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Madison Street Capital Arranges Debt Facility For Infinity HR

The international investment banking firm Madison Street Capital is acting in the capacity as the exclusive financial advisor for Infinity HR and arranged a debt facility for the company. Infinity HR which was founded in 2008 and makes its headquarters in Burtonsville, Maryland, provides small and medium-sized businesses with business solutions and human resources to allow for more focus on core operations.


The completion of the transaction was announced by Madison Street Capital Chief Executive Officer Charles Botchway and the debt facility is being provided by Oak Street Funding. The process was led on the part of Madison Street Capital by Barry Peterson, the company’s Senior Managing Director.


Scott Smrkovski, Infinity Chief Executive Officer, explains that capital access had been the element that has held the company back from the growth that has now become attainable to them. He went on to say that the partnership with Oak Street Funding would allow his company to provide franchisees and SMBs with the innovative solutions necessary to streamline operations and improve their bottom lines.


Oak Street Funding President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Dennen chimed in saying that he and his company have a complete understanding of both the capabilities of Infinity HR as well as the complexities faced by the company. Dennen added that the efforts of the management team at Infinity, coupled with the efforts of Peterson and MSC proved capable of constructing a mutually beneficial situation for all parties involved in the deal.


Peterson was congratulatory of both parties and said that the experience of Oak Street in providing the needed capital to instigate the growth of companies like Infinity HR makes them the perfect partner during this time of anticipated business expansion.


More on the deal facilitated by Madison Street Capital to secure funding for Infinity HR can be found in an article published at PR.Com.


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