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How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s Shared Vision of Meeting Fashion Demands Led to the Formation of Fabletics

Just like art, fashion is a form of human expression. When it comes to athletic wear for females, most women find it difficult to choose between affordable and fashionable clothing. As of 2010, fashion demands for women’s athletic wear items went up. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took advantage of this situation and co-founded Fabletics. They had a shared mission of creating a good looking activewear, which was affordable, functional and fashionable.

Solving the Problem

Don Ressler and Goldenberg came up with a unique vision for women’s athletic wear. They chose to focus on the demands of women instead of the market trends. They figured out the greatest challenges that ladies were facing in terms of sportswear items. This discovery was made possible by focus groups and consumer trends that Ressler and Goldenberg initiated.

According to their findings, most ladies complained about ill-fitting, garnish and expensive clothes. The two entrepreneurs also discovered that the quality of sportswear items on the market was abysmal. They concluded that one needed to spend a fortune to acquire an apparel that fits well and is fashionable.

Fabletics Having a New Ambassador

Kate Hudson joined Fabletics as the brand ambassador because of her popularity in the movie industry. One of the challenges that most sports fashion companies face is branding. These companies experience difficulty when trying to target a particular audience for their products. When Kate Hudson was appointed as the face and spokesperson of Fabletics, the brand reached more women.

Kate Hudson’s confident, appealing and friendly face proved to be effective in Fabletics’ branding endeavors. As a spokesperson, Hudson attributes her ability to speak well with clients to her passion for the media industry. She currently focuses on enhancing Fabletics’ online and offline presence.

Online Presence

In addition to Kate Hudson’s charisma, the professional team of Fabletics is committed to improving clients’ online shopping experience. Thanks to the team, one can register for a Fabletics VIP account by filling out a form online and paying a flat monthly fee of $50. The benefits of having VIP membership include free shipping, discounted clothing and reward points.

Fabletics’ online shopping model proves to be brilliant as the brand records an increase in its sales revenue. Fabletics is also targeting busy women who seek to upgrade their athletic wear wardrobes at the comfort of their phones, tablets or PCs. In 2017, the company announced that it is in the process of rolling out activewear items for plus-sized women.

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