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Barbara Stokes and Comprehensive Engineering Work

Barbara Stokes is located in the Huntsville, Alabama region. She’s GSH of Alabama, LLC’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer). She’s an esteemed professional who has a strong understanding of all subjects that fall under the government contracting umbrella. Her expertise in industrial and mechanical engineering concepts is peerless. Stokes knows so much about disaster relief construction consulting and how it operates. That’s the reason she’s such an indispensable part of GSH of Alabama’s leadership division. GSH of Alabama specializes in modular and mobile residential and commercial buildings. It focuses on residential and commercial buildings in all different parts of the North American continent. The company designs and constructs them. It even provides on-site project management assistance. The staff members at GSH of Alabama are all well-versed in residential and commercial buildings and assessments, installations, development, foundation and planning work. Read more at Business Insider.

Stokes has been the head of GSH of Alabama since 2011. She’s a graduate of Mercer University located in Macon, Georgia. This educational institution has the distinction of being the oldest private school in the entire state of Georgia. Stokes studied medical and biomedical engineering at Mercer University. She went to the school between the years of 1996 and 2000. Stokes possesses many diverse and invaluable skills that enable her to shine in her career. Some prominent examples of these skills are project engineering, manufacturing, construction, government contracting and project management. She’s a person who can easily talk to other people about subjects such as physics, structures, technical communication, thermodynamics and more.

Barbara Stokes has made a fine addition to the staff at GSH of Alabama. Her work with companies like Boeing and the Pisces Corporation helped prepare her for full success with GSH of Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

This businesswoman simply adores taking on volunteer work in locations all throughout vast Huntsville. She handles all kinds of volunteer tasks in the city on a routine basis. That’s not all she does when she’s not handling her job at GSH of Alabama, either. Stokes is a dedicated mother who is constantly busy rearing three incredible young children. She’s married as well.

GSH of Alabama is a company that accommodates all kinds of needs that involve logistics services. The GSH of Alabama crew helps people with warehousing, fleet upkeep and administration logistics matters. The crew assists people with many things that relate to federal contracts, too. They understand proprietary designs and temporary housing units in significant detail.


The Things That have Helped George Soros be Different

As a billionaire, George Soros knows it is important to share the wealth. He didn’t get wealthy from just doing nothing and he wants to show other people they can have the same opportunities he had. He wasn’t rich when he started, but he took all of the most important steps to show people they could do the same things as he has done. He has always tried to help people get more out of the situations they are in. He does his best at making a positive influence on the people he works with and that’s what has allowed him to keep growing and giving more attention to others who are in similar situations.

The Open Society Foundation talks a lot about George Soros and they see a lot of value in the things he has done. They recently talked about how he had made such a huge impact in the communities around the United States. That’s what has set him apart from others. It is also what has given him a chance to continue growing his wealth while also helping other people grow theirs. He knew it would be up to him to give them these opportunities when he first started out.

The publication, JPost, talked about what George Soros had done for others and the way he was really making a difference in their lives. He knew there would be a positive opportunity that could come from what he was doing. He also knew the publication would talk about what he was doing and how it related to helping people. George Soros always tries his best to help people and give them the opportunities they need to be successful for years to come because he knows what it was like to be poor when everyone around him was rich and successful.

Despite the efforts George Soros has in philanthropy, he knows it is going to take some work for him to get everyone else up to the speed where he’s at. In fact, conservatives regularly demonize those who are in the same situation as George Soros. They want to see people like him fail. The biggest problem with that is it hurts other people. It makes them unable to get the things they need. In fact, it really doesn’t hurt the philanthropists and actually hurts those who were getting their help from the philanthropists.

George Soros knew he would need to try different things if he was going to be successful with those who were trying to hurt him. He has always tried to make things better for people and that includes the conservatives. Because he has done his best to make things better for them, he knows it will be necessary to always give them the help they need without issues that would typically come from their own business. He doesn’t want to see them fail in the way they want to see him fail with his efforts through the business he has of helping people out.

