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Marketing Professional Bernardo Chua the Founder of Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is a well-known businessman in direct sale industry. For decades, he has focused his efforts on coffee and tea and other day today products as he introduces people around the world to Ganoderma. Bernardo grew up in Philippines and thanks to his heritage; he knew Ganoderma in his early life. A species of polypore mushroom that is found in growing logs highly regarded in China and Asia. Ganoderma is exceptionally healthy, and it is a homeopathic herb with many medicinal health benefits. Chua was the first person to successfully market the herb with teas and coffees outside the county.

Bernardo Chua joined Santo Tomas University where he graduated with Bachelor of Science in the Philippines. He moved to California USA in 2003 where he managed Gano Excel. In 2008, he founded Organo Gold which has since grown in to be a multimillion dollar company in more than thirty-five nations with thousands of employees and distributors. Know more about Bernardo Chua at Zoominfo

As one of the most successful entrepreneur in Pacific Rim, Chua has been awarded different awards such as Dangal ng Bayan Award, and in 2014, he received National Consumers Quality Awards. National Shoppers Choice also recognized his company for being the top direct selling company in the section of food supplements.

Even after fully establishing Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua continues to put more efforts into refining and marketing his company even better. He works closely with the qualified producers of organic Ganoderma in the world allowing him to provide high quality without a high price tag. His handwork has made Organo be one of the fastest developing networks selling a company in the industry.

In his social media accounts, Chua regularly markets his Organic Gold products by posting his pictures enjoying his made products. Many media outlets have featured him recognizing him for his achievements in their sites. Organo Gold was ranked 55th by Direct Selling News for being the outstanding company in selling its products globally.

Through Organo, Bernardo gives back to the society in many different ways. He started a charity arm that donated to different community-based initiatives. The company also partnered with Napoleon Hill Foundation that supports various noble causes in the society like helping the youths to be more productive people in the community.

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