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Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: Inside the Book

Summer is the perfect time to crack open a new read. Sean Penn’s book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” has made a splashy debut. Critics from Entertainment Weekly and USA Today recommend it as a good fit for anyone who loves satire, but it’s also hard to swallow.


First of all, even the critics have a difficult time following what, exactly, is going on here. Is it prose? Is it thinly-veiled political commentary? Is Bob Honey the voice of Sean Penn’s inner monologue?


The plot of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff follows the book’s title character, Bob Honey, as he works a variety of odd jobs, which includes part-time assassin. The world Bob Honey lives in is a dystopian one; however, critics note that it is closely mirrored on our own. There is a scene outside the Republican National Convention. The president of this other world, critics observe, reads like a stand-in for President Donald Trump. The president of Bob Honey’s America is referred to as Mr. Landlord, a man with “cotton candy hair.”

Bob Honey is a divorced man with a beautiful girlfriend. He is also outraged by the state of the society he lives in and how far it’s gone downhill. Close to the end of the book, there is an open letter to Mr. Landlord. Critics note this may be a moment where Sean Penn’s own political beliefs spill into the writing.


The book has drawn comparisons to the work of David Foster Wallace, Hunter S. Thompson, and Thomas Pynchon. It even mirrors David Foster Wallace’s writing style with the inclusion of sly, plot-driving footnotes. Salman Rushdie, himself a master of satire and magical realism, has praised the book.


USA Today notes that Sean Penn’s writing style may be challenging for some to get into. There’s a lot of alliteration, especially in the beginning, and Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff occasionally dips into lines of poetry. The epilogue itself takes the form of a poem that touches upon everything from the Las Vegas shooting to the Me Too movement.


Overall, critics say, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a wild, entertaining read.

The Talk Fusion App and its Reputation

Talk Fusion has been making waves since its inception in 2007, but their app is now changing the conversation for those who are using the company’s tools. Talk Fusion has been dedicated to helping businesses and business owners improve their marketing campaigns and capabilities, and their team continues to improve upon their existing products as well as new product creation. Now that their tool is available in 140 countries, the country rolled out a video chat app that has businesses both large and small, chatting.


What are the features of the new video chat app from Talk Fusion? There are now more handy features and functions than they had before. The main purpose of the new app was to help Talk Fusion reach a new level of success within their marketplace. As they are increasing their brand awareness, the Talk Fusion on the Go app has been giving businesses the needed edge to outperform their competition. The app is now readily available to anyone through Google Play stores and it is also available on iTunes. Where can the new app be downloaded? This app is suitable for iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch (this is for the iOS7 operating systems).


The app may also be downloaded to Android devices, but their leading product is still the video email product. The whole point of the app is to allow business owners to connect with their contacts easily and without interruption. This video email app makes it easy for business owners or entrepreneurs to communicate directly with clients. It’s simple, and it makes business operations easier than ever. One of the biggest and most popular business trends is personalized messages for clients. This is because it is more effective in building relationships, and it’s tailor made for the individual. Whether you work with marketing reps, vendors, or individuals, this app is suitable. This means that for what it’s worth, the hype is most likely true. It all depends on your specific needs, and whether or not your marketing campaign is critical for your business.


The name of the game for everyone is greater engagement, and through greater engagement comes higher click-through rates. Personalized emails are without a doubt a great tool, but personalized video chat emails are much more effective, and it bodes well for Talk Fusion that right now it’s growing in popularity. Learn more:

Academy of Art University, Birth Of Refined Artistic Talent

Coco is a movie which depicts a boy who is searching for his families long-hidden secret. He only seeks the truth about his family affairs, and consequently, that involves journeying through the Land of The Dead. The movie is artfully and beautifully made in such detail and intricacy that the movie was recognized for the achievement through all of the painstaking hard work that went into actually making this into a reality. Daniel Arriaga, the director of the movie Coco recalls that he really desired to make the dead characters in the film very lifelike, and in certain respects, he paid very close attention to detail so that he could pay homage to his culture and family. The movie was so good in fact, that Coco won the most prestigious and most sought-after award possible which is an Oscars award. He and his team have dedicated a very considerable amount of time studying all the details that would make the culture of the movie very real and even more fact-based. As a positive result, the movie was set apart from all of the others because of the talented work Daniel Arriaga and his crew accomplished. As a matter of fact, Daniel Arriaga prior to being the senior director of Pixar graduated from the Academy of Art

