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The Historical Competition In Professional Basketball That Led To Present Day NBA

The formation of the National Basketball Association, or NBA, has a rich history. That rich history has helped to form the globe’s most elite men’s basketball association filled with the highest paid athletes in the United States and the world. Today the National Basketball Association is a monolithic entity filled with insanely wealthy athletes, owners living a playboy lifestyle and it is stocked full of historic business deals that have happened since its inception that continue on and happen yearly despite most of the public and even the most hardcore fans being blissfully unaware. The National Basketball Association has come a long way since it was formed from the Basketball Association of America and the its merger with its competition known as the National Basketball League. It now thrives as an international powerhouse centralized in Olympic Tower in New York, New York and Secaucus, New Jersey. The teams’ location and names are routinely changing because new owners are part of the present dynamic in the NBA, but the history of the National Basketball Association saw just as much, if not more, of an evolving dynamic. Some things never change.

Although the NBA recognizes the Basketball Association of America as its official predecessor due to its aggressive and ambitious promoting like performing in large arenas despite having quality on par with its rival the American Basketball League, the BAA still had competition before its merger. As stated before, the quality of other independent leagues and independent teams like the world famous Harlem Globetrotters was just as good as the BAA. For Example, a finalist team known as the Baltimore Bullets in the 1948 finals in the American Basketball league went to the BAA and won the championship the very same year. The winner of the National Basketball League’s 1948 championship, the Minneapolis Lakers, went on to win another championship in 1949 in the BAA.

Honestly, it must have been a great time to be a fan. The National Basketball Association centralized and controlled most of the top ball clubs after the big merger, and they essentially monopolized basketball. Fans were probably very happy before and after the merger. Imagine a fan being able to watch their favorite team come so close, fall just barely short of being a champion and then going to a different league and stomping the competition. Better yet, imagine being a Minneapolis Lakers fan and watching the Lakers win and dominate in one league, and then move on to a different league, and they dominate there the very next year proving they were best no matter where they went.

There is just as much excitement today for fans too. Team owners like Bruce Levenson of time that use to own the Atlanta Hawks and the rights to the arena that they called their home stadium left many in suspense.

Apartments With A Yard- Happy Hunting!

Now that the city is cleaner and safer than it has been over the last few years, residents would love to be able to claim some of that outdoors for their own. The hunt for an apartment with a terrace or a little yard has become fierce. There are plenty of places to be found. Just look up the next time you are walking through Manhattan and you will see plenty of terraces. The trick is finding that perfect place that will not leave you strapped for cash every month.

These apartments are hard to come by. Searching in NYC real estate under $500,000 with outdoor space on the real estate website only yielded 156 condos and co-ops for sale in Manhattan out of 373 units on August 20. What was also a bit sketchy is that you could not tell if these were apartments with private outdoor space or shared space. Are you willing to share outdoor space with a neighbor if the price is right? If you are apartment hunting on your own prepared to be very tenacious.

If you find yourself completely overwhelmed by your search, enlisting a real estate agent seems like a good idea; there are places to be found, and some of them are quite beautiful. Town Residential is a real estate company that specializes in luxury residential properties here in the city. They have the best knowledge and experience for helping people find the home they have always dreamed of. With their advanced knowledge of the city’s real estate landscape, Town Residential has an excellent track record of finding their clients exactly what they are looking for.

Don’t give up on the dream of having a little pocket of greenery to yourself. It can happen, just keep your hope alive and think about calling in the professionals. Happy Hunting!

Inspiration to others, Park Yeonmi continues to be an advocate for North Korea

Determination and hope helped Park Yeonmi continue to never give up on escaping her homeland, North Korea. Today she lives to tell her story of how her family escaped the horrific experience. Had they not left North Korea, her family ran the risk of execution, starvation and disease. Growing up, Yeonmi stated on Facebook that she was very privileged even though she grew up with harsh conditions. Her father worked as a civil servant at the Hyesan town hall and her mother worked as a nurse for the North Korean Army. By 2002, the family moved to Pyongyang where he father became a business man. Unfortunately life took a turn after her father allegedly was dealing with illegal trading and had to go to a labor camp where he endured hard labor. As a child growing up she dealt with the regime controlling everything that you do. Yeonmi knew that if she wanted to live a life worth living, she would have to escape.

