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Daniel Taub advises the international community on peace resolution

The international community has for many years approached the issues that affect the Middle East with naivety. According to diplomat Daniel Taub, the issues that face this region deserve to be taken with the seriousness they deserve. For those who have been on the negotiation table like Daniel Taub, they understand that this is not a region where you just force to get things done.

The Middle East requires the countries in the region to agree to a conciliatory approach for peace to be an option. The differences that exist are too deep that think that everything will work by giving orders is just misleading oneself. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub has first-hand experience about the peace negotiations efforts in the region. He knows how hard it can be to try and get the countries onto the table for peace talks let alone arriving at a peace agreement. According to him, if there is a way that can bring peace it has to be a conciliatory approach. Anyone thinking of anything else is just misguided. No one can force Israel or any other state to embrace peace.

Daniel Taub takes issues with the way the international community has been approaching the issue of peace negotiations so casually. For countries like Britain to think that forcing Israel into promoting peace will work, then the sad truth is, it won’t.

Daniel Taub knows that the Jews hate to be forced into something. They are ready to embrace peace, but it must be under their terms and not being subjected to pressure from other countries.

Britain tried to push Israel into a corner by declaring bans and boycotts on Israel. These actions happened when Daniel Taub was the ambassador to the U.K. He witnessed all of it and despite such moves not emanating from the government, the organizations that were declaring them meant to harm the economy of Israel by telling people not to accept anything belonging to Israel. Such moves are meant to make the government of Israel consider taking a particular stand regarding the conflicts. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Daniel Taub, however, dismisses such attempts as a waste of time as they just strengthen the Jews resolve of the people to go against what these cpu8mtres want. Any time another country seems to want to influence the course that Israel should take, the Jews come together and reject such moves.

Any country that wants to promote peace in the Middle East must do so by bringing all the countries on the negotiation table and have them reach an agreement. Israel has a history of respecting the peace agreement, and therefore this is what the international community should be looking to take advantage of.

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