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Yeonmi Park’s Story becomes Available as A Memoir

After escaping the oppression and unhappiness of the North Korean regime most defectors slide away from the limelight to live a quiet life; however, 22 year old student Yeonmi Park has taken a different path by keeping up the pressure on North Korean officials following her dangerous trip to freedom in South Korea. The release on Amazon of Yeonmi Park’s memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” is the latest step in keeping her own story alive to raise awareness for those who are still looking to find freedom and escape from closed societies.

The memoir focuses on the traumatic escape to freedom of Park and her family after they underwent a dramatic fall from the upper echelons of North Korean society. The book itself deals with what life was like for Yeonmi Park and her family within North Korea as part of the government elite and following their fall to the lowest level of society within North Korea; Park also explains the dangerous escape that placed the female members of the family in the hands of human traffickers during their quest for freedom.

After escaping North Korea Yeonmi Park has become a vocal critic of the North Korean regime and a force for changing the way the plight of refugees is viewed around the world. Despite her young age Park has been identified by NK News as a danger to their power over people inside and outside the country; the rise of Yeonmi Park has also coincided with with her own profile rising with appearances around the world to keep the issue of North Korea in the news across the globe.

Not only does Park look to bring her message of peace and understanding to the world, but she also hopes to make sure the problem of human trafficking remains in the news. The abuse suffered during their journey from North Korea across China and into South Korea at the hands of criminal gangs has led to this issue becoming one of the most important for Park and her supporters to face.


Madison Street Capital Experts In Mergers And Acquisition (M&A)

The transaction value of a company is not an easy deal for many transaction dealers especially if the value is a great determinant of goal achievement in the company. The road to a great valuation of a company requires experienced investment bankers so as to get the highest transaction value during the merging and acquisition process. Madison Street Capital is the globally trusted investment banker always available to ease the transaction procedure and obtain a great deal. Both buyer and seller are assured of maximum satisfaction with the deals.

Madison experts on understand all triggers of a compensation and they ensure that the strategies they apply enable active participations of clients in future endeavors and success in a firm. Madison Street Capital have wide of experience in both cash and stock validations and use them to the advantage of the small size investors and mid-size investment firms. Their mechanisms also expand to providing advice about tax to remove tax as a blocking liability during the procedure of M&A. The merging procedure is easy with Madison Street Capital especially in determining the best buyer and seller through deep analysis of credentials.

Madison Street Capital are popular globally especially in their valuation strategies and strong financial opinions on The mid-sized investment banking firm knows how to make firms reach their long-term and short-term objectives without limiting their capacity to ventures that can develop more benefits for them. Madison Street professionals are people with strong financial opinions and mechanisms. They give recommendations that they are sure will work after analyzing the state of the client well enough. They know all mechanisms behind valuation of assets, stock and cash and can detect whether certain transactions will bring positive income for the business. For many mid-sized firms and already established firms, Madison Street Capital is a trusted financial adviser not dependent on any type of company.

The company operates globally as it has holdings in Africa, Asia and North America and advises on a variety of companies including hedge funds and industries. Madison Street Capital under the directive of Karl D Cunha also participates in philanthropy by funding United Way, which operates in helping people in disaster-stricken areas with relief efforts. The investment banking company encourages the affected communities to develop businesses that will boost their livelihood and make them recover quickly from disasters. It has years of experience in financial services and a great history of success in the investment banking industry all over the world. The firm makes merging and acquisition a smooth exercise for all esteemed clients.

Immigrant Voters Win PAC Gets 15 Million Dollars From Liberal Democrats

Billionaire investor, political commentator and social activist George Soros has committed $ 5 Million to Democratic efforts to rally immigrant voters. The total bank roll committed is $ 15 million reported in a New York Times article is targeted to immigrant voter, especially the Latino community, which is wise in that Latino voters are minority majorities in many states including Florida, Texas, California and New Mexico, to name a few. Hoping to increase the numbers of voters in response to Donald Trump’s negative and un-Democratic comments concerning immigrants, that George Soros, an immigrant from Hungary, called harmful to our democracy and national interests. Cristobal Alex, the president of the Latino Victory Project, one of the many national pro-immigration and Hispanic-oriented groups that work with the super PAC, referred to Donald Trump’s reference to immigrants as rapist and thieves, said this new efforts as really taking off the gloves. The new super PAC will be more political and partisan and hopes to persuade immigrant swing voters to accomplish 400,000 new Democratic Voters in November.

Donald Trump’s Republican voters, many working class white voters, have been turning out in droves while millions of Democrats have abstained from voting in the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. A decision by the Supreme court on executive actions proposed by President Obama on immigration will not be given until June. Since he has yet to deliver on his promise of an overhaul of the immigration system and more than two million people have been deported, the Libre Initiative funded by conservatives and the Koch brothers’ political network expects to spend more than $ 10 million to woo and turn Hispanic voters. They already have dozens of organizers in nine states. George Soros, who has already spent $ 13 million in contributions to Democratic political organization and super PACs, has also added another $ 5 million to a legal campaign to contest restrictive voting laws in Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin and other states.

