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OSI Group President David Mcdonald

David Mcdonald is the well-known personality in food processing industry. He is the President of OSI group.OSI Group produces and supplies customizable products to leading food services and world’s top food retailers.OSI Group has the speciality to the source, produce, develop and distribute custom food solutions anywhere in the world.
OSI is privately held food processing company with offices in over 17 countries. They have total of 60 branches.OSI Group has won plenty of awards over the years including awards for safety risk management, health management to name a few.David Mcdonald is one of the key people behind the success of OSI Group.

David Mcdonald’s visionary leadership has led OSI to expand across the globe.Because of his ethics, integrity and passion for work the OSI company maintains the good will among both consumers and retailers. David Mcdonald joined OSI group after graduating in Animal Science in 1987. He graduated from Iowa State University.
After joining the company, he worked his way up in the company to become the president of OSI Group LLC.Before taking the presidency, he has worked across all the department in Group from past 30 years.OSI Group’s global project includes processing plants for frozen food in India, beef processing plant in Poland.

Those projects are just tip of the iceberg.

David McDonald has the vision to capture the Chinese food processing market. He facilitated an opportunity for OSI group in 2011 to enter the Chinese market.Currently, OSI Group aiming to become China’s largest poultry products producer.They are successfully providing meat supply to popular fast food chains like Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza.David Mcdonald has been guiding OSI group ever since and expanding its operation globally.

His key strategy is to acquire an establishing company. Why reinvent the wheel?

David Mcdonald vision to expand OSI Group across globe continuous. The OSI has successfully acquired Netherland’s Boho Food producing company. The Baho Food has 5 subsidiaries under it with processing plants in Netherlands and Germany.David McDonald says, “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe,” His generosity shows up where he promised to keep the current employees of Baho Food.He further adds, “The company’s (Baho Food) portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.”

Recently under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group acquired the Chicago based food processing company Tyson Foods.David McDonald also enjoys the great family life with 6 children and one loving wife.He takes an active part in social events. His love for his state shows up in his commitment to providing lifelong support to Iowa State University.

He also provides scholarship funding to supports his fraternity and Alpha Gamma Rho.David McDonald has both tremendous professional and personal qualities one would dream. It shows up in his integrity, commitment and vision.

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Sheldon Lavin Continues to Thrive with OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the industry leaders in food and meat services and today, Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive of the industry titan. Although he is well-known within the meat and food services industry, inspiring a myriad of entrepreneurs set on following in his footsteps, he got his initial start in an entirely different industry. Prior to domination the meat and food services industry with OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin was the head of his own financial consultancy firm, as well as an executive and investor in the banking industry. Due to his unique expertise, in 1970, Mr. Lavin was asked by the bank to help secure funding in an upcoming deal with meat processing company, Otto and Son’s. The heads at Otto and Son’s were seeking financing that would help them to complete a new meat processing facility in the midwestern United States. This new meat processing facility would allow Otto and Son’s to become the major supplier of meats for McDonald’s Corporation, thus taking the company to an entirely new level. During the deal, Mr. Lavin was also asked to come aboard at Otto and Son’s in order make the deal run smoothly. Although Mr. Lavin initially declined to come aboard at Otto and Son’s, he chose to stay on as a consultant, seeing the enormous potential that the company had. He also included a caveat that stated that if he were to ever desire to become more involved with Otto and Son’s, the initial deal presented to him would still be available. This proved to be a key move in Mr. Lavin’s role as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. By the middle of the decade, Mr. Lavin had become substantially more involved with the business operations at Otto and Son’s, eventually choosing to take a full-time role. By the start of the 1980’s, Mr. Lavin held an executive role at Otto and Son’s, which had now become OSI Group, LLC. The 1980’s was a time of rapid expansion for OSI Group, as they established offices in places such as Australia, South Africa, Japan, and the Philippines. Today OSI Group has locations in 60 countries around the world and employs over 20,000 people, many of which have been longtime employees. At the age of 81, Mr. Lavin is still very involved with the company and continues to employ his family-oriented philosophy.

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