Susan Mcgalla Provides Advice to Women in Marketing

Susan Mcgalla is a great example for women in the business world to follow. She has become a leader that has taken so many people into an environment where they can become strong business leaders.

Women are really going to be able to embrace what Susan Mcgalla says because she can help so many people with building brands. Everyone that is a fan of establishing a career in marketing will benefit from what Susan can bring into the atmosphere. She has become very well known in the brand building industry because she has helped companies like American Eagle and Wet Seal become major retail clothing competitors. Susan Mcgalla knows a lot about building a brand because she has worked her way up from the very time that she earned her degree at the University of Mount Union.

Susan Mcgalla has continued to provide advice to women that are getting into the marketing profession. She knows about building brands, and she has worked as a consultant at one time with her own business. During this time she helped various companies build better brand strategies for attracting customers. Susan was able to do this successfully because she knew what it took to get customers to pay attention to certain products.

The retail clothing industry is what Susan knows best because this is where she has spent most of her time in the corporate world. She has moved up the ladder in the business world, and people that are fans of clothing companies like American Eagle and Wet Seal are the benefactors of brands that she helped establish.

Susan has always been able to help companies build better brands, and that is why she was tapped by the Pittsburgh Steelers. When it came to the clothing line for the fans it was time to make a change, and Susan Mcgalla became the one that revamped this clothing line.

Susan has lots of knowledge that women can benefit from. She knows the value of hard work in the corporate world, and she advises many women to get the experience before searching for leadership roles.

Louis Chenevert is an Inspiration to All

Louis Chenevert has been hailed, and rightfully so, as a legend in the world of business due to his work at the United Technologies Corporation. During his time there as the Chief Executive Officer, Chenevert turned them into a business that dominated that aerospace manufacturing sector and beyond.

Louis Chenevert prepared for that accomplishment while studying for his degree in production management at HEC of Montreal. While others were partying, he was memorizing the fundamentals that made good businesses thrive. He caught the eye of several professors who would use their vast networks to get him a lucrative starting job. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

This lucrative starting job was for General Motors as a Production General Manager. Here at GM, Louis Chenevert would work for the Pontiac Division, ensuring that the line was running smoothly and effectively. Chenevert never intended to stay here forever. This was his training ground; the place meant to hone his skills. After fourteen years here, he was noticed by Pratt & Whitney.

The aerospace manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney, would offer Chenevert the role of COO at their company. During this time, the board would keep a watchful eye on him to see if he was destined for greater things. After six years, they were all agreed that Chenevert should be the company’s next President, a role that he filled spectacularly. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

After his time at Pratt & Whitney, Chenevert would go to work for United Technologies Corporation as the CEO. His job was to expand their reach and market share. It is in accomplishing this that he became known as a legend.

Louis Chenevert led United Technologies Corporation to expand into the heating a refrigeration sector by acquiring Otis. He nearly monopolized the aerospace manufacturing sector by purchasing Pratt & Whitney. This allowed him to take over the military contracts and become the largest producer of aircraft and helicopters for the United States.

However, Louis Chenevert’s crowning moment was when he acquired none other than Goodrich for a large sum of $16.3 billion. This move increased UTC’s value to $63 billion and created the juggernaut they are today.


How ClassDojo is Using its Products to Create Positive Learning Cultures in Classrooms

Education technology start-ups are among the most exciting innovations in this century. These start-ups are expected to grow by over $1.4 billion in value before this year ends. However, concerns have been raised regarding the decision of the U.S. federal government to cut the education budget in 2018. In response to this move, education investors and entrepreneurs are cautiously proceeding with the start-ups.

Education technologies have common success stories. They have been tested inside and outside of classrooms. They make teaching easier for educators. They also bring out the fun of learning to kids. For education technopreneurs to succeed in the education market, they need to reach out to teachers. This is because teachers have diverse expectations with respect to the technologies.

According to a study done by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 59 percent of educators use tech to meet students’ needs. Technopreneurs should talk to educators about their classroom experiences and challenges. As an education tech start-up, ClassDojo focuses on solving teachers’ real needs. These needs include communicating the progress of students to their parents.

