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Clay Hutson Joins the Soul2Soul Tour

Based on an article posted on, Clay Hutson will be a tour rigger on the Soul2Soul: The World Tour. The tour, hosted by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, will be the first time Hustson will be working with them since 2007. The first leg of Soul2Soul occurred between April 2017 and December 2017. During that time 70 concerts that sold out within the first few days of tickets being available.


Due to its popularity, Soul2Soul has been extended. The second part of the tour will begin in Richmond, Virginia on May 31st. In addition to performances by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Caitlyn Smith Seth Ennis, Brothers Osborne, Midland, Devin Dawson, Margo Price, and NEEDTOBREATHE will also be playing. Clay Hutson is excited to be joining such a star-studded event and is honored to be joining the team. With decades of experience, Hutson plans to put a high amount of effort into rigging the equipment for each performance. He understands that the reputations of the musical artists can be determined by him and they appreciate the extra details. Hutson hopes that he will be known as the “hardest working guy in the room” and leave the tour with a whole lot of good memories.


Clay Hutson has always had a passion for music which pushed him into the role he has today. He became well-known in the performance business as a tour producer, sound engineer and stage manager. During his twenty years in the field he had worked alongside many big-name artists including P!nk, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Kid Rock, and Kelly Clarkson. After he gained experience with working during these live performances, and as the company he was working for began to struggle financially, Hutson made the choice to start his own company.


As his addition to the Soul2Soul tour would suggest, Clay Hutson’s business is doing well. He states that the reason for his success is the importance of checking one’s work and then checking it again. There is no reason for someone to slack off on their responsibilities when it comes to live performances where anything from lights, sound, and timing could go wrong. Hutson doesn’t want to give any performances that he works on a problem that could have easily been solved by checking one more time. His dedication of being a hard worker has spread throughout the industry and he hopes that the upcoming tour will be another example of his excellent services. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani: Restructuring the Global Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is a real estate magnate with over 30 years of experience in pioneering enterprises and growing fast-paced businesses. He is an alumnus of the University of Washington, where he studies commerce. Hussain Sajwani is the founder and Chairman of DAMAC Group, which is a multi-billion real estate firm with its headquarters and Dubai and operations in over 20 nations.


Sajwani has proved to be successful in the capital and global equity market. He is also richly endowed with skills in sales, marketing strategies, legal, finance, property development, and administration. These skills have enabled him to have an incredible track record. Sajwani also seats in various boards including Juno Online, Majan University College, and Emirates Takaful Company.


Hussain Sajwani Relationship with Donald Trump


Hussain Sajwani is confident that his business dealings with President Trump will continue even after the president made it clear that he won’t be involved in businesses while in office. For a while, the two business moguls have been enjoying a healthy business relationship. There health business collaboration was confirmed when Trump praised Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Group. Hussain Sajwani and his company DAMAC Group completed the construction of the Trump International Golf Club and the second one will be ready by 2018. Sajwani believes that Trump’s daughter and sons have the potential to run the family business and, therefore, their business dealings will continue.


DAMAC Group Business Ventures


DAMAC Group is mostly associated with real estate development and recently, development of luxurious golf course in collaboration with Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani founded the company in 2002, and it has its headquarters in Dubai. The Company is also involved in other business dealings including the food service. Hussain Sajwani is also considering venturing the stock market with the London Stock Exchange. DAMAC also has projects in some of the world’s largest cities such as Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Amman, Dubai, and London.


DAMAC Group Philanthropic Involvements


DAMAC Group has been involved in various charitable causes. Recently, the organization donated AED two million towards a campaign to clothe one million underprivileged children across the world. It was estimated that the donation would cloth around 50,000 needy children. In 2015, the firm donated AED one million to UAE Compassion Campaign that supported the victims of Huda In Levant region.



Autism rocks is a charity program aimed at raising funds for autism research by one of the British millionaires Sanjay Shah, who started the great course after his Youngest son Nikhil diagnosis with autism. Like many wealthy philanthropists, Sanjay Shah did not have any focus on any charitable work he would undertake other than sponsoring children in India for the past ten years until a recent personal crisis. The money that Shah Raises with autism rocks is for Autism Research by the Autism Research Centre (ARC) which strives to find the causes and effects of autism. Some of the research projects carried out by ARC, with its location at Cambridge University is to find methods of identifying someone capable of developing autism, and then evaluate specific interventions and support that will aid them throughout their lifetime.


