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David McDonald Leads the OSI Group in Feeding the World

David G. McDonald is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of The OSI Group, LLC. Under the aegis of David McDonald OSI has fast become the leading food provider for brands sold around the world. David McDonald achieved a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in animal science. After graduation, he began work at OSI Industries in Illinois as a Project Manager.

David McDonald states that the OSI mission is to always be transparent in their dealings with their customers, subsidiaries, and partners. David said that because The OSI Group is a privately-held company, this freedom allows them to be more flexible with designing their present and future management plans.

The OSI Group has grown exponentially because of the company’s smart acquisitions both in the U.S. and throughout the world. For example, by purchasing the popular Tyson Foods Company in Chicago, it allowed OSI to increase their Illinois expansion plans and product lines. David McDonald and The OSI Group manages international plants in more than 17 continents. The OSI Group also works in cooperative partnership with their worldwide subsidiaries under varied global brand names. Mr. McDonald believes that when they set up a plant in a new country or within a U.S. state that it is their goal to improve that region’s economic status by employing local talent and more

OSI retains an agricultural partnership with local farmers and agricultural plants while using state-of-the-art quality food processing equipment for safety and creating a sterile and safe working environment. OPI food items and products are used around the world by fast food establishments and local restaurants because OPI uses healthy organic commodities and the company closely follows eco-friendly standards to protect both consumers and the employees of OPI.

David McDonald has been honored with many laurels for his distinctive global leadership. The corporate awards are generally presented in the category of best eco-friendly practices and the best in safety and health measures. From 2013 to the present, The OSI Group has received Great Britain’s safety awards. This award acknowledges companies doing business in their country who is demonstrating a workplace environment for security and protection.

David McDonald continues to reside in the state of Illinois. David also serves as the Chairman of the prestigious North American Meat Institute of Washington DC. David’s name is also associated with charities located within the Chicago community. Mr. McDonald and his family supports an Illinois-based educational center for students who want to major in the field of agriculture.

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