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Gregory Aziz, a Breath if Success in National Steel Car

National Steel Car is the indisputable leader in the manufacturing and engineering of railroad cars in North America. For years, National Steel Car has been on the forefront of innovation, perfection and making sure that customers get the best of what they pay for. Who is behind the success of National Steel Car?

Gregory James Aziz is the Chairman, President and CEO of National Steel Car with its base in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994 and has been able to transform it into the leading manufacturer and engineering of railroad freight cars in the whole of North America.


Before venturing into the manufacturing and engineering business of railroad freight cars, Greg James Aziz started working in the family wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. While at the family company, James Aziz witnessed the business transforming itself in 16 years from just a wholesale food business to a leading importer of fresh foods worldwide from Europe, Central, and South America. He did so by setting up numerous distribution centers for wholesale fresh foods across the United States of America and in Eastern Canada.




Five years after purchasing National Steel Car, Gregory J Aziz managed to transform it, widening its manufacturing capacity from 3,500 cars per year to around 12,000 cars per years. At the same time, the company was able to employ almost 3,000 employees from the initial 600. According to Gregory James Aziz, the pillars of National Steel are founded on strong engineering capabilities, reliable team building and through the use of considerable human and capital investment. James Aziz is credited:

  • for having made National Steel Car a leading company in the railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering by instilling a sense of purpose, motivation
  • and of having strong core values that are all aimed at giving customers the best experience than ever before.


What is more, Gregory J Aziz has made sure that National Steel Car remains the only North America’s railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company. The company has been leading in new innovations in the railroad freight cars while releasing thousands of new cars into the market each year. Many people acknowledge that the success of National Steel Car lays behind Greg Aziz, a man who believes in the future success of relentless efforts to always have something new each day.

As the years move by, Greg J Aziz is the man who is set to revolutionize further the National Steel Car.






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