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Michel Terpins a rallying ace.

Michel terpins has had the passion for rallying since he first laid his hands on a car he admitted to having admired the coming together of man and machine to come up with the ultimate competition. For a guy in his late forties, he has been able to accomplish a lot and still viewed as one of the most capable drivers in the Brazilian rallying world. His prowess comes from a combination of hard work and skills that have been honed over the years to become who he is at the moment.

He began his career in racing as a rider where he competed in the cross country championship.This was quite the challenge when he began as the sport by then was not widely regarded or properly financed.He grew up to become a beacon of the sport in his later years.

His nerve and skill in the cross country took him from a rookie to the champion where he held the title till he crossed over to motorsport.The ability to change from on to another was very critical in showing his capability and tenacity as a driver and today is part of the Bull Sertões Rally Team a team that he co-founded with his brother and equally gifted rally driver Rodrigo terpins. The team has been quite a dominant force since it was founded he and his brother began initially as the pilot and navigator where they alternated these roles to ensure that all were good enough.

The highlight of this partnership was to be cemented when they began participating in the Sertões Rally this is considered the biggest sporting event in the rally calendar in Brazil and it attracts thousands of fan.The success they would achieve at the Sertões Rally led them to be approached by the MEM motorsport develops with an offer to create their next rallying vehicle this led to the development of the T-Rex a T1 prototype vehicle. The car has been advancing with every new edition and today has one of the best vehicles in the rally.They have very dynamic suspension and exceptional handling and it will be used to grow the team to greater heights.

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