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Chris Burch’s Perceptions on the Growth of Fashion and Technology

Chris Burch is a prominent American entrepreneur who has also published several articles that discuss the relationship between fashion and technology. According to Burch, fashion develops based on the rapid changes that occur in the technological sector. He believes that the first fashionable pieces that were created have undergone several changes to become portable and efficient. Burch gave an example on how the iPod quickly replaced old music players like the boom box.


Burch recently wrote an article on the prevalence of fashion accessories made from recycled materials. Emma Whiteside is one of the designers who uses recycled radiator copper in stitching a gown. Consequently, the SegraSegra fashion brand comprises of jackets and t-shirts that are made from inner bicycle tubes. Burch believes that technology and fashion can be infused into items that generate power. He gave an example of a shoe designed by Soledad Martin. The object converts the kinetic energy that is generated when a person is walking to chemical energy. The chemical energy is stored in a battery and can be used in charging a cellular phone.


Several technological pieces were designed based on modern fashion demands for them to be relevant. For example, Google released the first wearable device that can capture and record pictures known as Google Glass. This device is also exceptional because of its ability to browse the internet.


Chris Burch’s Professional Background


Burch is renowned for his entrepreneurship and enthusiasm for fashion. He has also worked as an executive for several companies for the past two decades. Burch is also a contributor to the success of established brands such as Poppin, Voss Water, and Faena Hotel + Universe. As an executive board member, he provided Guggenheim Capital and The Continuum Group with strategic planning insights.


Entrepreneurship and Investments


Chris Burch’s passion for entrepreneurship began in 1976 while he was enrolled in the Ithaca College. His first successful business was the Eagle’s apparel. He collaborated with his brother in raising $2,000 that was needed as venture capital to advance the business. Eagle grew rapidly and amassed over $165 million in revenue. The company was later sold to Swire Group by the siblings. Burch’s investments focus on valuable real estate properties.Chris Burch also scrutinizes projects before investing in them. One of his notable investments includes the Faena Hotel + Universe Hotel. He collaborated with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark in developing the hotel.


Securus Technologies Provides Technology That Enhances Security Operations

Security is a word that is used often in organizations but the word does not mean the same thing to everyone. Security in terms defined by the people who have to establish and maintain security is an ongoing operation that is never complete. One minute leads to the next minute until eventually one day goes into the next day. Every moment is a moment where security must be maintained.


For people not involved in security, the word does not carry the same weight that it does for security professionals. People not involved in security define security by what happens. If there is a security problem, then security is a concern. If there is no problem, then security is not thought about or mentioned. However, regarding security, the best situation is when there are no security problems. As a result, security must constantly be discussed and actively in operations to prevent security problems.


In recent times, one of the biggest changes in society that has helped to improve security in many organizations is technology. The use of technology has allowed security to become a part of daily operations in the same manner as all other operations. Technology companies keep the use of technology related to security in the forefront of security professionals at organizations.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that works closely with many organizations in the corrections market and several other markets to help ensure that the organizations are well protected. Securus Technologies provides a variety of security technology products and services that enhance security operations at many organizations.


Recently Securus Technologies sent out a press release that contained the comments of many satisfied users of Securus Technologies. The comments gave various examples of how the use of the security technology provided by Securus Technologies has helped to prevent security related problems.


Securus Technologies  is one of the leading suppliers of technology related products and services to markets such as corrections and investigations.



Equities First Provides Funding to Those With Valuable Investment Portfolios

Positive cash flow is essential for individuals and businesses to function successfully. At times, individuals and businesses might have their money tied up in valuable illiquid investment portfolios. Equities First Holdings allows you to put up your stocks as collateral for cash.

“Tremendous Stock Rise”

Global stocks have had an impressive rise over the years. Of course, you want to profit from the rise in equities, but you might not be ready to sell them, just yet. What is the answer?A traditional bank will not want to handle your stocks. Many of them are already cutting back on loans, to improve their questionable balance sheets. With alternative loan sources, you can borrow (using your stock portfolio as collateral). This allows you to continue to benefit from stock prices rising.

