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Dr. Mark Holterman an Award-Winning Pediatrician and Regenerative Medicine Expert

Dr. Mark Holterman has achieved a lot in his long career as a pediatrician and an expert in regenerative medicine. Holterman the CEO of Mariam Global health besides teaching surgery at the University of Illinois and providing pediatric care to surgical patients has invested a lot of resources in conducting medical research. As a result of his efforts in innovative research, Dr. Mark Holterman was recognized by the American Diabetes Association and was awarded an Innovative Research Award. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is an organization that helps funds research in diabetes cures and prevention measures. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman at

ADA offers professionals with two research awards. The first one is the Innovative Basic Science IBS award which is awarded to faculty members at any level who have conducted research that presents an innovative and new hypothesis. The hypothesis is required to be related to diabetes pathophysiology or etiology and should show it has what effect on diabetes treatment and preventions. For an individual to participate in the competition, he/she is required to have been authorized to work in the United States. The winner of the award receives annual prize money of 115,000 thousand dollars for a not exceeding three years. The other Award from ADA is the Innovative Clinical or Translational Science Award ( ICTS) which attracts an annual prize money of $200,000 for three years. The award similarly is limited only to professionals who have been authorized to work in the US.

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Dr. Mark Holterman is also a member of Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT). AACT is a medical organization that seeks to bring together leading physicians, scientists, researchers, and device manufactures from all over the world to join hands and advance the fields of cell therapy and regenerative medicine. AACT members are set to enjoy numerous benefits and among them are discounted rates when attending conferences and workshops, receive on regular basis newsletter on regenerative medicine and get an opportunity to meet with other professionals in the field. In addition, the members have a chance to make their voices heard directly by Americas FDA and European Medicine Agency.

About Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman is a professor at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. Besides teaching Dr. Holterman serves as a pediatric surgeon at the Advocate Christ Children Hospital including the Children Hospital of Illinois which is based at St. Francis Medical Center.

Dr. Holterman attended Yale University where he graduated with a degree in Biology. Dr. Holterman also holds an MD and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at Health Grove.

Equities First Holdings UK

The company has been recently remain due to a change in the culture and being purchased by another company. with that being said, the company still has the same motto, and thought process when it comes to help the customer. The company wants the customer to get the best financial advice possible. Regardless if they go through Equities First Holdings. The company is known as one of the best places to go if you are interested in getting all the financial advice you need. The company will help you prepare for the future and it will help you save for retirement, or plan for a long trip. All the financial advice you need can be found here. If you are in need of a loan then this company can also help you with that problem. The offer some of the best rates to their customer and will help you every step of the way.

Eli Gershkovitch is Taking Beer to the Next Level

Eli Gershkovitch is known as being the CEO and founder of Steamworks Group of Companies. He has been able to be acknowledged for being a top contender at the Open Beer Championship, where he was said to be able to help put Canadian beer back on the map. Since 1995 Eli has been able to make original brews in none other than the historic Gastown neighborhood. This happens to be back when drinking a beer seemed to be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Canada is known for having some of the best beer in the world and it happens to be one of the most popular alcoholic drinks within Canada. The industry brings in an amazing $9 billion in sales a year. Canadian beer is slowly starting to make its way south and hopefully continue growing from there. Visit to know more about Eli Gershkovitch.

Craft beer is one of the known beers that is slowly starting to grow popular all across the world. It was Eli Gershkovitch that first noticed this and realized that Canada needed more craft beer. He finally went on in 1995 to open up Canada’s first ever establishments that happened to have steam-powered brewing.

The public quickly took notice of his Steamworks Brew Pub and it quickly started to turn into a major hotspot for both locals and visitors. Due to the fact of the establishment being so popular it allowed Eli to be able to expand his enterprise and have several other local businesses. All of these businesses that he went on to create all happened to be Steamworks beverages.

Eli Gershkovitch first business that he created was the Transcontinental Restaurant that happened to, later on, become the Rogue Kitchen and Wet bar. Gradually his brewpub was able to grow from being 184 seats to amazingly being 754 seats. Then in 2013, the brewpub was finally able to turn into being a full brewery.


Currently today the brewery stands as being one of Canada’s biggest brewery ever made. The Steamworks brews are happily able to be sold all across Canada and even in 14 U.S states. With his brewery, he has been able to achieve tons of awards and accolades. All of which he very much deserves for all of his hard work. Read more at Westender about Eli Gershkovitch..