March 2007 was a night that Yeonmi and her mother will never forget. Her sister Eunmi was nowhere to be found before the escape began and so the family assumed that she had died. Her father was sick and stayed behind in North Korea because he felt that he would slow them down. The family escaped in minus -40 degree weather by crossing the Chinese border with the help of human traffickers. Her mother and her crossed three mountains and a frozen river to get to the Chinese border. Yeonmi’s dad finally caught up to them and the family realized just how bad his health was. January 2008, Yeonmi’s father died at the age of 45 from colon cancer.

February 2009, Yeonmi and her mother escaped one last time to South Korea. With the help of human rights activists and Christian missionaries they were able to reach South Korea. It was not easy to adapt to their new lifestyle but they managed and soon they were able to find jobs and Yeonmi was able to continue her education. April 2014 was a defining moment because Yeonmi discovered her sister and found out that she had also escaped to South Korea from China and Thailand.

Yeonmi became known to the spotlight after she spoke at the One Young World Summit in Dublin which is an annual summit that gets people together to develop solutions to world issues. After sharing her story, she gained prominence and is now a Human rights activist and speaks about her experiences. Only 21 years of age, Yeonmi continues to wants to see change and will continue to be the advocate for human rights in North Korea.


In Order to Live discusses the resilience of the human spirit and power of love to overcome horrors and circumstances that seem hopeless. The book discusses Yeonmi’s struggle to survive her homeland with the regime control, starvation and famine. She endured hardship but never gave up on hope. “I had to learn how to love others,” says Yeonmi Park. “And now I am willing to die for them.”

The Human Rights Foundation Highlights The Case Of Gorki Aguila

The problems of life in Cuba have largely been ignored in recent months as an increased number of diplomatic efforts have been mounted between the US and its close neighbor. After reading an article from Fox News Latino, I was shocked to discover the human rights problems of the past largely remain in place in a country remains governed by a Communist leadership, according to the Human Rights Foundation. Founder and leader of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has recently highlighted these ongoing problems with the release of details of the arrest of Cuban rock star Gorki Aguila following his support of anti government supporters.

Aguila has become a well known face amongst Latin communities around the world, having performed in countries including the US, Spain and throughout South America. Within Cuba, the singer with the band Porno para Ricardo is known for supporting the Ladies In White Group and other political organizations. The Ladies In White are family members of those arrested and who disappeared in the Black Spring government crackdown of 2003.

The Human Rights Foundation have been major backers of the rights of those within Cuba and have gone so far as to call on clothing manufacturers to halt the production of clothing featuring revolutionary leader Che Guevara. Formed in 2005, the Human Rights Foundation is a non partisan group with no political affiliations that fights for the rights of people around the world.

Although the foundation created by Thor Halvorssen accepts charitable donations to remain in existence, it also makes sure those making donations understand the group will not be influenced on how its work is completed by donors. In a bold move a few weeks ago, HRF lashed out at Lionel Messi after he traveled to Gabon.

Taking on the case of Gorki Aguila is designed to highlight the problems facing the singer and his band who have recorded songs in support of various political prisoners and groups. Aguila has explained that following his short period of detention for recording a song in support of the Ladies In White he was informed by officials his future travel plans would be blocked if he failed to halt his political activities.

Could Shopping Be As Easy As Taking A Picture?

These days, people can do anything and everything with your smartphone. You can order a pizza, buy a dress, shop for contacts, and even buy car insurance. But did you ever think that you would be able to take a picture and then shop for that image? Image recognition on shopping has blossomed in the past few years. The idea was first introduced by Amazon, but that didn’t go over so well. Their efforts were a little premature, but another company has taken the idea and ran with it. Slyce is making significant changes in the advancement of visual recognition technology, and many are embracing this new phase and are along for the ride.

The new application allows shoppers to use your smartphone and take a picture of the product they are interested in purchasing. Once the pictures are taken, the application will present them with the item of and where they can buy it. It’s like the technology the Amazon had only better. Users to take pictures of products in real life – like an outfit or a book. You can even go to the mall and take a picture of somebodies outfit that you love, and it will shop for that outfit for you. How amazing is that? By just loading that picture into the Slyce database, it will find you that exact outfit and let you compare retailers and save.

While consumers are embracing this market, so are the retailers. It’s giving them a whole other method of driving up sales. For both customer and supplier, it is a win-win situation. The old app by Amazon didn’t allow people to get more information about the product, but Slyce gives you all the info you want. Most people didn’t even know the Amazon Flow was around because it just wasn’t popular. Yes, Amazon did have some limitations, but now it’s easy to see how amazing technology is.