Sanjay Shah is the CEO of Solo Capital Partners, a financial service firm with its headquarters in London. He is also the CEO of the Autism Rock where he happens to be the founder too. Shah grew up in IN Central London’s neighborhood Marylebone after his parents relocated from Kenya. Shah attended the Kings College where he studied medicine but later did not take a career as a doctor but instead became an accountant. Sanjay Shah started his career as a trainee chartered accountant at KPMG and gained experience by working for the Investment bank Merrill Lynch. Shah then was laid off from work while working for the Dutch Bank Rabobank during the financial crisis in 2009 which became Shahs turning point in life as he too hated the daily office job.


Sanjay decided to take a risk to start his own brokerage business in the same year that he got laid off from work, and that’s how Solo capital came into existence. Solo capital has continued to grow exponentially and has offices both in London and Dubai. Sanjay is married wife Usha Shah and together have three kids, and the youngest Nikhil is diagnosed with Autism, which lead to the family donating to autism research.

You can follow them on LinkedIn.

Expert Advice for Online Reputations

Let’s assume you are a highly accomplished individual whom 20 years ago you were recorded muttering unprintable words in a state drunkenness. Or you are a thriving online business enjoying significant growth, and then one customer posts a less than flattering review. In both such cases, you brand recognition goes to the grave. It can mean an end to both such promising careers. It has ended many careers and will continue to wreak havoc.

Darius Fisher is the man behind online reputation Management. The entrepreneur four years ago founded a company that seeks to clean up an online reputation. It serves over 1500 clients in 35 countries in the entire world. It recently opened offices in New York and Sao Paolo. The growth of the company can be attributed to the outstanding work it does and the efficiency it does. It seeks to brand and promote the brand of any individual through a multi-pronged attack method. Their method of choice depends on whether they are doing a proactive approach or crisis management. Mr Fisher advises individuals to exercise high levels of privacy online and seek to control their narrative. This dynamic approach means you have a personal website and another context that paint you in your most appropriate way. He can use such information to drive your page high on search results.

The company based in Austin Texas has gotten rave reviews for this simple yet effective service. It uses proprietary technology and industry leading SEO methods to deliver. It has some of the best-trained SEO engineers in the world. Mr Darius Fisher was recently named among the 50 young innovators in PR and Digital advertising. He has also appeared in several high profile magazines including The New York times.

Online Hygiene is critical for any determined individual. Mr Fisher Predicts a future filled with 40-year-senior citizens changing their identity based on mistakes they made in their youth. Videos of 10-year-old sex tapes aren’t new. These have the ability to damage careers and brands. Mr Fisher claims Status Lab can fix such problems. It has a crisis management team that can help clean up such acts. It seeks to drive the negative search results to the three third google pages. A recent research showed that 90% of people don’t search beyond the 1st page. Now you are in the know. Stay safe.

The World Of A MJ Impersonator

Many would consider Michael Jackson as the most famous person on the planet. Michael Jackson fans are numbered to be in the billions, with these people being loyal to the man and his music. Michael Jackson is loved by so many and his death was a complete shock to the entire world. Almost everyone grieved for the King Of Pop and they took comfort in his music and his legacy. There are individuals in the entertainment industry that make a career out of impersonating Michael Jackson. With everything in this world, there are good exceptional Michael Jackson impersonators and bad Michael Jackson impersonators. Impersonators do their job solely because they want to pay tribute to the artist. While there are good and bad impersonators, they each have one thing in common – their admiration and love for Michael Jackson. With Michael Jackson no longer here, his fans look to the impersonators for inspiration and the ability to get closer to their favorite artist.

Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator that started when he was young. Sergio Cortes is from Brazil and he grew up listening to Michael Jackson’s music and study his most famous dance moves. Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator that is very popular among Michael Jackson fans. Sergio has always be interested in the BAD era and watched and studied the dance moves from that video. His life as an impersonator started when a Spanish reporter asked him to take a photo as Michael Jackson. After that picture, Sergio Cortes became popular.

