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David McDonald and OSI Group Excel for Their Customers

David McDonald is the long-serving President of OSI Group the noted international food processor and he’s been a critical figure as they’ve successfully expanded over the years. They have steadily grown the business as they’ve focused on protein as their primary product though they do many others as well. These products are the result of partnerships with leading food and retail companies.

In a recent interview, he spoke of the unique corporate culture at OSI Group. Growth is an imperative at the company as they are always looking to improve and expand. He indicated that this mindset is a cornerstone of their business and one reason that they excel. He also spoke of their global outlook searching for new opportunities as they seek to become a valued partner to others.

An entrepreneurial agility is something that OSI Group is noted for and David McDonald spoke of how this impacts their expectations. He indicated that it is understood by all that they will go above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers. This often brings in an element of creativity which is greatly encouraged by the company. Flexibility and communication by both parties are also crucial to the development of successful products.

A long-term horizon has also benefited OSI Group according to David McDonald. As they develop key relationships with top brands, time and patience can be a difference maker in helping the two parties flourish.

Another factor that benefits the company is their private ownership. This allows them to be flexible and fast moving when implementing solutions. McDonald indicated that this critical element helps set apart OSI Group as a food processor.

The management structure of OSI Group was also expounded on by David McDonald and it combines direction from the executive staff with creative implementation by local management teams. This system has greatly benefited the company as they have deep corporate resources to draw upon as well as the flexibility of local managers intimately involved with their markets.

Innovation is one of OSI Group’s calling cards and this is often in response to customer needs. McDonald relayed that the company finds inspiration in helping to solve business problems their customers may have. He gives an example of a company struggling in a particular food segment. OSI Group then turns to their culinary creation teams to help find a timely solution. It’s just one example of how McDonald and OSI Group provide great value and service to their customers.

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