The retailers are optimistic that this new app will bring the much need change to picture recognition shopping. People have really starting to notice, and the users are piling up more each day. They have already raised more than $10.75 million dollars, and they are trying to raise another 3.7 million to add to the rapidly growing app. This could change the way we shop forever. Using a visual search product actually allows the retailer to inspire the customers with their products, and it makes their phone a virtual showroom. This will give them the opportunity to upsell their products too.

Slyce is already working with some of the biggest and best retailers in North America. By integrating their new image recognition technology, within 1 to 2 years they will be on the forefront of image recognition shopping excursions.

Brazilian Authors Make Waves

Facebook users know that it should come as no surprise with Brazil’s long history in creative arts that the country produce’s some of the best author’s the world has to offer. Brazil has a long history as a tourist country as well as being one of the strongest countries in producing artwork, fighting styles, and music. Their history in literature is also more than respectable with plenty of great authors coming from Brazil such as: Jorge Amado,Machado de Assis, Hilda Hilst, and Adriana Lisboa.

One of the biggest Brazilian authors currently out and popular right now is Jaime Garcia Dias. Jaime Garcia Dias is known for his books: Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal. Dias has been writing since he was 15 and has published over 20 books to date. He has made a huge splash on the literary scene since he has premiered receiving a fairly sizable collection of awards in literature over the years. He has even written a book detailing his life on Twitter and growing up in honor of his father who was a big impact on him as a child. Dias has thus become a great father himself and works hard to support his young daughter. The man truly has the values that are instilled in Brazilian culture and is the epitome of what a Brazilian author should strive to be: hard working, family oriented, and talented.

With the history that Brazil has as a country it really should come as no surprise that authors such as Jaime Garcia Dias are gaining more and more popularity worldwide. Their feats are second to none in the literary world as Dias proves with his numerous award wins on a global scale. The country is one of the best and brightest in creating artistic expressions and writing is surely never going to be left out of that.

Brazil’s Sound Macroeconomic Credentials

Brazil has persistently and consistently proved to the world to be Latin America’s stronghold over the past few decades. The country, which is now the fourth largest economy in the world, has become a dynamic global market. Brazil has a phenomenal economic formula incorporating social inclusion and respect for the environment. Besides that, Brazil has shown incredible resilience in the face of major global economic downturns, coming very close to China. These impressive macroeconomic credentials of Brazil have contributed to influx of foreign investors into the country.


Steady Brazilian economic development


The Brazil of today is totally different from the Brazil of the 1980s. The country was then featured for unending international debts, a scenario that has drastically changed. In 2010, Brazil paid off its debt to IMF which reduced the net debt-to-GDP ratio to 35%. The country has developed conditional cash transfer to families to elevate its citizens from poverty. 40 million people have so far moved from poverty to the middle class. Besides that, Brazil has managed to increase the number of people in the income bracket to 55% of the country’s total population.


A resource and industrial powerhouse


Brazil is a market of excellence. It’s the world’s second largest emerging market from China in terms of GDP and market size. It is the seventh largest economy in the world by nominal GDP, and the fifth largest country by landmass and population. Brazil prides in hosting multinational manufacturers as well as homegrown talent in oil and gas, engineering, construction, capital goods, automotives and aerospace.


Economic liberalization and reforms


Brazil’s financial stability came as a result of the reforms that were established in early 1990s. The reforms opened it to internationals trade. Key sectors of the economy were liberalized by removing government monopolies to enhance competition. In 1994, the Brazilian government came up with the “Real Plan” strategy which was meant to control inflation. The program formed the foundation of structural reforms in Brazil which basically targets inflation. The structural reforms have remained until now and one of the evident results of the reforms is improvement in income distribution.


An upbeat business environment


The economic environment in Brazil can simply be described as buoyant. The economy is open to foreign direct investment. In fact, many of the big companies operating in Brazil are fostered by foreign direct investments. The investors of Brazil benefit from a world-class workforce, efficient financial systems and a supportive investment frameworks


About Zeca Oliveira


Zeca Oliveira is the current BNY Mellon’s country president in Brazil. The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, BNY Mellon is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation. BNY opened its office in Brazil in the 1990s offering a few banking services. Today, the bank offers a full range of asset management including treasury services, depository receipts, wealth management and asset servicing. The bank recently obtained a license to operate in Banco S.A. Zeca Oliveira expressed his confidence with the new establishment considering the great milestones the bank has achieved over the last decade in Brazil.