Currently, Sergio Cortes does numerous concerts as Michael Jackson for his fans to enjoy. Sergio gets replicas of MJ’s costumes and famous outfits and wears them on the stage. Sergio’s concerts generate a significant amount of Michael Jackson fans because they want to see if he moves and dances like MJ. Many impersonators go to great lengths to ensure that fans get the entire MJ experience. In addition to dressing like MJ and dancing like MJ, many impersonators do things to look like MJ. Many impersonators use makeup to look like the King of Pop, giving fans a more realistic experience.

SPECT – A New Way for Psychiatry

With multiple certifications and a strive for accomplishments in psychiatry, Daniel Amen has brought new ideas on the brain and its impact on behavior. He is dedicated to helping people all over the world have better brains and better lives. Not only his he a re-nown physician, but also a double board certified psychiatrist, television producer, nine time New York Times bestselling author, and founder and medical director of Amen Clinics. Additionally, he has been working with Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman to create the “Daniel Plan”, a program 52 weeks long to help the world get healthy through religious organizations.
Daniel Amen’s psychiatry work is based around the idea that the key to living a better life is having a fit brain. In order to study the brain and its functions, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) is used to measure the blood flow in the brain. In neurology this type of brain imaging is mostly used to research broad outlines of brain functions. It is also commonly used to detect evidence of stroke, epilepsy, trauma, some dementia, and drug use. Amen uses this technique to diagnose his own patients.

The SPECT allows Dr. Amen to not only diagnose, but treat disorders with specific treatments and medications. The imaging shows high and low brain activity which allows the doctor to find biomarkers to pinpoint mental illnesses. This has given Amen the opportunity to discover new subtypes of depression, attention deficit disorder, and anxiety. According to statistics, 77 percent of his patients have had success with this SPECT-enhanced treatment.

Not only can SPECT help with the treatment of mental illness, it can also aide in helping people with losing help, allow couples to overcome marital issues, and even in general help people age better. In his published work “Healing Anxiety and Depression” Daniel Amen writes, ” “We could change brain patterns, see it on a follow-up scan, optimize brain function, and subsequently help people heal from the inside out.” The opportunities are endless.

Remembering Wikipedia Pages Can Be Changed At Any Time

Taking a few moments to create your own Wikipedia page may seem like a fun thing to do and serve the purpose of raising your Online profile. But, how many people take a few moments to think about the information others may post to their profile before creating a profile that could stay Online forever and take into account the many different views expressed Online about a person, organization or event. The decision to create a personal Wikipedia page should only come after the individual has taken the time and effort to read and understand the guides the Online encyclopedia published about conflicts of interest and bias.

Obviously, any person who is looking to create their own Wikipedia page is hoping to include all the wonderful information they feel should be known about them. However, once the profile is active and can be accessed from around the World the page can quickly take on its own life as contributors and editors look to make changes and add information about the subject of a page. Most contributors will simply conduct an Online search for the person, organization or event before adding the information they discover to the page and include references. This means any individual should look through all the relevant information about them that can be found through a simple Online search engine hunt and make a decision over whether they should create their own page.

Once the page is created the editing and alterations made to any page are the subject of strict rules and regulations from Wikipedia that are designed to make sure the individual subject of the page cannot simply alter negative posts out of the their profile. There are regulations based on conflicts of interest in editing and posting information to a page that must be adhered to. These rules can see the person judged as trying to modify a page unfairly removed from the Site and not permitted to make changes to other pages.

Tiger Woods Starts Of Long Period of Golf With Memorial

Tiger Woods ends his stretch of “peek a boo” golf from the last several months when begins his first stretch of significant golf since the 2013 season. Tiger Woods brings his game to the Memorial Golf tournament in Dublin, Ohio and hosted by golf great Jack Nicklaus. Woods has won here five times before with his last win being in 2012, which was also after an extended period off from golf. Woods will be again looking to regain his form and earn his way back to his winning ways and his number one ranking in the world. woods had to surrender his top golf ranking after back surgery sidelined Woods for the most of the 2014 season. Following an adjustment to his swing, Woods as shown visible signs of struggling on the golf course. Many have questioned whether this is the end of Tiger Woods’ major run. Woods will show a lot during the next several months which will include three majors and several tournaments in between. Many golf commentators believe that Woods needs an extended period of playing back into form to regain his winning ways. Tiger Woods Tees Off A Long Stretch of Gold at The Memorial Tournament

Woods has been bruised and battered but he is still considered the top threat to jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 major tournaments. Many like Adam Sender still have faith Woods and are willing to simply allow him the time to play back to form.

