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More Than A Business Man

William St. James IV Dondero is the co-founder and acting president of Senior high land Das Kapital Direction . Highland Das Kapital Management has previously donated millions of dollar sign s, in proceeds to Dallas non-profits organizations and charities. High Capital Management is one of the largest and most experienced global alternatives citation Man agers. James has had over 30 ongoing years of experience in the credit markets and an outstanding career. Before instauration Highland in 1993, James served as a chief investment officer of Protective Life’s GIC Foot soldier and helped expand the project into a multi billion dollar stage business between 1989 and 1993.

In the early years of James Dondero, James had received a bachelor’s of scientific discipline in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia (UVA). Today, James Dondero serves as chair for Basis Healthcare Radical , CCS. Most mass see James as an outstanding and successful business man, but also as a hero. In 2001, the Dallas Zoo hippo habitat, was forced to ending due to the unfortunate death of the famous hippo named “Papa”. The Herbert Alexander Simon River horse Outpost needed at least $14 million dollar sign to rebuild and James Dondero generously donated $1 million dollars to the cause. With the appreciation of James and Highland Capital, the zoo had constructed a five thousand foot Lodge that tourists could view the river horse from. After rebuilding the zoo, James Dondero was a guardian angel in the eyes of the public and showed that he charge about his communities and those around him. James Dondero, the acting president of Highland Capital and chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Radical , a man who devotes himself to anything he puts his mind to and truly cares about the people in his community .

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