Addison Duling

Lime Crime’s Leeloo is The Hair Dye of Space Dreams

Cosplaying is one of the most gratifying and simultaneously surreal experiences I regularly have on what now seems like a monthly basis. Coming together with other people that share your same devotion to series and being able to create the perfect adaptations of my favorite characters has always been the main draw towards a trend that is barely gaining acceptance and traction in popular culture.


With all the amazing things I’ve gained from cosplaying there have been a few things that have had to take “the short end of the stick.” Namely my wallet, buying fabrics and make-up adds up quite quickly, and my hair, constant cycles of bleaches and dyes have run their course on my poor hair.


So when I heard that Lime Crime finally released their line of hair dyes I almost screamed.


Lime Crime has been my go to store for all of the make-up I use for each new character, with so many bright colors and choices I have been able to create so many characters from just a few of the pallets I first tried.


Adding to my excitement, and this time definitely making me shout, one of the best-selling dyes is fondly named Leeloo. So without hesitation, I added two to my shopping cart and proceeded to checkout.


After what felt like the longest I’ve ever waited two days for, Leeloo showed up at my door.


Usually, I will plan my colors according to what events are coming up or what character I am working on, but this time I made an exception and immediately got down to work on making my hair match my favorite space heroine.


Skip forward two and a half hours and several clips of Leeloo in action to get me in the spirit and my hair was everything I could have imagined. Very rarely will I start a character based upon something like hair dye, but the hue and match were just too perfect.


Even better than the color was the fact that the hair dye actually made my hair feel softer after I washed the excess dye out.


I highly suggest you give Lime Crime’s new dyes a try, you can find your color here.

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