The $15 million bank roll will will help to turn out Democratic Latino and immigrant voters who have not in the past had enough money to fully participate. The contributions will add their voice and vote to issues, including labor, abortion rights and the environment, in many key states. The funds will be used by the Center for Community Change Action to develop a national field program and provide money and technical assistance to already active Latino and immigrant community groups. It will also be used to measure the outcome. Organizers will be knocking on doors, calling and sending mail to Latino, Asians and other immigrants, hoping to reach 728,000 voters in Colorado, Nevada and Florida. President Obama’s executive actions to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation will be ruled on by the Supreme Court in June and the response may have an effect on voter decisions. Although President Obama won all three states in 2008 and 2012, Republicans gained Senate and governor seats.

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Hoping to exact an electoral toll, Deepak Bhargava, the Center for Community Change Action’s executive director, said that America’s Voice who is actively lobbying for immigration reform in Washington,will be conducting bilingual polling. The Service Employees International Union and other backers of Mi Familia Education Fund, who promotes naturalization and voter registration among Latino has helped to drive up the number of Latina voters but are hindered by not being able to openly participate in partisan voter turnout. Since the new bank roll is funded directly by individual donors, the money can be used for expressly advocating for Democratic candidates. George Soros, who is known for his generous support of the Democratic Party, including $ 20 million in 2004, is also a social entrepreneur of human capital and says that he is obliged to be so by his billions.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner may not be famous in America; they may not be household names. But perhaps they should be. The fame would have to be negative; the proper regard for these individuals is that of the infamous variety. At least, it should be.

As of 2014, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has managed to default her country economically twice. The time-span on these defaults? Only thirteen years. Kyle Bass, who is a hedge fund manager currently based out of Texas, has a platform to regularly endorse de Kirchner from internationally. He acquired that platform in 2008 by successfully predicting poor lending practices in America were creating a bubble that would burst. When his prediction was borne out by actual events, people had no choice but to listen. As a result many began to take what he said as gospel without prior investigation. Now Bass regularly spouts his rhetoric from multiple financial platforms, and though it is usually incorrect or at the very least weak, people still regard him as an authority. It almost seems as though Bass was able to acquire and make his initial prediction because he had information and resources available to him that most financiers don’t have; resources like the entire Argentinian government and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, backing him the whole way. Bass is one of her lackeys, and as long as he plays ball with her, she uses her connections to help him out. That’s why Bass continues to be a force in the media despite managing a hedge fund that continues to perform more poorly than other hedge-funds already known to be of a mediocre variety.

But de Kirchner can’t do anything with Bass’ hedge fund management skills, ostensibly, and that may be one of the reasons he’s branched out into CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This group uses the sympathies of leftist organizations and the infirm to push big-ticket pharmaceuticals into devaluing their drugs. In the end their stock drops and Kyle Bass short-sells his holdings, making millions. The pharmaceuticals that lost stock value are forced to cut expenses like Research and Development, and who ultimately suffers? Why, the sick people that Bass has tricked into strong-arming the pharmaceuticals.

This tactic not only hurts the sick and prevents future discoveries from being made, it takes economic stability from the American market. That’s one of the reasons congress has waxed bipartisan trying to shut Bass down, but to no avail. Shutting him down would require infringing on America’s civil liberties; things like the right to petition. But if Bass keeps on, such an infringement may happen regardless; meaning his actions aren’t just unethical to the sick, they’re dangerous to the country.  More on

The Human Rights Foundation Urges the Vietnamese Government to Release Human Right Activists

Human Rights Foundation is a well- known nonprofit making an organization. The main aim of the organization is to promote the rights of people in the world today. The organization was recently fighting for the urgent release of Mr. Nguyen Van Dai, a famous lawyer in Vietnam. Mr. Nguyen was arrested when working in his office that is located him Hanoi. He was taken into custody together with a colleague known as Le Thu Ha. The organization has condemned the arrest and asked the Vietnamese government to act fast.

Van Dai Nguyen is a human rights lawyer based in Vietnam, and he peacefully fights to uphold the rights of the citizens in his country. He was arrested in December 2015, and together with Le Thu Ha, and they are facing serious charges from the government. The Vietnamese government believes that the two have been conducting propaganda against it. If Nguyen and Le Thu Ha are found guilty after their trial, they might face up to 20 years in prison.