University. This University is the largest privately owned university in the United States of America. They are located in San Fransisco, California. Richard S. Stephens helped to establish the school’s prestige and reputation it is renown for today. He actually believed in his students, vowing that if an artist were to receive the proper training, education, discipline, and teaching required to end up successful, then the student would very rapidly learn to actually become a warranted professional as a result. The school to this day maintains Richard S. Stephens belief and passion while growing as a hall of knowledge to over eighteen thousand artists to date.


Find out more about Aademy of Art University:


The Heart of Intellectual Property And The Law: Kamil Idris.

Professor Kamil Idris is a man who knows a thing or two about law and how it works on the Internet. He has become of the premier experts when it comes to the topic of Intellectual Property (IP) and how it can be transmitted around the world. Kamil Idris was born in Sudan and worked his way through college to become a lawyer in Switzerland. He graduated from the Universtiy of Geneva and holds a Ph. D. in international law. He has been instrumental in making the law fair and even-handed when it comes to intellectual property. He was the former Director General of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization and recently sat down with for an interview here is what Kamil Idris had to say.

The first thing that Kamil Idris address was how important intellectual property is to a company when it is trying to develop a worldwide base. Idris says that there needs to be a fair and balanced system that needs to protect the rights of intellectual property owners around the globe. In this day and age knowledge is power and information can be sent out in just a few seconds on the Internet.


Kamil Idris also addressed some of the pitfalls when it comes to IP. Some of these pitfalls are piracy which is copying material in whole or part without the owner’s permission, counterfeiting, and increased backlogs. While no one person can stop all of the threats these things must be addressed in order to have a level playing field.

Kamil Idris talked about one of the new agreements on the books when it comes to IP. He talked about the TRIPS agreement (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) allows for the enforcement of laws regarding patents around the world. It is a big first step in this complicated arena.

In this ever-changing world, Intellectual Property and the legal applications of it are always changing. That is why there are experts like Kamil Idris to help keep the law balanced for every business on the global playing field. Kamil Idris wants to keep it that way. His most recent book focuses less on his expert legal views on economic development of countries like Sudan and instead touches on his own relationship with Sudan as a child who experienced trauma and was later arrested for standing up for civil rights.


You can find Kamil Idris on Facebook.

TheRealReal, Bringing Value To Luxury Consignment Shopping

On February 6, 2018, FutureStores held its annual conference in Miami, Florida and one of the speaker was, Allison Sommer, Director of Marketing for The Real Real. She discussed the relevance of proclaiming “2018 the year of the pop-up.” It’s relevant to extending the brand’s visibility, adding street cred to The RealReal and building on its unique merchandising concept. Sommer said, “Stores help to legitimize your brand and give [online brands like ours] a street-level presence.” This follows on the heels of the opening of the first actual retail location in Soho, New York in November 2017. That 2016 pop-up store, amassed $2 million in sales.

Pop-up stores allows The Real Real to test the luxury consignment market in a particular area before deciding on a permanent retail space. It’s a brilliant way to increase revenue and determine the store’s success potential. Thus far, everywhere The RealReal has ventured with a pop-up store has yielded pay dirt. As it turns out customers purchase six times more items in the retail store, than they do while shopping online. This means six times the value in sales volume. The RealReal plans to continue testing markets and opening retail locations, based on consumer’s initial responses to the pop-up stores.

The founder and CEO of The RealReal, Julie Wainwright was interviewed at an event in San Francisco. In line with her company’s marketing direction, Connie Loizos of TechCrunch asked about the venture funding aspect for luxury consignment stores. As a start-up consignment retailer, The RealReal was in competition six years ago with several other competitors for funding. Julie and her staff managed their brand to perfection and went on to secure start-up capital in the amount of $123 million. While the majority of the competitors failed. Fast forward to the present day, The RealReal is now on track to bring in $500 million in sales for merchandise paid at the point of purchase. Point of purchase sales are referred to as, “Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).” Nearly 50% of the GMV sales volume has occurred through The RealReal’s merchandising app.