Financial expert and Mentor-Glen Wakeman

He has a career in business and finance and he has earned himself a name for being in the industry for more than 21 years. Glen Wakeman is a leader, a co-founder and a founder of several organizations. He has vast experience in management as well as leadership. Launch Pad Holdings LLC is one of the companies the financial expert co-founded in 2015. Glen is also the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Mr. Glen began his career in the finance sector after his graduation. He started by serving at GE Capital. He did not stay for long before joining Doral Financial Corporation. Through hard work and determination, Glen climbed the career ladder becoming the Chief Executive Officer of the firm and later being the Board Chairman of Doral Bank. While serving at GE and Nova he founded and presided over the groups and the Board of Directors recognized him as a role model. Read more on

Glen Wakeman is a graduate of the University of Scranton where he earned his BS in economics and Finance and also graduated with an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. Ever since the beginning of his career; Wakeman has been known to be a prominent business person as well as a mentor to the aspiring investors. Mr. Glen has assisted to transform other businesses with over 1700000 staffs and asset of $15bilion to be successful. Glen is so much involved in startups, new market entry, M&As and much more. To accomplish in business; Glen has been applying five principles including; risk management, leadership, governance, execution, as well as human capital.

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Glen Wakeman is not only a successful entrepreneur, financial expert, and mentor. However, Glen is also a writer. Through his blog, Glen has been writing assisting others to get more information about management, planning, international economic issues, administration, and emerging markets among others. He is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams, long-term goals as well as their personal goals. He does this through his mentorship. Glen has mentored various C-level executives as and currently, the financial guru is mentoring Sitter Bees as well as DreamFunded. Glen Wakeman has gained vast experience in the business and the finance sector and that is why he blogs about business and development. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Business Wire.

Rocketship Education – A Brief Rundown of this Nationwide, Top-Tier Line of Public Charter Schools

Low-income areas often don’t provide quality education to their students. Their schools often don’t receive funding from anything other than school boards, have to adhere to rules that fit other nearby schools, and don’t have enough money to pay for enough instruction. Children that attend such schools and hail from disadvantaged backgrounds are stripped of their career potential before they even begin kindergarten.

Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education, a nexus of charter schools located in low-income areas that are open to the public, in California in 2007. Rocketship Education is a nationwide leader in innovation, thanks to several core operations, ranging from finding teachers willing to stay late after regular hours to visiting the homes of students. Smith moved from California to North Carolina for college. He studied Latin American language and culture to better align himself with Hispanic students in his home state of California.

According to the Center for Research on Education Outcomes, a department of Stanford University, students that fluently speak and learn in English learn more than traditionally Spanish-speaking counterparts. Rocketship Education hires teachers from backgrounds similar to students at each individual location. In classrooms that speak Spanish, teachers speak both English and Spanish to help transition Hispanic students to fluently speaking the English language, effectively helping them learn more.

To facilitate the academic success of students hailing from low-income families, Preston Smith found it important to integrate parents into interviews, performance reviews, and other regular-yet-important happenings in school. In all 18 locations, ranging from Washington DC to twelve of these public charter schools in California, parents are asked to perform these functions to help their students succeed.

Rocketship Education and Preston Smith realize that parents must create more demand for high-quality educational institutions in low-income areas. Rocketship Education is able to thrive in markets where parents push for better schooling through starting their own facilities – Smith helped found an elementary school in San Jose in 2004 – and are willing to move their students to areas with better schools. Parents also need to be proud of being involved with public schools, something RSED encourages.

Anthony Petrello- change of life after the birth of daughter

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have been a very successful family in all their business endeavors. They are both corporate managers with remarkable track records in their respective organizations. Their life has been almost perfect until their welcomed their first daughter, Carena. Petrello says of how they would set goals as a family and within no time they would have achieved them. They were able to “fix things” at will. To them achieving the goals they had set was never a problem. They were already doing it in monumental levels in the organizations they were working for.

The challenge they have faced with their daughter, however, has been one of its kind. Both being business executives means they have little or no contribution in treating the condition their daughter was suffering from. Their only daughter was suffering from a neurological condition which had incapacitated his abilities to walk, talk or eat. As a couple who were used to achieving their goals with ease, this challenge was frustrating. They had to depend on the expertise of someone else to solve their problem.

What was even more frustrating to Anthony Petrello is that there was inadequate research that had been conducted in the field of brain research for children. This meant it was going to be an uphill for his daughter to get proper medical care that would have resolved his case.

About Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the head of the largest drilling company in the world. His company Nabors Industries for which he acts as the CEO deals with oil and natural gas drilling company. Anthony Petrello started preparing himself for top roles while in the university. He studied mathematics at Yale University and then law at Harvard law school. Anthony Petrello was born in Newark, a small town in New Jersey. After securing a job with Nabors, he moved to Houston, Texas from where he has been running the business operations. His wife is a former actress.

Life for the couple was good. However, after Carena was born with a life-threatening condition, things had to take a new twist. Petrello had a new challenge to handle. He traveled all over the world looking for a medical facility that would treat her daughter, but he was never successful. There was no comprehensive way of solving the problem he was facing. As a business executive, he could find a solution for every challenge he experienced in the course of his duties. He could not sit back. He decided to use his money to make sure that the neurological disorder was addressed by starting a research center that would come up with a method of treatment.

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New Oil Drilling Project Commences Thanks to Talos Energy

In the Mexican government, a change is brewing. In a few short years, their policy has changed. It used to be that no outside companies could invest in the oil and gas industries inside of Mexico. This role has been for one company only, Pemex. The country has opened their borders in the world of financial influx and with that has come a new horizon.

In 2015, a bidding war took place in which numerous companies fought for the chance to drill for oil. Analysts predicted that the well would hold somewhere from 100 to 500 million barrels of oil. It would be millions of dollars of profit for the companies involved.

However, it would also cost millions of dollars. The winners of that bid were Premier Oil, Sierra Oil and Gas, and Talos Energy. Between the three of them, they will share the roles of drilling and transporting the oil. However, Talos is the operator and thus has the most authority over the sight in which they’re working day and night to extract the precious liquid from the sea.

Since its founding, Talos Energy has had wild success. They started in 2012 as a private equity backed company and have grown quickly to acquire another company called Helix for hundreds of millions of dollars. Phoenix Holdings is the parent company, and a team of investors came together to make the firm happen. Since that time, they grown to have revenues of over $500 million per year.

The company focuses on exploring regions on the coast of Texas, as well as Mexico. They then create oil rigs and drill for the oil. When they capture it, they can do as much as 16,000 barrels of oil per day across all of their operations. This is quite impressive. However, perhaps more impressive is the revenue sharing that the employees take part in. Instead of having a normal salary, workers at Talos get to participate in the large amount of upside. This leads to an office culture where everyone wants to contribute. It also made them the number one small business in their industry.

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Oncotarget Rated Among the Top 50 Oncology Journals

According to SCImago Journal & Country Rank, Oncotarget ended 2016 among the top fifty oncology journals. SCImago uses Scopus data to develop its ratings which are publicly available. Each journal is ranked according to the scholarly topic it focuses on. Oncotarget was position thirty-five among the three hundred and twenty-two oncology journals.

Oncotarget publishes journals on a weekly basis and can be openly accessed. The peer-reviewed journal focuses on many disciplines, and according to Impact Journals, its publisher, the ultimate goal is to ensure a life clear of diseases. To help science establish this goal, Oncotarget does the following:

  • Providing peer review that is insightful
  • Dissemination of scientific results as quickly as possible
  • Minimizing specialty and disciplinary divides
  • Linking various biomedical science fields
  • Utilization of basic and clinical science to control different diseases

The journal has two editors-in-chief namely Mikhail V. Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, who work at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York where they are both doctors. Mikhail V. Blagosklonny is also an editor-in-chief at Cycle Cycle and an associate editor of Cancer Biol Ther, Autophagy, Cancer Res, Am J Pathology, Cell Death Differ, PLOS ONE and Int J Cancer. Gudkov participated in the founding of Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. as well as Tartis, Inc.

Since the journal was introduced back in 2010, it has been performing greatly on, and this performance prompted Impact to publish articles focusing on other topics apart from oncology. It now publishes in other areas like:

  • Endocrinology
  • Cell and mol biology
  • Cardiology
  • Aging/ gerotarget
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Metabolism
  • Pharmacology
  • Neuropathology and
  • Neuroscience

All of these topics follow a similar submission procedure. IntebraGen this year announced that it was publishing an article about miR-31-3p expression analysis in tumor samples derived from patients on Oncotarget. The article describes better therapeutic approaches which doctors can use to treat patients who are suffering from Metastatic Colorectal Cancer.