“Illiquid Assets”

There are many individuals and businesses who have ample illiquid assets, but might not have a solid cash flow. It might not be wise to sell a valuable asset to raise money. Mutual fund and stock dividends might not be regular enough for your needs.With alternative funding, you can tap into the value of your rising stock portfolio without selling it. This is a win-win situation – 1) Allowing you to increase your net worth with rising equities long-term and 2) Providing you with cash short-term.

“Liquid Cash in Hand”

Why do you need money? It might be as simple as a birthday for your daughter; you might want to get her a special gift. Unfortunately, your regular budget might already be stretched thin. You might want to expand your business.With alternative funding – using equities as collateral – you can raise money quickly. Equities First has the cash, you need.

The advantage of Equities First is that it covers such a vast array of geographical branches – United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong – that it can raise money faster than traditional banks. Traditional banks take a long time to process of loan applications.Alternative funding satisfies your needs in real-time (without forcing asset sales.) Equities First gives you the cash, you need immediately.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel, Dentist and Entrepreneur

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and an entrepreneur whose goal is to help patients live quality lives. It started during his dental practice and with his interest in sleep. He combined both passions to help not only patients, but also the dentists and physicians that want to discover ways to help their patients. Dr. Avi Weisfogel DDS, opened his dental practice at Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey in 1999 to patients. During his 15 years of managing the office and caring for patients, he won laurels from the community, including being named “Best Dentist” on multiple years.

While managing his dental business, the doctor began exploring disorders of sleep and most importantly, looking for way in which dentists and physicians could help patients with sleep disorders. This led him to the establishment of Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. The company advised physicians on the establishment and management of sleep labs.
In 2012, he opened Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, a company which instructed dentists through lectures on how to increase and serve sleep patients.

In 2014 Dr Avi Weisfogel began a company called Dental Sleep Masters. It’s purpose, to help dentists identify patients who may have obstructive sleep apnea and then help secure the treatment they may need. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which an individual can have 30 or more pauses in breathing while sleeping during the night. The breathing pauses can last from seconds to minutes than normal breathing begins again with a snort or choking sound. These pauses in breathing may mean that the brain and body is not be getting enough oxygen.
Dr Avi Weisfogel holds a BA degree in biology and psychology from Rutgers University and a DDS in New York University College of Dentistry.

Chris Burch on Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

Chris Burch is a United States-based serial entrepreneur. For more than four decades, he has gained experience in founding and selling numerous companies and businesses. In the recent past, he has found his passion resting in the fashion industry. Chris has worked with his innovative models to develop companies in various sectors. In the financial world, he has founded more than 15 businesses that work to determine the economic status of the country. Chris Burch is also a philanthropist. He has had a close involvement in the philanthropic world in the recent past. When it comes to success, we can afford to lend him a listening ear.

According to Chris, he considers the fashion industry connected with the technological industry. For this reason, he feels that the two industries have worked for the benefit of each other. While they are different entities in the eyes of many, there are many other things which make them work together. Over the years, the fashion industry has shared many common things. As a matter of fact, the two industries have grown together to form a better innovation technique. With time, fashion has evolved to worked to grow about the two industries. For this reason, we are here to make sure the industries have developed a higher sense of innovation.

There is always one constant thing about the two industries. They have always grown together no matter how they have kept apart. For a long period, technology has grown to become one of the most popular entities. In this case, technology has grown to become fashionable. Therefore, there is one question which remains in our minds forever. The fascinating part of this story is how they have managed to keep growing together. For whatever lies in the future, a glimpse of the past and present events must be known to the people.

During the 70s, the technological industry had the boom box to present to the generation. This is one of the most exciting technologies of that time. Because it allowed an individual to walk around with their favorite stations and tunes, it was adopted on a massive scale by those who would afford it. The technology came about with the inclusion of two cassettes, while you would use one side to listen to music, the other side could be used to record the same music played on the other side. This technology was considered as fashionable.


