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Eric Pulier Has Many Startup Ideas

There are many things that have contributed to the success that Eric Pulier has experienced in his life. He is a brilliant man that has shown many times why he is considered one of the greatest tech minds in Silicon Valley. Pulier is known mostly because of all the incredibly profitable startups that he has been responsible for creating over the years. Obviously, the first step to creating a startup is to think of an idea for a company. For many people, this is the most difficult part of the entire process. Eric does not seem to have a problem thinking of ideas that will catch on with the public. In fact, just the opposite is true. He has more ideas than he knows what to do with.


Eric has a method that he uses to come up with startup ideas. He is very logical in the way that he goes about his business. He takes a look at what is going on in the world around him. What are some of the latest advances in technology? What types of products are consumers and businesses in need of? The answer to these questions has allowed Eric to come up with some of his very best ideas. For example, cloud technology was newly available in the marketplace. Many business owners were not sure of what the cloud was or how it could be applied to their company. Eric realized this and decided to create a startup called ServiceMesh. The entire purpose of this company was to teach business owners how to integrate the new cloud technology into their daily activities. Basically, the company provided training courses in how to use the cloud. It was a smashing success.


Akana, Desktone and many of Eric’s other startup creations were born from the same methodology. This has served Eric very well over the years. Therefore, he shows no signs of changing his ways. He has a steady stream of startup ideas that are constantly being put inside his computer until he has enough time to work on them. Eric has no shortage of future projects.


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