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Chris Linkas – Guide to Investing


Chris Linkas has been a financial guru for over twenty-five years. He has worked with many big corporations in regards to strategic financial investing to produce high end returns. His passion for finance began early after graduating from college.


Currently you can find Chris Linkas as the Managing Director and European Head of Credit, for UK-Based Investment Group. Chris Linkas is in charge of investments ranging from commercial real estate to renewables in Europe. One of Chris Linkas strategies is invest wisely and start early.


Investing early opens a lot of possibilities for your future retirement. In addition, it gives investors a giant leap on great returns stressed by Chris Linkas. Below are five great reasons to invest early and wisely:


  • Time – Investing early makes it easier for investors to avoid over thinking and being too cautious. Time gives you the advantage of taking high risks and gaining high returns.


  • Compound Interests – Interests earned on interests here is the key. By investing early investors have the opportunity to take advantage of reinvesting and earning those coins. In return this gives investors more money during retirement years.


  • Improved Spending Habits – Investing early allows investor to watch their spending and become better at saving money. The goal here is to invest – return, not to lose money.


  • Get a Head of the Pack – By investing early you will have options later. In addition you will have the funds that others will not have, since they may have started investing later in life. Basically, investing early makes your financial situation better later, plus you will be able to withstand any unforeseen hardships.


  • Improved Quality of Life – Let’s face it, by investing early you will improve your current and your future life financially. By having a nest egg of savings you can make stable financial decisions instead of hasty ones during your retirement years.


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