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Drew Madden’s Significant Impact in Healthcare

Drew Madden is a renowned healthcare IT expert with over fifteen years’ experience in the field. Innovation and hard work are some of the skills that define him. He has succeeded in being a sought out consultant to provide solutions to healthcare IT problems. He has not only provided growth to various companies he has worked with, but has also launched his own consultancy company that implements electronic healthcare applications.

Madden graduated with a BSE in industrial engineering at Iowa university. He was a student advisor at the university a role that may have shaped his future in consulting. He started his career at Cerner Corporation as an Integration Consultant. He showed his expertise by implementing healthcare applications at two hospitals in Chicago while working at the company. This was a starting point for his future success in healthcare systems development and implementation.

Drew Madden paid much attention to the transformation of healthcare with a vision of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in business management. His career grew after leaving Cerner due to his innovative nature and commitment to propelling his career forward. He worked as a senior epic consultant at Healthia consulting which he joined in 2006.

Madden had put much focus in adoption of epic systems in healthcare record systems. He specialized in Epid inpatient application and certified to use other applications such as EpicRx. He was able to improve his skills greatly, which enabled him join Ingenix Consulting as a regional sales director. Madden was experiencing incredible growth in his career in IT which encouraged him to make greater contributions in the positions he held.

Madden witnessed his major career success at Nordic Consulting Partners. He joined the company in 2010 and served as an executive vice president for one year. He later became the company’s president in 2011 leading it to great growth for five years. He initiated change and enabled the company achieve excellent performance. It was able to grow in numbers and gain top ranking in epic consultancy. His tenure at the company recorded significant growth in the company’s revenue and number of employees.

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