Mr. Thor Halvorssen, the Venezuelan president of the Human Rights Foundation, thinks the Vietnamese Government is using the vague propaganda law to ensure that they sabotage any democracy calls in the country. Thanks to the propaganda law, human rights activists have always been detained in prison, and this should stop immediately. Thor Halvorssen, the Human Rights founder is currently urging the international community to intervene and pressure the Vietnamese government to drop the charges pressed against the human rights activists. He also says that they should be released with no conditions.

This is not the first time that the lawyer is facing problems with the Vietnamese law. Back in 2007, Nguyen was prosecuted by the government due to his human rights activities. He was forced to spend 4 years in jail. After being released in 2011, the government still harassed him, and he was on surveillance most of the time. He attended the International Human Rights Day in December last year, but he was beaten up and robbed by individuals who were masked.

The Human Rights Foundation has recently partnered with many other groups like the Amnesty International from all parts of the world to pressure the government to release the two individuals.

Mr. Thor Halvorssen is a well- known human rights lawyer and a respected film producer. He the founder of HRF and he has always fought for people’s rights since childhood. His actions have led to the release of important people in the world.

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Makes You Feel Something

Impersonator Sergio Cortes has become one of the best to give a tribute show for the late great Michael Jackson. He has done everything in his power to provide a show that seems rather authentic. He is the performer that people have started to praise.

The impersonating business has a lot of ups and downs. People have put a lot of time into watching entertainers impersonate their favorite artists. In most cases people are entertained, but they are disengaged in most instants. They may be impressive with the vocal or dance ability of an impersonator, but most cases – at best – are just mildly amused. Impersonators don’t stir up any feelings on the inside. That was how it has always been. Then came Sergio Cortes.

The fans of Michael Jackson that come to see Sergio Cortes on the stage cannot help but to move. They cannot sit in their seats while Cortes gives his all of the stage. They have to get up and sing along. They have to move with the rest of the crowd. Fans have to dance with the background dancers on the stage. Sergio makes people feel something. That is claim to impersonation fame. He is the entertainer that knows how to put the crowd into it. As noted on the R7 website, this impersonations of Michael Jackson have had a very big impact for Sergio Cortes. Network executives in different countries have been asking him to appear on stages. He has fans in different parts of the world. Cortes feels like he has to give back in a major way.

He continues to make the most of his time as an impersonator that is bound to push the boundaries. This isn’t that entertainer that is just linked to a local audience. To the contrary, more and more people are seeing what he is doing on the web. That makes the fan base expand. Cortes has become the mouthpiece for those fans that just can’t get enough to the timeless Michael Jackson hits.

When MJ sang with his brothers he was providing fans with a heartthrob that is often the focus of so many teenage groups. As he got older and decided to go solo he would continue to be the heartthrob for an older generation of fans. Sergio also makes sure that he keeps this aspect of entertaining in place too. Sergio looks just like Michael so it makes sense to him for the ladies to think of him as a heartthrob. He takes this all in stride as he constantly poses for pictures with fans. Many of the photos that he has taken over the years can be seen on his Facebook page.

Marcio Alaor’s Tips For Investing

When investors first hear about Marcio Alaor, they often think that he is a genius. His rules and strategies for doing business and investing in the market have played a major role in the success of his company he works for, namely BMG Group. Marico Alaor is the executive vice president of this company and has emerged as the leading advocate for many technology company profiles and reports. Having spent more than a decade in the financial industry and investment arena, Marcio Alaor has worked with thousands of individuals and corporations while generating seemingly impossible growth as well.

His latest report is on Netflix, the global leader in video streaming and entertainment industry. Netflix has covered more than 60 countries with its products and services pertaining to this industry and is all set to expand to 130 more countries around the world for the year 2016. The profit is expected to be about 24% every year starting from 2016. Marcio Alaor is one such prominent individual who has studied this company deeply enough to create a report that depicts everything the investors can expect from it. He and his team have devoted many hours studying it doing whatever it takes to bring their customers back into profitability. These reports serve up the truth to aspiring and established investors as well as novice users. His no-nonsense advice is hard to hear at certain times, but most of the time it has worked.

Investing in a company isn’t a popularity contest. As an investor you cannot be effective unless you are learning something new from others’ experiences. Marcio Alaor has studied this fact in detail. He says there is no point in managing a portfolio that has no clear-cut plans for profits. His recommendations for investing in companies like Netflix is after going through its past performance, future trends and growth projections. When it comes to investment, Marcio Alaor says doing what is generally taught won’t work at all time. Investors need to be vigilant of the potential growth and revenues of the company they are investing in. His views tend to trample conventional wisdom. It may sound obvious to only a few, but in today’s competitive market, it is all about listening to trends and remembering important things. The only opinion that matters are facts and some research.

