Addison Duling

Crime prevention by the Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a privately-owned company in the United States. Its genesis was stimulated by the urge of preventing crime and offering solutions to situations in the Jails. Securus has a wide array of benefits that have been enjoyed by the various customers who have subscribed to it. Securus offers an opportunity to the family fraternities of the inmates through phone services and video visits. The operation is characterized by strict adherence to the traditional way of making calls as every communication is monitored. This gives room for the prison staff to flag some information for future investigation purposes. There is a strong dependence on the grouping of fraternities that have engaged themselves in the criminal justice system.


The facility offers a user-friendly interface to a tune of 1.2 million inmates across the United States of America. Securus liaises with the state and government in discharging duties of correcting delinquents in the surrounding. Securus establishes and maintains phone systems to the state and government at minimal or no cost. Securus gives back the profits and the offers enormous commissions to its clients.The platform is secure since every activity that is undertaken is taken is recorded for purposes of convenience especially to the Criminal Justice Department.


The database available in the system is securely stored for future retrieval and use and it is made accessible specifically to authorized personnel. Securus provides relevant material for the investigation to the authorities and hence aid curbing criminal activities. The facilities help the prison staff detect and arrest any case of misconduct and harassment in the system. The services have helped nab criminal elements engaging in money laundering and drug trafficking within the correction facilities. It has been vital in conducting emergency responses.


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