How the Carrier of Avi Weisfogel is Transforming the World.

Avi Weisfogel has been recognized for over 16 years for being one of the top dentists that practice in New Jersey. He offers his services through his hospital, which is called the Old Bridge Dental Clinic. The excellent work of the doctor in the area is appreciated and may patients who have complex dental issues go to him. His love for his career has made him be always conducting research about the sector. The knowledge that this has enabled him to come up with new ways of offering excellent service to the clients. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been studying sleep disorders and their oral medicines. He has mainly focused on sleep apnea. Avi has founded some institutions that emphasize research. They include the Dental Sleep Masters, which treats and also offers information to people on different sleep conditions. The main sleep disorder that he has specialized in is sleep apnea. The dentist also established Unlimited Sleep Partners. The organization has been conducting research on sleep apnea for three years. He is also the Health Heart Sleep’s proprietor and has set up several research laboratories through the organization.


The philanthropic undertakings of Avi have made him be appreciated by the community. He has been devoted to supporting medical charity through Operation Smile. Some of the money that he uses comes from his GoFundMe account. Dr. Weisfogel offered $5000 to jump start the online fundraiser. As a father, he has been ensuring that all children across the globe have access to proper medical care. His course at Operation Smile provides surgery to any child who has been deformed by oral conditions such as cleft palates and cleft lips. Nonprofit organizations, governments, and hospital have been significant supporters of this campaign. Operation Smile began in 1982, and its founders wanted to offer medical help to needy children who were in Philippine. It has growth over the years, and to date, it has conducted more than 200,000 surgeries.


Avi has also been known for being an interactive person. He is an active social media user and has a Twitter and Facebook accounts. His hobby is making Hip-Hop music, and he spends most of his free time in the studio. Dr. Weisfogel’s songs can be streamed from



Workers Make Extra Money with Handy

As minimum wage workers fight for an increase in wages it has become evident that people need more income. Some people have made a decision to get involved with part time jobs where they can make extra income. Handy appears to be one of those jobs that has yielded a lot of different opportunities for workers to make extra money.

Handy is a company that is paying workers about $22 for their cleaning expertise. This company is pay twice as much for those workers that are able to provide some handy services like plumbing or painting. When it comes to part time work Handy may be one of the best possible resources for those that are looking for income that doesn’t take a lot of time to generate.

Workers that use for part time work can find themselves getting as many hours as they would like. This is the type of job that can offer abundant opportunities if you have an assortment of skills. Handy has spread throughout the United States and a ton of other areas. That has made this one of those companies that people can still work for when they move from one metropolitan area to the next.

Handy Cleaning Services continues to expand, and that is making it easier for this company to become a resource for all the employees that are looking for work. This has become the type of company that people look to when they want to get air conditioning, plumbing and light fixture issues resolved. The handy man or woman that knows how to resolve these issues can earn quite a bit of money for their services. It is one of the best part time jobs for people to consider because the pay is much more than most part time jobs.


White Shark Media Uses Creativity For Advertising

While it is possible for one with a small business to handle all of the content along with the advertising for his business, it is a better idea for one to give some of the advertising duties over to White Shark Media. For one thing, it takes a lot of time and thought to come up with an ad campaign that is going to bring people over. This is one of the reasons that White Shark Media is available to help. They have more time and less pressure to come up with something that is not only going to represent the company or the products offered by the company, but also get people interested in the company as a whole.


White Shark Media is very interested in sitting with the client in order to learn everything that is possible to know about the business at the time. Among the different things they need to know about a business before moving forward with a campaign is when it was started. White Shark Media also needs to know the types of products and services that the company offers. Also, there is also a need to know the occasion for advertising. For instance, if there is a promotion or a new release, White Shark Media needs to know what the promotion or the item is so that they can focus the campaign on the item.


White Shark Media does not just create ads for people. It also looks at pre-existing ads. Among the other services that White Shark Media offers is ad evaluation. They offer business owners and other types of marketers a look at their current ads they have going. They will then list the strengths of the campaign, the weaknesses of the campaign and what could be done to improve it.


