Addison Duling

Lessons Learnt by Rocketship Education since Its Establishment

Ever since its establishment a decade ago, Rocketship Education has made a great contribution to the numerous communities it serves. The organization keeps getting better by the day because it treats each day as an opportunity to learn and improve various aspects of the charter schools. It has learnt a number of things over the years.

Lessons learnt

One of the most important lessons Rocketship Education has learnt is that personalized learning goes beyond the school environment. It starts right from a child’s home, and this is why they strive to learn about students’ backgrounds by visiting their homes and interacting with their families. The organization has also learnt that the secret to changing the whole system is to invest more in demand. Additionally, giving parents some level of control and power over the leaders of the charter schools enables the creation of high-quality schools since the leaders know they will be held accountable for their actions.

Something else that Rocketship Education has learnt is that they should do more than just the bear minimum in terms of compliance with regulations for them to achieve their desired results. This is how they have achieved meaningful inclusion in the charter schools and this benefits all the students, and not just the disabled ones. From Rocketship Education’s experience, having teachers from different cultural backgrounds is much more effective in fostering cultural diversity in schools than having student diversity in schools.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006 to provide high-quality education to disadvantaged students all over the United States. By employing the best teachers and leveraging technology, the charter schools under Rocketship Education have managed to provide their students with topnotch education. They have learnt to form strategic partnerships in the education sector that help them achieve their goals.


The above highlighted are just a few of the lessons that Rocketship Education has learnt over the last decade. They keep learning and drawing important lessons from their experiences. Above all, they are proud of the public status of the charter schools even though many people say that they are run like private schools.