Gregory Aziz, a Breath if Success in National Steel Car

National Steel Car is the indisputable leader in the manufacturing and engineering of railroad cars in North America. For years, National Steel Car has been on the forefront of innovation, perfection and making sure that customers get the best of what they pay for. Who is behind the success of National Steel Car?

Gregory James Aziz is the Chairman, President and CEO of National Steel Car with its base in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994 and has been able to transform it into the leading manufacturer and engineering of railroad freight cars in the whole of North America.


Before venturing into the manufacturing and engineering business of railroad freight cars, Greg James Aziz started working in the family wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. While at the family company, James Aziz witnessed the business transforming itself in 16 years from just a wholesale food business to a leading importer of fresh foods worldwide from Europe, Central, and South America. He did so by setting up numerous distribution centers for wholesale fresh foods across the United States of America and in Eastern Canada.




Five years after purchasing National Steel Car, Gregory J Aziz managed to transform it, widening its manufacturing capacity from 3,500 cars per year to around 12,000 cars per years. At the same time, the company was able to employ almost 3,000 employees from the initial 600. According to Gregory James Aziz, the pillars of National Steel are founded on strong engineering capabilities, reliable team building and through the use of considerable human and capital investment. James Aziz is credited:

  • for having made National Steel Car a leading company in the railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering by instilling a sense of purpose, motivation
  • and of having strong core values that are all aimed at giving customers the best experience than ever before.


What is more, Gregory J Aziz has made sure that National Steel Car remains the only North America’s railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company. The company has been leading in new innovations in the railroad freight cars while releasing thousands of new cars into the market each year. Many people acknowledge that the success of National Steel Car lays behind Greg Aziz, a man who believes in the future success of relentless efforts to always have something new each day.

As the years move by, Greg J Aziz is the man who is set to revolutionize further the National Steel Car.






More Than A Business Man

William St. James IV Dondero is the co-founder and acting president of Senior high land Das Kapital Direction . Highland Das Kapital Management has previously donated millions of dollar sign s, in proceeds to Dallas non-profits organizations and charities. High Capital Management is one of the largest and most experienced global alternatives citation Man agers. James has had over 30 ongoing years of experience in the credit markets and an outstanding career. Before instauration Highland in 1993, James served as a chief investment officer of Protective Life’s GIC Foot soldier and helped expand the project into a multi billion dollar stage business between 1989 and 1993.

In the early years of James Dondero, James had received a bachelor’s of scientific discipline in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia (UVA). Today, James Dondero serves as chair for Basis Healthcare Radical , CCS. Most mass see James as an outstanding and successful business man, but also as a hero. In 2001, the Dallas Zoo hippo habitat, was forced to ending due to the unfortunate death of the famous hippo named “Papa”. The Herbert Alexander Simon River horse Outpost needed at least $14 million dollar sign to rebuild and James Dondero generously donated $1 million dollars to the cause. With the appreciation of James and Highland Capital, the zoo had constructed a five thousand foot Lodge that tourists could view the river horse from. After rebuilding the zoo, James Dondero was a guardian angel in the eyes of the public and showed that he charge about his communities and those around him. James Dondero, the acting president of Highland Capital and chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Radical , a man who devotes himself to anything he puts his mind to and truly cares about the people in his community .

Honey Birdette’s Big Expansion

Honey Birdette is one of the hottest new female marketed fashion boutiques to come onto the scene in recent years and it has proven to be extremely popular, and not just with its native Australian audience but with consumers and fashion aficionados world-wide. Giving the brand’s rising popularity the CEO of the company, Eloise Monaghan, has launched a intercontinental expansion program which seeks to install stores in both the United Kingdom and all across America.