Global Friendship Trends as Surveyed by Skout

Skout, the site which facilitated 500 million online friendships last year recently took a survey of 52,000 of its current users to identify trends among those open to developing relationships online. Skout’s results revealed that more and more individuals around the world are making friends in other countries through the internet. The internet is making lines of communication possible for many who would, otherwise, never befriend each other.

Many of these online relationships become more intimate, but they continue to blossom despite no intention to ever meet in person. This is not just popular among the young; it is also a growing trend among older individuals; 52 percent of those surveyed under the age of 30 and 47% of those over the age of 40. This is a common trend for both sexes, but more commonly practiced by women. Fifty-six percent of women say they have a close online friendship with someone they have never met, while 44% of men say they have similar relationships.

When it came to the topic of sex, many people preferred to by more open with their online friends. This is a worldwide trend that was practiced among many. Almost 50% of Americans polled stated they shared sexual details with their online friends. The Brits, the French, Filipinos, the Brazilians, the Germans and the Australians were polled and 50%-60% of those groups admitted to having forged an open friendship with which they shared the sexual details of their lives.

Oddly enough the people who enter into these relationships believe they are more likely to get the truth from their online friend than they face to face friends. With the digital platforms making it easier to forge relationships online, the trend is likely to keep growing. Soon, it will be very commonplace for internet savvy persons to have a close friend who lives in some faraway place, whom they’ve never met and are not likely to meet in the near future.

Who Is Jared Haftel?

In the first of our series of business profiles, we’re taking a look at a rising star.  Jared Haftel, who you can find as a presence both on Twitter, as well as writing articles for CNN about the job market, is one of the future leaders of investment banking.

Jared Haftel is a professional investment banking analyst who graduated from the prestigious Duke University, where he also wrote for the Chronicle, which he attended from 2005 to 2009. During his time at Duke University, he managed to receive a bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics, Science and Economics. These majors are perfectly combined into the best education for Jared’s career, investment banking. That is how he got started. Since then, Jared has landed many of the top jobs in the investment banking industry. His career has truly blossomed since his college graduation.

In 2008, Jared Haftel completed a summer internship with Credit Suisse. He then moved on to get a job with Global Industrials Group at BofA Merrill Lynch. This is where his career as an investment banking analyst began. During this job, his duties were focusing on chemicals, metals, mining, defense/ aerospace industries and tracking commodities information. His job here took off giving him extremely high profile clients including Huntsman Corporation, CONSOL Energy, GeoEye, and EMS Technologies.

In present day, Jared is an investment banker at one of the top banks in the nation, Bank of America. Along with this, he is also an associate for Vector Capital. He has been there since 2011 and continues to surprise the people around him.

Jared Haftel has opened up his horizons by providing his knowledge to the world as well. He gives great advice on resumes relating to career success. He believes that dedicating a resume to real career achievements is the best thing that someone could ever do for themselves. This gives potential employees the opportunity to see if a candidate is properly suitable for the position being offered based on one’s past accomplishments. Anyone can put down qualities, characteristics and what they are capable of on a piece of paper but not everyone can list many accomplishments that are relevant to the job. This gives a person the upper hand.  He frequently talks about this on Facebook as well.

Haftel explains that one’s resume should be 50% work experience mainly if one is trying to shoot for the top jobs. This is due to the fact that those big jobs are looking for extensive relevant work experience before they hire someone. These are the jobs that pay significantly and offer a lifetime of security because they need someone that is experienced.

One of the most important things about resumes, according to Jared Haftel is to eliminate any high school mentions or even college mentions in one’s resume. Those top positions have no interest in what someone has accomplished in school. They mainly just want to know where a potential candidate has graduated from and then what relevant work experience they have to offer.

In an interview, Jared Haftel advises people to be prepared to answer those difficult questions that potential employers might ask. This is the big leagues now so there are going to be plenty of hard conversations down the road. People must be prepared for it when stepping into an interview.

Based on Jared Haftel’s education and work experience, he is very qualified to give tangible advice. He has made it far and is not finished yet. He will continue to pursue his career in investment banking for years to come.