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Highly Rated NewsWatch TV Continues To Attract And Enlighten Viewers

The popularity of NewsWatch TV is as strong as ever, according to the recent testimonials and reviews of the show. The news series airs on two networks. It can be viewed every week, once a week on the ION network and on the AMC network, on a bi-monthly basis. The first episode of the show aired in March of 1990.


NewsWatch TV features segments on numerous topics that are of interest to consumers and all of its viewers. It delivers the news in the way the viewers want it, and on a timely and informative basis. The show will feature a variety of fast moving segments on every show. The host of the show is Andrew Tropeano. He keeps the pace of the show moving, along with the help of feature reporters Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, and Susan Bridges. They present popular segments on areas such as new consumer technology, medical and health updates, news briefs, editorials, and more. They report on new products and new mobile apps, and they will even rate them for the viewers. This is one of the most popular segments of the show. The entertainment portions of the show feature celebrity interviews. The interviews are held either live in the studio, or out in the field at a celebrity’s home or filming location. The show is broadcast out of their studio in Washington, DC.


Offices are located in the U.S. cities of Fairfax, Virginia, New York, New York, and Denver, Colorado. Airtime is 1/2 hour and it is aired live during the early morning news hours. The award-winning news show, NewsWatch TV, is highly rated. It has been enlightening, entertaining, and informing its viewers for almost three decades.

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