The Laws of Brazil

As many are well aware, the laws of each country vary greatly depending on which country you happen to be in. Brazil, of course, would be no exception. The country and its government is responsible for enforcing over 181,000 different laws. It’s been said that even those who work closely with creating these laws or have to enforce them find them to be extremely confusing. So confusing, in fact, that even Brazil’s Federal Court of Justice is unaware of just how many are still actually in law and which ones have been revoked. Of course, with as many laws as they have, it would prove to be rather difficult to keep track of them all, especially those that may date back hundreds of years. Upon reviewing all of the laws listed, The Chamber of Deputies came to the conclusion that only 1,000 of the 181,000 laws were actually relevant to today’s society and revoked all others.

Of the hundreds of thousands of laws Brazil represents, at least seven of them are unique to the country, gambling being one of them. Gambling in Brazil has been prohibited for every resident and citizen since 1946. However, online gambling is the one and only exception as the Internet is not regulated by Brazilian law. For several reasons, if not only for the safety of the customers and their finances, cell phones are not allowed to be in use while in any bank in the country, and understandably so. If the law is broken, the offender is required by law to pay a fine of an undisclosed amount to the bank where the offense took place.

The Americas, as well as several other countries spanning different continents, may be vaguely familiar with the law that prohibits the use of tobacco on public property. The law became effective in Brazil in December of 2014 and limits smokers to five public places without being issued a fine, including places of a religious nature if the religion sees smoking as part of a ritual, tobacco shops, film studios, research labs, and health care institutions.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a prominent Brazilian lawyer, is sure to be familiar with all of the above laws. Starting off in the confined space of a small office, Tosto worked his way up the corporate ladder, working with litigation law firms before finally managing his own firm, one of the largest in Brazil. Mr. Tosto has provided his legal services to many prestigious corporations as well as politicians. Tosto is also known for providing clients with pro bono services, a great gesture to those who sincerely need his help without being able to afford it.

Tosto oversees several of his firm’s most important and current cases and has personally mentored and guided the partners who work there, even those who started off at the firm as interns. Despite working with difficult cases, he has always managed to come up with strategies in which to tackle them.

Beneful: A Delicious Treat for Dogs

Beneful, a wet and dry dog food, by Purina is high caliber dog food for your canine companion. Beneful’s wet dog food comes in a variety of proteins including; beef, chicken, lamb, and pork and comes in several distinct textures. Some of the unique textures in which Beneful is available are thinly diced, and hearty chunks.

In addition to high quality wet dog food, dry dog food, and highly quality doggy snacks, Beneful also has a strong track record in regard to pet health. Beneful and Purina have an entire department dedicated solely to quality control and food safety, whose entire job is to ensure that Beneful on youtube is healthy for dogs, and safe to eat.

Beneful dog food by Purina is a fantastic food option for all different breeds of dogs, and dogs of multiple ages. Dogs love Beneful because of the multi-flavored tastes and textures available, while dog owners loved Beneful because of the overall quality of the food and the brand’s safety record. Over 15 million dogs per year cannot be wrong, Beneful is truly a delicious treat for dogs!

SPECT – A New Way for Psychiatry

With multiple certifications and a strive for accomplishments in psychiatry, Daniel Amen has brought new ideas on the brain and its impact on behavior. He is dedicated to helping people all over the world have better brains and better lives. Not only his he a re-nown physician, but also a double board certified psychiatrist, television producer, nine time New York Times bestselling author, and founder and medical director of Amen Clinics. Additionally, he has been working with Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman to create the “Daniel Plan”, a program 52 weeks long to help the world get healthy through religious organizations.
Daniel Amen’s psychiatry work is based around the idea that the key to living a better life is having a fit brain. In order to study the brain and its functions, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) is used to measure the blood flow in the brain. In neurology this type of brain imaging is mostly used to research broad outlines of brain functions. It is also commonly used to detect evidence of stroke, epilepsy, trauma, some dementia, and drug use. Amen uses this technique to diagnose his own patients.

The SPECT allows Dr. Amen to not only diagnose, but treat disorders with specific treatments and medications. The imaging shows high and low brain activity which allows the doctor to find biomarkers to pinpoint mental illnesses. This has given Amen the opportunity to discover new subtypes of depression, attention deficit disorder, and anxiety. According to statistics, 77 percent of his patients have had success with this SPECT-enhanced treatment.

Not only can SPECT help with the treatment of mental illness, it can also aide in helping people with losing help, allow couples to overcome marital issues, and even in general help people age better. In his published work “Healing Anxiety and Depression” Daniel Amen writes, ” “We could change brain patterns, see it on a follow-up scan, optimize brain function, and subsequently help people heal from the inside out.” The opportunities are endless.