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Adam Milstein – The Man of Philanthropist

Israeli-American activist Adam Milstein is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties and the founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. His foundation is geared toward the complete strength of Jewish people and toward the uplifting of the State of Israel. Adam Milstein is a family man including three children, three grandchildren and his lovely wife Gila. They currently reside in Encino, CA.

In April of 2017 Adam Milstein was recognized as one of the top 200 philanthropist of influence. Adam co-founded the IAC, the Israeli-American Council.

In the last 100 years the Jewish identity has been evolving in Israel from the land to the language. Adam Milstein’s entire goal in to glue together and hold fast the Jewish culture that will allow the people to relocate anywhere in the world and that culture will stay in tact and ingrained in the psyche of each mind. Adam and his foundation encourage leadership among the people. Adam believes that the existence of Israel in the future is largely determined on the preservation of the culture while it is being influenced by the new cultures that may be surrounding them elsewhere in the world.

Adam Milstein believes that Jewish-Americans are game changers. Adam Milstein sets out to teach to all members of the community. His wife grew up with zero rights. Adam was Israeli Defense Forces with the Yom Kippur War at age 18. Adam and Gila met shortly after. In 1981 Adam and his wife relocated to Los Angeles to raise their family and to pursue education. Adam and his worldwide family through his Stand With Us Foundation teaches its members to be proud of themselves and to be proud of the State of Israel and to be proud of being Jewish.

Adam’s foundation gathers the largest gathering of Jewish people anywhere in the world. The change in the preservation of the Jewish and the State of Israeli culture will change the world as a whole.

Adam can command $50 Million Dollar donations due to the love of the mission of his foundation. Their meetings rarely have an empty seat due to the life-changing effect and love for the mission of what he has provided for the people. Adam is doing great things and moving mountains. Moving these mountains for his people allow them to climb that mountain instead of that mountain getting in their way.

JHSF’s Role in Developing the Brazilian Skyline

Nowadays, the rise of residential and commercials buildings are becoming more and more noticeable. Cities all over the world have an ever changing skyline, being replaced after a decade or less. The tallest skyscraper of a particular city could be toppled in less than a decade by another skyscraper, and this trend is evident especially for the largest metropolis on the planet. This trend is now considered as the norm, and would go on for years to come. In Brazil, lots of new residential and commercial towers are rising and transforming the silhouette of its skylines. In Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo alone, new skyscrapers are being built as their presence and importance as a key city for global trade is being recognized. The property market in Brazil is booming, and property developers are among those who are benefiting from this phenomenon. JHSF, the leading Brazilian property developer, have told news networks how their business is flourishing as Brazil’s economy rise. They stated that the new middle class that are increasing in numbers tend to purchase condominiums and other residential properties, while the big business people of Brazil are looking for more prime office spaces and luxurious units for them to live in. JHSF has been in the business since 1972, and they have been involved in a number of projects. They have ventured their businesses from property development and real estate into hotel chains and building shopping centers. With the new construction boom that is being experienced across Brazil, JHSF is doubling its effort to build more development that would cater the middle and the upper class. They are involved in a number of condominium projects, but in the recent years, have seen their influence in the retail and shopping mall industry. One of the earliest and largest shopping centers in Brazil was built by JHSF, and they are proud to say that their prime projects are becoming a shopping Mecca for high end products. The group has focused in constructing upscale shopping centers, inviting different brands from around the world to open up a store.

The success that JHSF is currently experiencing can be attributed to two major factors: first, is the economic rise of Brazil; and the next one is the great leadership that is holding the company together. Its chairman and CEO, Jose Auriemo Neto, has been with the company since 1993 and has been actively participating in different construction projects, often ending up in praise and success. His achievements within the company are undeniably what have caused him to climb up the corporate ladder and lead the company to greater heights.

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With Jose Auriemo Neto at JHSF, the Company Continues to Fly High in the Brazilian Property Market

JHSF Participações S.A is an internationally celebrated real estate company that operates in major Brazilian cities, such as Salvador, Manaus, and Sao Paulo. The company was founded in 1972 and has since managed to establish itself as an industry leader. JHSF is identified with its innovative designs when undertaking high-end projects, such as shopping malls, townhouses, commercial towers, airports, and world-class hotels.

JHSF’s Shopping Malls

Some of the shopping malls that were constructed and are managed by JHSF include Shopping Bela Vista in Salvador, Shopping Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo, and Manaus-based Shopping Ponta Negra. All these shopping malls are uniquely sophisticated regarding their architectural designs. Despite being in different cities, all of them have a few things in common- they are all the places to be for leisure and entertainment.

JHSF’s Corporate Centers

Just like its malls, corporate centers developed by JHSF are equally as sophisticated. Benedito Lapin and City Garden Corporate Center are among the many incorporations under JHSF. For Benedito Lapin, its apartments are spacious and luxurious with the smallest having a floor space of 123m2 and the largest being 163m2. Garden City Corporate Center, on the other hand, has three towers with a total leasable area of nearly 2,000m2. Being at the heart of Sao Paulo, the towers are multipurpose and can be used either for holding events or for business. To add onto that, each of the three towers has a helipad for convenience.

JHSF’s Townhouses

JHSF is currently developing eight townhouses under the Cidade Jardim project. The project is situated along Avenida Alberto Penteado in Sao Paulo, a stone-throw away from Shopping Cidade Jardim. Once complete, the townhouses will have floor spaces of between 433m2 and 468m2.

Auriemo Neto

Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian entrepreneur and real estate maestro. He currently serves as the executive president and chairman of the board of directors at JHSF. He is the son to Fabio Auriemo, the former president of JHSF.

Between September 2015 and January 2016, Auriemo was living in New York, U.S. to keep an eye on the construction process of a JHSF hotel in the city. As a good family man, he had carried on his wife and children and even took the children to study in American schools over that period.