Addison Duling

ClassDojo: Big Dreams Coming True

ClassDojo is a must-have application for all teachers! ClassDojo wants nothing more than to give teachers, parents and students the best possible classroom to learn and thrive in. This is easier said than done with the budget at most public schools, which is exactly where ClassDojo comes in. ClassDojo works to connect teachers, students and parents and work with them to implement their great ideas in a classroom setting. No matter the classroom or the needs, ClassDojo is meant to help set up the best possible setting for the students, teachers and parents. This is different for every classroom, but ClassDojo will help create a classroom that is best for all involved.

All in all, ClassDojo is used for communication around the classroom. It’s an easier way for teachers, students and parents to connect to share photos, videos, and more. This makes the classroom more of a team, even for the parents who might not be able to come in as often or be as active in activities. This puts communication in the hands of everyone, and gives parents more of a role in their children’s learning.

Now, when students want to share with their parents what they’re learning in school, they can show them. ClassDojo is an immensely important app, which can be used to connect classrooms in so many different ways. Gone are the days of students claiming they have no homework when in reality they do –– now there’s an app for the parents to check! Nothing is more important than connecting in classrooms, and with ClassDojo? This connection is easier than ever to achieve.


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