Going by BIOXBIO, the impact factor of Oncotarget between 2015 and 2016 was up to 5.008 with cites totaling to 10,452. On, journals with a high rating have a significant scholarly importance. The impact factor of a journal is relative to the number of times its articles are cited within a specific year. Oncotarget start was auspicious as it set a 4.784 impact factor just a year after its launching in 2010 and it continues to thrive with each passing day.

Success Story of Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is a leading business leader in the United States and the globe at large. He is the president as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. This is the global leading company that deals with oil and natural gas drilling. Nabors industries under the leadership of Tony Petrello has risen to be the number one service provider in the mining sector. The innovative ideas that have been put in place by Tony Petrello have made the firm a global leader. Since he joined the firm in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer, he has been a key player in ensuring that the firm realizes substantial growth. When the history of Nabors is written, Tony Petrello will definitely be part of it. Although he has an educational background in mathematics and law, Tony has not disappointed as a business executive.

Tony Petrello holds a master in mathematics from the University of Yale. This is the university that spotted his talent in mathematics and offered him a full scholarship. Tony had the unique opportunity of being mentored by one of the best mathematicians at the time known as Serge Lang. Serge was a professor of mathematics at the institution. Together they worked on a number of mathematical theories that remained unproven. Tony handled problems that his fellow students could not even attempt.

Tony Petrello, however, did not become a mathematician as many hoped. At some point, he dropped his dream of being a mathematician and shifted to law studies. He joined Harvard law school where he graduated with a Juris Doctor. This was a considerably a big shift given that he had moved from mathematics to social sciences. However, this shift did not in any way affect his determination to accomplish his dreams.

After completing his studies, Tony Petrello married his current wife, Cynthia. Before working for Nabors industries, Tony Petrello worked for various business enterprises. When he finally joined Nabors, it was never a walk in the Park. He had to work his way up like every other employee in the firm. Tony Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as the COO. As the manager responsible for operations in the firm, Tony streamlined the activities of the firm in such a way that they aligned with the business goals. His contribution in the firm has been huge. As the CEO he is responsible for all activities that happen at the firm.

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A Review Of George Soros’s Philanthropic Activities And Conspiracy Theories Against Him

Freedom of speech, transparency, and accountable governance remain the key challenges facing many societies across the globe. Moreover, a limited number of people enjoy equality and social justice. George Soros is working towards changing this phenomenon. The hedge fund billionaire is changing this situation by funding organizations that fights for these issues across the globe. He took it upon himself to found Open society Foundations to enhance his efforts. In his career, Soros has donated over $12 billion in support of various initiatives. This staggering amount makes him one of the world’s foremost philanthropists. George is also the founder and chair of Soros Fund Management. Soros has contributed money towards the fight for people facing discrimination. He has focused much towards Europe’s Roma people, sex workers, LGBTI people, and drug users. His efforts have seen many nations across the globe adopt policies that protect the rights of these people. Soros’ work has seen the Roma People enjoy inclusion in government policies across Europe. These countries have also taken steps to ensure they are not discriminated against. This information was originally reported on Open Society Foundation and learn more about George Soros.

Irrespective of Soros philanthropic efforts, he has been the target of many outrageous conspiracy theories. These accusations have mainly originated from the right. The conservatives view Soros efforts as his attempt to control global wealth. They are also accusing him for pushing for a global order. However, all these claims are wrong given that there is no evidence to support them. Conspiracy theories against Soros started in the early 90s. This was a few years after he successfully bet against the British pound. The bet gave him a profit of over one billion dollars. A few years after this success, he made a similar bet during the Asian Financial Crisis. Following his success, the right accused him of capitalizing on catastrophes. The then Malaysian prime minister accused George of making the country’s currency to lose over 15 percent of its value. However, these claims were unfounded and what George Soros knows.

According to Joe Uscinski, the accusations against Soros are unique. Similar accusations have always been made by the left against the right. However, with Soros case, the situation is different. Uscinki is a professor of political science at the University of Miami. Attention on the billionaire’s statement rose even further when he campaigned against George W. Bush’s war in Iraq. The rights activist maintained that the war was not based on facts and it would lead to the violation of the rights of many Iraqis. Soros’ determination to see the end of the war saw him fund campaigns aimed at blocking the President’s re-election bid. In their response, the right accused him of trying to manipulate global politics with nefarious intent. George continues to be a target of unsubstantiated right-wing conspiracy theories. This information was originally mentioned on Business Insider.

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