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Charlamagne Tha God Response To Eminem’s New Release Kamikaze


On Friday 31st August, 2018, fans were anticipating for Eminem’s new album (Kamikaze) as was the host of The Breakfast Club radio show. The well-known rapper has received bashings and praises for his immortalizing records on other celebrity figures including Trump. But this time, Eminem mentioned the Breakfast Club’ co-host Charlamagne Tha God in both ‘The Ringer’ and ‘The Fall’.


It is evident that Eminem anticipated the radio show host would dis the new releases – for instance, with a line like ‘Charlamagne gonna hate anyway’ in ‘The Ringer’. But Charlamagne’s response might be a surprise to the rapper.


On the homophobic slurs that Eminem uses against Flower Boy creator, Tyler, Charlamagne think the intention of the rapper wasn’t to offend the LGBT community. Charlamagne adds that everyone has a freedom of speech, but being hurt is someone’s choice and not a mere rapper’s line.


Another issue that stands out in Charlamagne’s response is based on the use of ‘White Privilege’ in combating prejudice. According to the Viacom TV personality, it is effective for whites to use their privilege in combating prejudice. This response is as a result of Eminem’s bashing of Trump, to which Charlamagne believes will be effective. See This Article to learn more about Tha God.


Charlamagne Tha God, known legally as Lenard Larry McKelvey, is a compelling media personality. At 40, he has authored Black Privilege – a New York Times bestseller – besides authoring Shook One. He is also an influencer in Social Media and owner of CThaGod Production Company. Thus, he is well acquainted with the celeb world and political discussions. His response to Eminem’s bashing on Trump isn’t a mistake.


The Trump world has been hitting the headlines. Barely one year in office as the US President, rappers like Eminem started dishing out political rants on the President. As Charlamagne reveals, Eminem’s albums such as the Revival and BET cypher were forceful on how they approached the issue. But his recent Kamikaze reflects the changing political times, with shots on Trump seeming more organic.


Charlamagne Tha God is a known critique of Eminem’s Revival album. He says it’s trash but affirms that Kamikaze is a good album. And, ultimately, the Breakfast Club co-host rates Eminem as one of the greatest living legends in the lyrics world.


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