ClassDojo is a tested and proven communication platform used in over 90 percent of K-8 U.S.-based schools. The platform is geared towards establishing a teacher-parent-student connection. It is all about improving students’ learning experience as they are under the guidance of their teachers. ClassDojo supports teachers whenever they use its products in classrooms. It is also aimed at creating a positive learning culture in classrooms.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is on a mission to give students, educators, and parents the power to come up with incredible classrooms. As a communication app for classrooms, ClassDojo is working towards transforming education for every child across the globe. In order to achieve this goal, the communication app works with students, educators, and parents to bring great ideas to classes.

The ClassDojo app lets students, teachers, and parents who have downloaded it to share messages, videos, and photos. These individuals use the app to work collaboratively as a team and bring classroom ideas to reality. They also work together to make students’ time at school exciting and memorable.

The Success of Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden

Beauty, brains and an ambitious heart describes Jennifer Walden. She is one of the most ambitious plastic surgeons on the planet, and she has a huge resume to back up all claims. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, she is the daughter of a surgical nurse and the daughter of a dentist. After graduating from Anderson High School, Walden would attend the University of Texas as well as the University of Texas Medical Branch. At these two extraordinary institutions, she would obtain an undergraduate degree in Biology as well as an M.D. with the highest honors in her class. After college, Dr. Jennifer Walden would move to New York City to obtain her fellowship from the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital.

For the next seven years, she would continue to work at this prestigious hospital as well as work on the city’s Upper East Side. Walden played a key role in the reintroduction of silicone breast implants thanks to the clinical trials that she participated in. In December 2011, she would return back to her hometown of Austin, Texas, following the birth of her twin boys. Here is where she would begin with her very own plastic surgery practice. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is its name and providing the very best in plastic surgery enhancements is its game. This organization specializes in numerous advanced cosmetic procedures. This includes laser skin resurfacing, liposuction, chemical peel, breast augmentation, breast reduction, cheek implants, lip augmentation and winkle reduction by injection and more

Walden has also implemented some of the some of the highest forms of technological features such as Vectra 3-D Imaging and ThermiVa rejuvenation. Jennifer Walden and the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is leading by example, and it is laying down a blueprint to success.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: She’s One Of A Kind

Someone like Dr. Jennifer Walden comes along but once in a lifetime. That is how rare she is and how unique she is as a surgeon and as a person. It is hard not to admire her dedication, commitment to her craft, and her people skills. We all have been to doctors and they have rushed us in and out of there in assembly line fashion. That is not the way that Dr. Jennifer Walden does business. Keep in mind; she is incredibly busy with doing her research, raising her children, running a practice, and also charity work. However, she takes it all in stride and keeps moving forward to get ahead in her field.

She is never satisfied with her work and that is meant in a good way. She is satisfied with the work she has done and the way she has impacted the lives of so many women. However, she knows there is always work to be done and it never stops. There are more women that need help and more women that want help. She is always looking to innovate, change the game, and keep things fresh and new for her clients and for herself. She is always looking to challenge herself and bring out the best in herself.

She is fiercely competitive and she has had to be to get noticed and recognized. Now, of course, she is all over TV and everyone knows her name, but it was not always that way for her. She had to claw and fight for her own practice in Austin, Texas and to get recognized. A lot of people told her she would never make it and it would be too much to juggle. All that did was add fuel to her fire and inspire her to work harder than the person next to her.

For many people when they achieve this kind of success, they oftentimes kick back and become content. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, it is the exact opposite. She is only going to keep looking to get better at her craft and make even more advancements.

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José Auriemo Neto, a Worldwide Leader

As Chief Executive Officer of Brazilian real estate giant JHSF, José Auriemo Neto knows the ins and outs of the business more than most. His father started the company and José Auriemo Neto has been with the company since 1993. JHSF specializes in high-end real estate, both residential and commercial. As Chairman and CEO, José oversees the daily operations of the company.

upon joining his father’s business in 1993, José created the services department of JHSF and opened parking lot management giant, Parkbem. This began a long line of decisions that have taken the company into sectors previously not ventured into. This innovation has continued throughout the last 25 years.

