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Meet Dr. Cameron Clokie the Toronto Based Regenerative Medicine Advocate

Humans are under a constant threat of life threatening diseases, and many experts are in the search for innovative cures for these diseases. Dr. Cameron Clokie is one of those experts interested in formulating innovative solutions that could revolutionize health care. Dr. Clokie is known for his advocacy for regenerative medicine. The treatment method has been opposed by some experts in the medical field handing Dr. Clokie his first role of trying to make regenerative medicine acceptable to all stakeholders.

Many people are unaware of regenerative medicine, and they ask themselves the question, “What is regenerative medicine?” The answer according to Dr. Clokie is the engineering of stems cells to promote more efficient healing. He believes that regenerative medicine is a promising field with a potential to solve many human problems such as heart diseases, stroke, and obesity among other conditions.

Dr. Clokie is passionate about regenerative medicine, and he has always been at the forefront of advocating its use. Recently, a study was published in support of the use of regenerative medicine to manage cardiac and nervous system diseases. The study is likely to reinforce Dr. Clokie’s constant calls for further research into the use of stems cells for regenerative purposes. Dr. Clokie is particularly passionate about how stems cells could take the shape of any cell of the human body including heart cells, white blood cells, and spinal cells making them potential candidates for treating problems arising in various parts of the body. The ability of the human body to readily accept stems cells has generated interests from specialists such as Dr. Clokie. They argue that since stems cells originate from the human body, then the body will receive them, unlike artificial organs that are sometimes rejected by the body.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Clokie expects the field of regenerative medicine to generate a lot of profits. Experts estimate that the area could impact the global economy to the tune of $18 billion, they speculate that in the coming years, the figure will immensely increase. Dr. Clokie expects that regenerative medicine would focus on bone and joint reconstruction.

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  1. Regenerative medicine is an interesting field in the medical line and I consider most of the jobs that they carry out as vital ones. Though has got a lot to say about what Dr. Clokie has been able to achieve so far, I really think that with the way technology is taking over industries, the society should expect better ways of doing things.

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