As regards the United Kingdom, Honey Birdette has publicly stated that it hopes to open upwards of 40 new store fronts there by the tail end of 2018 which is quite a gargantuan task. All of the new United Kingdom store fronts will be brick and mortar boutiques which will utilize Honey Birdette’s unique and sensual aesthetic. It has been announced that some of the areas the company will be expanding into include the Covenant Gardens of London as well as Victoria Gate of Leeds and White City.

After receiving a sales increase of well over 300 percent, the company has also decided to expand into the Americas, particularly North America where it has recently unveiled a new website geared specifically to a western audience. Unlike Honey Birdette’s original site, the North American website comes with a bunch of new built in features and special offers such as much faster deliveries and completely free shipping for any purchase worth more than fifty dollars (prices for most of the fairly upscale and immaculately crafted Honey Birdette bras and brief pieces begin at around £35 to £60).

MB2 Dental Network

MB2 Dental is an organization that offers dental services. The practice development and dental management of MB2 Dental were built by experienced dentists who understand that the lives of patients usually come before profit gain. Also, the CEO and Founder of MB2, Dr. Chris Steven understands the problem and frustrations that are involved in the operation of a dental clinic. By establishing MB2, Dr. Chris wanted dentists to go back being the talented professionals they were before. He believes that dentists can reap the profits and benefits that come with their passion, drive, and clinical talents. The vision of the founder was to have an organization where dentists can practice what they understand best. In that case, MB2 Dental is helping dentists with all of the business aspects that they require for their medical practice. It encourages them to put all of their energy in helping patients with the solutions to their problems.
MB2 Dental has more than 80 affiliated office locations in the six states of the United States of America. The affiliated offices provide dentists with the services they need so that they can run their practices efficiently. For that reason, the primary objective of the dentists is to provide good care to patients without interfering with the medical care standards. The affiliated dental offices of MB2 maintain hundred percent clinical autonomy. It is the mission of MB2 to provide its affiliated partners with a team that consists of experts who offer guidance, knowledge and personalized systems. The goal is to help every affiliate office to handle non-clinical and clinical practice using successful methods.
MB2 Dental also encourage many professional dentists who are not members to join the organization. The responsibility of MB2 is to help dentists bring their career or practice to the level that brings unmatched expertise. According to the members of the organization, professional experience is about investing in private equity, operations improvement consulting, and useful strategies. Achievement of the required experience requires good exposure to the dental industry at the various level of capacities. At MB2, dental doctors can find mentors, dentist trainers, associate dentists, and dental advocates for future help.

How Highland Capital Management Operates

An investment adviser registered with SEC, Highland Capital Management has its main offices situates in Dallas, Texas. It has regional offices in Singapore, New York, Seoul and Sao Paolo. Highland Capital Management was established in 1993 by partners Mark Okada and James Dondero. The company is described as one of the biggest and also most experienced international alternative credit managers. Highland Capital Management is specialized in credit strategies which include credit hedge funds, CLOs (Collateralized loan obligators), long-only funds as well as separate accounts, special-situation and distresses private equity among others.
The alternative investments offered by Highland Capital management include short and long equities, natural resources and emerging markets. The diversified client base of the company include foundations, corporations, public pension plans, financial institutions, individuals of high net-worth, governments, endowments and fund of funds. Highland Capital Management has been in operation for over 20 years and has therefore earned a reputation as reliable and efficient alternative credit managers. Under the outstanding leadership of James Dondero, the company has managed to register massive success and growth. Highland Capital Management has employed a team of skilled and experienced staff who has the ability to offer customized services to all clients.
Highland Capital Management invests in more than the financial markets and is involved in giving back to the communities. The company invests in the communities where its employees live and work as well. Highland Capital Management has committed itself to making a difference via advisory board involvement, volunteerism as well as financial donations to national nonprofit and local community organizations. Together with its partners, Highland Capital Management has managed to give out contributions worth $10 million to organizations all over the world. The company has a retail unit known as Highland Alternative Investors which has assets worth $55 million. Highland Capital Management has assets worth $15.4 billion.
Customer satisfaction is the number priority at Highland Capital Management. The company has gained a huge following all over the world. Under the leadership of James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland Capital Management managed to launch a healthcare fund that has backing from the South Korea NPS (national pension service).