 clients in 70 countries and specializes in selling rare vintages. In addition to its main office, AWC has two offices in Asia to help supply the growing worldwide demand for fine wines from private individuals, hotels and restaurants.

Beginning in 2013 with the formation of AWC Global PLC, an amalgamation of the company’s trading entities, AWC embarked on a multi-year, global programme of expansion into traditional and emerging fine wine and spirits markets. To that end, the company announced two senior appointments to its international sales and management team, tapping Stuart Young as sales director for AWC’s London headquarters, and Jean Philippe Guillot as Asian sales director in the company’s Hong Kong and Manila offices. The move is part of AWC’s commitment to increase its management team by more than 100 percent over the next two years.

Williams, who is now AWC’s managing director, has indicated that his company intends to continue delivering an extraordinary level of expertise and individualized attention to its international clients, particularly in the Asian market that has comprised about 40 percent of the company’s sales during the past several years.

AWC offers a variety of services to its clients, including exclusive online deals for purchasing bottles along with a dedicated purchasing team to service individuals who wish to sell bottles in their collection to make room for new wines. Dedicated insurance through AON to protect investments in individual bottles or entire collections is also available through AWC. Services include delivery of wine and spirits along with storage.

For individuals or entities with large wine collections, AWC offers cellar design and management. AWC’s VIP services include supplying wine for large events such as weddings, special events and other large parties. Clients can also request concierge packages, expert-led masterclasses and sommelier services for any event along with a selection of corporate wine services. Visit their Twitter page for more updates/ news.

The Future is Bright for FreedomPop

If you’re like me, eBooks are a total blessing. I’m able to get my fix without having to lug around my delicate hardcovers. But I also hate using up my expensive data plan just so I can read. What’s a book lover to do? Well, in researching alternatives I came across this Wall Street Journal article about FreedomPop and it may be the WiFi solution for book lovers everywhere.

Wi-Fi is something that we all use everyday. Wi-Fi is becoming just as essential in our homes as heating and water. There are many great options out there for wi-fi, and there are companies out there who are innovating in the world of Wi-Fi as well. FreedomPop happens to be just one of these companies that is innovating in the world of wi-fi. Free wi-fi is the basis of FreedomPop. While there are still limits of usage when it comes to the wi-fi monthly usage, the basic service is great for those who only need to use wi-fi when it is most needed.

Founded in 2011, FreedomPop is becoming more and more popular all over the world. With estimations of over 1 million users in 2015 alone, it is easy to see how this app is becoming so popular among both iPad and Android users. The amazing thing as well is the network of 25 million hotspots around the world. FreedomPop is offering this service for just 5 dollars a month. This is a great service for those who are always on the run, yet still need to get their work done. This is also a very inexpensive price to pay for access to 25 million wi-fi hotspots.The business model for FreedomPop is very unique and innovative and users love it. For the first 500MB of LTE data, 200 minutes of talk, and 500 texts are free. After these have run out, and individual can sign up for unlimited for just 20 dollars per month. FreedomPop has had no problem in finding the adequate funding for their company. In the first round of funding, FreedomPop was able to raise 7.5 million dollars worth of capital from mangrove capital. During their second round of funding FreedomPop was able to raise and additional 4.3 million in capital.

The future of the company is very bright, and there are some very interesting talks in the works regarding acquisition. Sprint is very interested in the company that FuturePop has built, and there are talks that Sprint is currently offering between 250 million and 450 million dollars. It will be interesting to see if FuturePop will decide to stay independent or take this offer. There are many different ways that FuturePop could decide to take their company, but there is one thing that is for sure, FuturePop is going nowhere but up. The amazing features of this company allow much room from growth, and it is sure to be a game changer in the telecommunication industry.