José took over as CEO in 2003 and immediately began focusing on how JHSF could venture into other sectors of real estate. In 2007 he led the company into the retail sector by opening He has led the company to become a publicly traded company with shares trading on the São Paulo Bovespa stock exchange, giving anyone who wishes to purchase a stake in the business.

He has led JHSF into other markets besides Brazil, as they now own property all over the world including the United States. Since 1972, JHSF has developed over 6 million square meters of real estate with the majority of that growth coming at the leadership of José. The company has now taken a special interest in the luxury market by opening the Catarina Fashion Outlet, Brazil’s largest high-end marketplace. With José at the helm, JHSF will surely continue to grow year over year.

Michel Terpins a rallying ace.

Michel terpins has had the passion for rallying since he first laid his hands on a car he admitted to having admired the coming together of man and machine to come up with the ultimate competition. For a guy in his late forties, he has been able to accomplish a lot and still viewed as one of the most capable drivers in the Brazilian rallying world. His prowess comes from a combination of hard work and skills that have been honed over the years to become who he is at the moment.

He began his career in racing as a rider where he competed in the cross country championship.This was quite the challenge when he began as the sport by then was not widely regarded or properly financed.He grew up to become a beacon of the sport in his later years.

His nerve and skill in the cross country took him from a rookie to the champion where he held the title till he crossed over to motorsport.The ability to change from on to another was very critical in showing his capability and tenacity as a driver and today is part of the Bull Sertões Rally Team a team that he co-founded with his brother and equally gifted rally driver Rodrigo terpins. The team has been quite a dominant force since it was founded he and his brother began initially as the pilot and navigator where they alternated these roles to ensure that all were good enough.

The highlight of this partnership was to be cemented when they began participating in the Sertões Rally this is considered the biggest sporting event in the rally calendar in Brazil and it attracts thousands of fan.The success they would achieve at the Sertões Rally led them to be approached by the MEM motorsport develops with an offer to create their next rallying vehicle this led to the development of the T-Rex a T1 prototype vehicle. The car has been advancing with every new edition and today has one of the best vehicles in the rally.They have very dynamic suspension and exceptional handling and it will be used to grow the team to greater heights.

The Many Hats of James Dondero

Most business professionals do well to stay totally focused on continual success throughout their career at one particular business. James Dondero is not one of those people. CEO and co-founder of Highland Capital Management along with his CFO partner Mark Okada, Dondero has been very active in the Dallas community ever since he established Highland Capital in 1993. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Dondero began his career as a Certified Financial Analyst with American Express after graduating from college with honors, eventually ascending to establishment of his company that he still manages in Dallas. But, there is much more to Dondero than professional financial management. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

James Dondero – The Board Member

All companies need solid management officials on the director boards. For James Dondero, that list includes multiple seats at Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. In addition, he actually serves as Chairman for these corporations. In addition, he is also a board member at MGM Studios and American Banknote. After his term at American Express, Dondero actually worked as a management official with Nexbank and American Banknote. But, his business prowess does not end there. Visit his website at

James Dondero – The Philanthropist

The one hat that James Dondero wears with the most pride in Dallas is within the local philanthropic community, as Highland Capital Management has developed a community charitable giving plan that is second-to-none among Dallas businesses. And, they have a track record to prove it. Among their contribution programs are the new hippo addition at the Dallas Zoo and a partnership with other local charitable giving foundations that collaborate on an agenda to improve life in their community while stressing educational programs as well. Other projects in which Highland Capital has participated include:

  • George W. Bush Presidential Library
  • SMU Tower Scholars
  • Education is Freedom
  • The Family Place

Highland Capital has also recently announced the addition of local philanthropist and real estate professional Linda Owen to their charitable giving division. Owen will be charged with identifying new potential contribution projects that will further build on the charitable giving history of Dondero and Highland Capital Management.