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Adam Milstein, Astute Businessman and Philanthropist Who’s Passionate About His Home Country

An Israeli native, Adam Milstein is an active philanthropist, community leader, and a widely known real estate investor. He is the President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, his philanthropic work centers on strengthening the Israel State and the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein manages one of America’s leading realtor companies, Hager Pacific Properties. Adam and the family were fortunate to get visas to come to the US in the early 80’s. Previously, while in Israel, the man used to serve as an Israeli Defense Forces soldier. Adam Milstein had also attained a Bachelor’s degree at the prestigious Technion Institute. In America, one of the first agendas on Adam’s itinerary was to enroll for an MBA at the University of Southern Carolina. the immigrant from Israel would turn into one of the most respected Realtors barely forty years later.

He sits on quite a few boards such as Jewish Funders network, AIPAC National Council, StandWithUs among others. He is also the Co-founder of the Israeli –American Council and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. Adam Milstein is married to his wife Gila –who founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. They reside in the Encino area of California and are blessed with three children.

Adam is a light-hearted personality given the recent meme completion that was recently held to showcase the love and pride that Jewish people take in their Jewish state. He was incredibly proud of the people who submitted the excellent memes that portrayed the seriousness of their advocacy while injecting some fun and laughs while at it.

Milstein Foundation works effortlessly to safeguard while strengthening the Jewish people as well as the Jewish state through igniting Jewish pride in the upcoming generation. It also provided pro-Israeli Americans with expertise and knowledge to bolster the critical U.S –Israeli Alliance, and to advocate for the State of Israel.

Through their foundation, more than seventy-five grants have been distributed to organizations that champion pro-Israel advocacy and pro-Israel movements that support the recognition of Israel’s legitimacy. Adam Milstein can only be described as an astute philanthropist who is aptly acquainted with the struggles and issues affecting his people. He is an important leader in the fight to counter Israel’s defamation.

Ideamensch Does Interview With Israeli-American Businessman Adam Milstein

Background Information On Israeli-American Businessman Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein is a veteran of the IDF or Israeli Defense Force. He served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War of 1973 which saw Israel defend itself successfully against Egypt, Syria and Jordan for the third consecutive time. After completing mandatory military service, Adam Milstein went to study at the Israeli Institute of Technology or Technion. He completed a bachelor’s degree in economics and business there.


Adam Milstein immigrated to the United States in 1981 from Israel. He and his wife Gila settled down in California. Mr. Milstein went on to pursue an MBA degree in business from the University of Southern California and then began working in the commericial real estate industry as an independent broker. He later joined Hager Pacific Properties where he now works as a managing director.


Being fortunate enough to be very successful in the real estate industry, Adam Milstein has created his own philanthropic foundation called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It primarily supports pro-Israel groups and causes such as Hasbara Fellowships, Jerusalem University and PragerU. Adam Milstein is also one of the original founders of the Israeli-American Council and sits on its national board of chairmen. He and his wife also helped to create Sifriyat Pijama B’America which provides books to Israeli-American families in the United States to help teach Jewish values and the Hebrew language to the younger generation.


A Highlight From Adam Milstein’s Interview With Ideamensch


One of the things that Adam Milstein was asked on his interview with Ideamensch was how he has managed to grow his business. Adam Milstein’s answer was that he has stopped setting artificial goals and deadlines. He says that they were limiting to him and actually hindered his success. Not listening to criticism and ignoring negative comments such as that you are being abused or silly also helped Adam Milstein break through in real estate. The real estate industry takes a long time to make money and you will have to take criticism, attacks and be able to wait to see any kinds of return. Milstein also said that being self driven has helped him succeed where others have failed

Bob Reina Makes a Return to MarTech Advisor

Tech leader Bob Reina has come back to MarTech Advisor’s this year with his article “Video Advertising Tends of 2017.”


Reina, CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, centered his focus on the world of marketing for this article, something he knows well. The article makes sense of the emerging techniques for video use in marketing throughout 2016. MarTech Advisor’s saw it fit to place it among their top 10, making his writing available to more than 1.1 million subscribers spread across the world.


Rein’s expertise was, and continues to be, refined by his company. Talk Fusion has made video marketing solutions its focus, following trends and analysis of consumer habits and contributing to the popularity of video through tech innovations. Having made itself indispensable to the greater advertising community, it was only logical that Reina would be included in the list of authors presented to their audience in the marketing field.


Reina has been offering up his acquired knowledge on marketing and technology through writing before. One of the more notable pieces was written for the Huffington Post. “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits” was released in May of 2016, which was Reina’s first to be featured by MarTech Advisor’s, and one of their most read pieces of that year.


Founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has solidified its position in the tech and marketing world as a pioneer in video solutions, allowing this company to stand apart from its competition while also finding ways to limit the expense their clients risk when utilizing these advertising innovations. This keeps the number of returning customers higher than the average in their industry. No soubt this has been bolstered by Independent Associates that has allowed Talk Fusion to have a lasting presence in more than 140 countries and offering up free trials of their products.


Talk Fusion has also made impressions outside of its immediate field as a company interested in philanthropic pursuits. Concentrating on family needs and the welfare of animals, Talk Fusion is known as a generous company interested in giving back the community that has contributed to their continued success.


StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC seems to be enjoying their CEO’s experience in the business industry. Stephen J. Rotella, the CEO, has expansive experience and affiliations in the finance industry. In addition to working as the current CEO, he worked as CEO of Chase Home Finance. He was previously the president of Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation and has served in the same institution as a vice-president in 2001. He joined WMI Holdings Corp in 2005 and served as its president and chief operating officer until 2008. He juggled between his administration duties and also run the retail, mortgage and commercial lines of the company. He has also served in other numerous leadership positions in the business industry which have helped him gather much more experience.



He acquired a degree in economics in 1975 at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. Three years later he acquired his master’s degree in Finance and Information Systems in Albany at the State University of New York. In addition to his work he is an outstanding member of the society. Stephen is part of the board of several philanthropic movements in U.S such as The Seattle Foundation, YouthCare, BalletMet Columbus and ArtsFund. He was recently elected as chairman of the LIFT National Board that works to enhance the services provided to the parents of young children in an effort to eradicate poverty in the U.S. Stephen Rotella also contributes towards art in order to help the less privileged. He believes that there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that your contribution big or small has helped someone else live a better life.



Under Stephen’s leadership, StoneCastle Cash Management was able to acquire Intermedium Financial, LLC’s insured deposit sweep business. This move has helped achieve their expansion strategies into broker dealing and financial advising among other market segments strengthening its position as a leading insured deposit providing institution. Stephen gave a statement saying that this move will help them serve their clients better and maintain their outstanding performance in delivering deposits. The company offers institutional investors insured cash solutions. The company’s success is also partly enabled by their partnership with Charlesbank and CIBC who are world-wide recognised capital partners.