Addison Duling

Why No Sex In Harry Potter?

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are fans of the Harry Potter books and movies. The series of movies ended in the year 2011, and the books had stopped being written years before the Harry Potter Books. Although Harry Potter books are for children, many adults like Vijay Eswaran of QI Group love them as well. Many have analyzed the books, and wonder why there is no sex at all in the Harry Potter books. The books are about many children that are in a school together all the time, but it never mentions sex at all.

Although it’s not unusual for sex to be left out of adolescent, or children’s books, the fact that Harry Potter grew up through the different books, makes it even more strange. Many have the theory that because the characters were pure and genuinely good characters, that sex was never added to the books. Sex would somehow ruin their purity, even though crushes, attractions, and ultimately sex, are a part of life, and sometimes a part of adolescence. Although sex may have also ruined the likability of the Harry Potter books, it would’ve made it more realistic.

The author of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling’s has recently stated that she will be releasing 12 new Harry Potter stories leading up towards Christmas. One story will be released each day, all the way up until Christmas day. Of course, many are excited about the recent news of upcoming Harry Potter tales.

New Harry Potter Coming Soon

For those who are fans of  J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, they will be pleased to know that there are 12 upcoming stories from the writer. As pointed out by Darius Fisher, they will be released online. New Harry Potter Stories. The 12 stories will be released starting December 12, 2014 and they will come out at 8 AM every day, going up towards Christmas. This is great news for Harry Potter fans, as the movies ended in 2011, and the books stopped coming in 2007. With the release of the upcoming Harry Potter stories, the J.K. Rowling website Pottermore, will be abuzz.

The website features several different stories, as well as updates about anything that has to do with Harry Potter. It’s not certain if any movies are planned for the future, or full-length books, but it’s not as if the writer needs to pen another book in her lifetime. J.K. Rowling is the first writer in history to become a billionaire, simply from writing books. It doesn’t hurt that the Harry Potter movies based on her books, have also made billions of dollars as well.

Sometimes it’s the love of your work, not the love of the money, that drives you to create new additions to your work such as music, books, and movies. It’s obvious that Rowling is in love with what she does, and will continue to put out works at one point or another, just to please her fans

R. L. Stine Writes For A New Generation

The famous author R. L. Stine has reemerged on the young adult literature scene after years off the radar. Stine was popular in the 1990’s for his Fear Street and Goosebumps Series, the latter of which was picked up by daytime television. Both are within the horror genre, however, now that the 2000’s have come around, Stine is writing for a new generation.

There has been a revival in youth literature for horror, creating a market for new and enthralling stories. Today’s youths have been inundated with Rowling and Collins, as well as the Saw movies and American Horror Story TV series. Having mastered the art of suspense, Stine has the perfect opportunity to gain a whole new generation of readers with an affinity for thrills. has posted an article on his new book Party Games, which has teenage protagonists that face horrifying obstacles, including being trapped in a house on a remote island. The crush, the cool kids, and the question-mark-ending might lead to a whole new series of books for today’s teen and get their noses out of mobile apps like Skout and back into books.