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A Glimpse Into the Mind of Bestselling Author Dr. Daniel G. Amen

Dr. Daniel G. Amen is a author of several books. He is a brain disorder specialist that has become the authority on the brain and how it works with other areas of the body. He has written books about the relationship of the brain and the role it places in sex, weight loss, spirituality and depression. People are intrigued about his take on how the brain serves as the nucleus to feeling better and living a better life.

In addition to this plethora of published works, Amen is also in charge of directing the Amen Clinics. In this role Amen has a hands-on approach to the issues that he has written about in his books. This plays a very direct role in his success. Amen has done extensive studies on things like brain injuries for the NFL. He is has also devised diagnostic tools that are still used in the Amen clinics today. This gives him a great deal of credibility in the matters concerning the brain. That is why his books continue to sell. Amen has documented proof that can be easily referenced. 

Dr. Daniel Amen has carved out a niche in writing about the brain because he has managed to create books that have addressed very inspiring topics. There are books like “The Magnificent Mind at Any Age” and “Healing Anxiety and Depression.” These books give lots of people hope about treatment disorders that they may have. It also gives optimism to other people that are worried about the possibilities of declining health as they get other. 

Dr. Amen has contributed to websites like the Huffington Post. He has created articles about brain healthy foods and things that people can do to boost their mental clarity. He gives thorough advice about those foods that are going to boost brain power and reduce the possibilities of brain disorders. He has helped lots of people unleash the power of their brains through simple routines. His extensive study and work hours in the field of brain disorders has given him the ability to give many of his readers a renewed life. 

He has also produced videos like “Healing ADD in 30 Days” that give people step-by-step instructions for moving beyond attention deficit disorder at home. This type of groundbreaking work has allowed Dr. Daniel G. Amen to be called up by professionals from many different walks of life. His authority is greatly valued.

Igor Cornelsen Shares His Brazilian Stock Market Tips (via CNBC)

Brazil has had its fair share of economic downturns in recent years. Despite this Brazil still has the eighth largest economy in the world, a competitive agriculture market and growing middle class are key factors to a potential economic boom.

Top Brazilian banker and investment expert Igor Cornelsen is excited about the increased interest in investing in his country, and published an article on CNBC as a result. Cornelsen offers these three tips for potential investors to help facilitate their success.

1. Connect with the Natives

According to Igor Cornelsen, about 1 in 4 Brazilians between the ages of 18 to 64 are entrepreneurs. Business and finance like many aspects of the country of Brazil is a socially vibrant endeavor. Investors would find that many of these Brazilian entrepreneurs would be more than happy to network with them.

2. Prepare for the red tape

The Brazilian market is still growing, but in many ways it is still fragile. This is the reason for the strict regulations to protect Brazil while it grows in strength. Brazil has a series of complex regulations that investors must research and plan accordingly to work with and around. Igor Cornelsen states, “Those who make informed decisions and put the work in are the ones who will see the big payoffs in the end.”

3. Know foreign-currency restrictions

There isn’t a universal exchange rate for foreign currency it mostly depends on the nature of the transactions themselves. “You must find a bank authorized to deal in foreign exchange to hold local-currency if you or your business are non-residential,” says Cornelsen. It can get complicated, but that is the reason that the payout can be so profitable

What You Should Know Before Reading Your Favorite E-book at Bedtime

As more-and-more readers find themselves indulging in their favorite books in digital formats, readers may wish to reconsider reading any e-book just before bedtime. So listen up Jonathan Veitch because you’ll want to know why. Reading an e-book just before you get ready to retire for the day could completely disrupt your sleep, causing you to have an unwanted night of tossing-and-turning. Interestingly, reading a non-digital book will not directly affect your ability to sleep, but an e-book will and here’s why.

According to one study, the light emitted from the electronic book, or from any electronic device for that matter, disrupts sleep by suppressing the body’s natural bedtime melatonin levels. Melatonin is what causes us to become sleepy when we’re ready for bed. It’s the body’s natural sleep regulator. When melatonin is interrupted, so is sleep. This reduction in melatonin levels leads to a decrease in sleepiness and REM sleep.

To avoid trouble sleeping at night due to reading your favorite e-book, simply try reading a non-digital version of your favorite book instead. If you just can’t resist reading e-books before bed, limit your usage to a few hours before bedtime and avoid reading just before bed. If you still can’t resist reading just before bed, the verdict is in – prepare for a night of restlessness and a morning of sleepiness. Simple avoidance before bedtime will resolve an e-book related sleep problem. Once you’ve eliminated e-books from your bedtime routine, give your body time to re-regulate its melatonin levels by getting back into a sleep routine minus digital devices.

The Satanic Temple Gets to Put Up Christmas Display at the Florida State Capitol

Reknowned videographer and digital genius, John Textor, knows that the best way to illustrate the absurdity of a practice is through the use of absurdity in a related manner. This is certainly the case with the atheist organization called “The Satanic Temple” or TST. Again, it should be properly disclosed that the TST does not believe in the dark arts, or bow in worship to the Biblical Father of all Lies. Rather, the group doesn’t believe in the existence the devil any more than they ascribe to a belief in deity. Then why choose a name such as “The Satanic Temple”? The simple answer is to annoy Christians.

TST believes that the Constitutional Separation of Church and State implies that government should not reference religion in any manner. So when the Florida legislature allowed religious groups to put up nativity displays or displays of their faith at the state capitol building, TST saw this as a violation of the Separation of Church and State. Rather than challenge the state on those grounds, The Satanic Temple fought for and won the right to put up a display of their own. The display is a scene from hell replete with flames burning and an angel falling into the pit. Their point isn’t to display faith promoting symbols, but rather underscore what they view is the absurdity of people of faith putting up their religious symbols on public grounds. TST was backed up in their legal challenge by another atheist group called “Americans United for the Separation of Church and State”.