White Shark Media is very beneficial to people who use this service. They don’t just create ads. They also evaluate ads that are in use. One of the best aspects of the company is that they are willing to work with the user in order to help them come up with something unique that will attract customers.


Find out more about White Shark Media:


How To Fight Frizz

Frizzy hair is every girl’s worst nightmare. Even with the cutest clothes and most flawless makeup, if your hair is frizzy and damaged, your whole look can be ruined. Frizz is a common problem, especially in humid climates. However, there are three easy ways to prevent frizz, and by changing your hair care habits your frizzy locks will be a thing of the past.

  1. Be Gentle When You Dry

When it comes to drying our hair after washing it, many of us make common mistakes which lead to frizz. Blow-drying several times a week actually dries hair out severely, causing damage which inevitably leads to frizz. By reducing the amount of times we blow-dry our hair each week, we are allowing our hair to heal from the effects of this damaging heat.

Ladies who dry their hair with a towel aren’t in the clear either, however. Those who aggressively rub their hair with a harsh terry cloth towel are causing frizz by roughening up fragile hair shafts, leading to split ends. Instead of using this method to dry your hair, opt for wrapping wet hair in a t-shirt and allowing it to air dry.

  1. Choose The Right Pillow

It may be surprising to learn that your pillow can cause serious frizz. Common pillowcase materials like cotton can actually damage your hair as the friction of the follicles against the harsh material lead to breakage.

Instead, choose a silk or satin pillowcase. These materials are much more gentle on your hair and will prevent the breakage which leads to unsightly frizz.

  1. Change Your Shampoo

Many common drugstore shampoos can severely dry out your hair, leading to frizz. This is because of an ingredient called sodium laurel sulfate which is common in many shampoos. This ingredient cleans your hair by stripping it of its natural oils which actually keep your hair soft and healthy.

Instead, opt for a cleansing conditioner like Wen By Chaz’s 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. This Sephora popular product is free of sodium laurel sulfate and relies on natural ingredients to both clean and nourish damaged hair.

WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean both cleans and hydrates your hair, undoing years of damage. By switching to a cleansing conditioner, hair that was once dry and frizzy will instantly appear soft, shiny and healthy.

The Accomplishments Of Jennifer Walden and Her Sons

The medical society is pleased to notice one of their own for several awards. Jennifer Walden, well known cosmetic surgeon, has won the American Women’s Association Award and she has also won the American Society of Plastic Surgery award. Jennifer began her education choices when she was in the eighth grade. She made the decisions to go to school to become a surgeon and proceeded with meeting the criteria.


The first thing Jennifer Walden did was to go to the University of Texas for her medical degree. After completing college, Jennifer took a position working with one of the world’s best ear, eye, and throat surgeons in New York. She followed him around for a while and seemed to take flight on her own. She began giving lectures, teaching classes, and exercising her rights as a surgeon. In 2011, Jennifer made the decision to move back home to Texas where she could continue her medical career.


Another fantastic accomplishment of Jennifer’s is her family. Jennifer was not married but she still wanted children. She completed her schooling and began her career before making the choice to become pregnant. Her twin boys were born and she was very excited. Her parents, in Austin Texas, are happy they all decided to move back so they could be close to the family.


Jennifer Walden enjoyed sports as a teenager. She played soccer and won an all-state soccer award. She enjoys attending the sporting events that her sons are a part of. She makes time to attend their games as well as taking them to professional or college type sporting events. Jennifer loves to spend time with her sons and hopes they enjoy the same.


Finally, Jennifer Walden is taking the world by storm. She is doing talk shows such as the ones on ABC. She has been on shows such as Dr. Oz talking about wrinkles and Botox. She has a piece in the American Airlines Magazine and She has appeared in the Vibe Magazine. Dr.90210 is an important part of her life. She enjoys giving medical advice and helping people to improve the way they look without surgery. Check out the articles for helpful hints on wrinkle prevention.