In the hundreds of investors Marcio has worked with, his impeccable advice far surpasses whatever comes second. He doesn’t waste his clients’ time by focusing on irrelevant ideas. It is about what the investors need in achieving their financial goals and what his strategies will do to achieve them. Before you know, you will be making lots of money, says Marcio Alaor.

Fiber May Prevent Breast Cancer If Consumed As A Teen


A new study suggests that paying attention to a teenager’s diet is even more important now than ever because it may actually influence the risk of a young girl developing breast cancer in the future. The good news is that the right diet to help prevent breast cancer is probably not one that you are unfamiliar with. It turns out the healthiest diet includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains and a very low portion of red meat. The even better news is that this diet will even help those who have a family history of cancer.

The study was published this week in Pediatrics journal and included over 90,000 women. The women started the study in 1991 and averaged ages 27 to 44. They recorded their regular diet or the past year and then seven years later about half of them were asked to complete the same survey about what they consumed while in high school.

The study follow up by Sergio Cortes occurred in 2011 and found that out of the 44,000 a total of 2,800 was diagnosed with breast cancer. Out of these 1,100 filled out the high school diet part of the survey. The research looked at control factors such as age at onset of menstruation, family history of breast cancer, and smoking and still found that those with a higher intake of fiber while a teen had a much lower risk of breast cancer.

In fact, those that ate a high amount of fiber throughout their late teens and early twenties had a 19% lower risk of developing breast cancer compared to those that ate a small amount of fiber.

The Influence of Negative Online Reviews and Reputation Management Strategies

When you consider the fact that twenty-five percent of a companies market value is directly related to its reputation, there is no surprise when we hear of businesses that have suffered loss or failed after a round of negative customer complaints. When disgruntled patrons can quickly take to the internet and share their views about a service or product, companies need to be keenly aware of the influence the digital customer has on their business. Consumer friendly companies realize their online reputation is just as important in shaping the customer’s perception of them, as do their product or service. One area often overlooked is reviews by third party forums that encourage a whistle blower mentally which can virtually make or break a companies image. So what is the alternative if a company is in crisis?

With the use of Online Reputation Management (ORM) strategies, offered by companies such as Status Labs, recognizing signs of impending disaster is important. For instance, if suddenly your competitor is getting more positive reviews while your company is facing increased negative reviews, dragging one’s proverbial feet in response can lead the company into decreased sales conversions and even loss of loyal customers. Today’s consumer savvy shopper will buy, or not buy, according to reviews or star ratings – whether it’s a fair assessment of a company or not.

Status Labs is a premiere digital image management service provider that works with individuals and corporations to protect them from reputation damage and to assist them in showing the most positive aspects of personal or professional achievements – in addition to getting that information to rank high on search engines with search engine management (SEM) strategies. They offer stellar advice on how to navigate the many avenues of digital press, from using social media as a networking tool to enlisting content marketing to create industry specific blogs that drive leads to your professional website and more. And if by chance, a business has suffered a round of negative press or bad reviews, Status Labs has breathed a second life into many of it’s thousands of clients by using multi-strategy techniques to absorb the blow.

About Sergio Cortes: MJ’s Impersonator

For one to be a successful impersonator, he/she must have specific features that are similar to the superstar being impersonated. Sergio Cortes has managed to impersonate the late Michael Jackson very successfully. His clothes, voice, walking style and the way he dance are very similar to what MJ used to do. Sergio Cortes has become very famous, especially after the death of Michael because he has managed to keep alive his legacy. Cortes is reported to be a highly talented singer, dancer and a composer.
According to Sergio, it is a privilege to look like MJ because it has earned him a career. Some people who watch him perform for the first time may think that the pop idol has emerged from the ashes. Sergio Cortes is a Spaniard born 44 years ago, is considered the best American singer impersonator who left us in 2009. Sergio recalls that his mother used to remind him about Michael Jackson when he was a child. This inspired Sergio and he began admiring the young singer who was part of the Jackson 5 group. He was the lead singer and also the youngest member of the group. Sergio Cortes watched with interests how Michael was singing, dancing, and how he acted in front of the press and his fans.
Sergio’s analysis of MJ, though he was still young later served with information he wanted to know about MJ. During his teenage years, a journalist requested him to dress like Michael and be photographed, and that was the time when everything changed in his life. After the pictures were posted they went viral, attracting thousands of fans across the globe. Entertainment firms took advantage of this opportunity and they sent invitations to Sergio Cortes to perform in their shows. It was through his passion that he was able to achieve his dreams.
Today, Sergio Cortes is regarded as the best impersonator of MJ, doing it perfectly that everybody in the entertainment industry. He has been performing in several countries where the late MJ’s fans are entertained and they appreciate him for that. Sergio’s Facebook page has over 16,000 followers and also on his Twitter. You will be able to chat with Sergio and also watch his videos and shows he has done. Fans can also propose new shows the Sergio on his social network accounts.

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