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Nick Vertucci Details His Venture Into Real Estate

The NV Real Estate was founded by Nick Vertucci, who came from humble beginnings. His life is the usual rags to riches tale that many have often heard. Vertucci’s family had a difficult time putting up with the usual family expenses. And their financial situation became more intolerable when his father died. Nick was 10 years old at that time. When he reached 18 years of age, Nick started his own business that was engaged in the retail of computer accessories.


Unfortunately, Nick’s computer accessories business ended when the dot com crash happened in 2000, and all his capital has been liquidated. He became broke with a lot of debts, and the worst came when he was about to lose his home. His enrollment into a real estate institution afterwards sparked his interest in entering the rea estate industry. Nick’s decision to get involved with real estate provided him a way out of his financial issues. And after becoming a successful investor in the real estate, Nick started his Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy or NVREA.

Nick Vertucci explained that his idea for the NVREA came when he was a student in the real estate training industry in 2004. It was also during that time that he started to lose his tech business following the dot com bubble crash. He revealed that he was invited to join a three days RE class which he attended. And after gaining some investing know-how grip he left his struggling business which has already accumulated in millions during that time.

Nick said that he began to invest by purchasing one door at a single separate time. Then in the next ten ensuing years he modified his financial perception that likewise helped him to succeed financially. His strategy was to invest in renting out single family homes that included acquiring foreclosures refurbishing them, managing them and renting them out. And this he did not only to expand his portfolio but also to encourage investors to invest.

Nick Vertucci disclosed that the best advice he would give his younger self is to make plans for changes because nothing stays the same forever. So, it would be wise to be financially prepared by investing much, spending less and saving up.

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